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Thursday, May 9, 2019

America's Shame: The Republican Party

The Republican Party is the political party of scoundrels, liars, cheats, and criminals. The facts are there for anyone to see. But you'll never read this on any GOP blog or news site because they're too busy finding fault with the Democrats and not interested in the shocking criminality in their own party. 

"Facts are stubborn things." -- John Adams

Most Americans don't know this, and Goopers are the least informed about this information: 

Since 1969, Republican presidential administrations have 121 criminal indictments and 89 convictions, while Democrats have had 3 and 1 respectively. 

Republican Presidencies Have 91X the Convictions Rate of Democratic Presidencies

"If you look at criminal indictments, not just convictions, its not a prettier picture: GOP Presidencies had 124 criminal indictments. Democrats had 3. 

This data comes from a table helpfully shared by PBS. Yes, you read it correctly: Democrats have less total indictments since 1970 than Donald Trump does since taking office this year. And less convictions: 2-1. 

Prison sentences? Also no help: 14 for GOP Presidencies, one for Democratic ones. You can’t make this kind of stuff up. If you heard it in House of Cards, you wouldn’t believe it. In fact, for GOP Presidents who served two terms, the smallest number of criminal convictions was 16: a tie between Ronald Reagan and George W Bush. Nixon had 55. 

 Importantly, the two GOP Presidents with low conviction numbers were Gerald Ford – who was only president for 2 years and cleaned up for Watergate – and Bush Sr, who was a one-term President and was Vice President during Reagan’s terms. In fact, the GOP Presidencies were so scandal-ridden that each President is associated with a known criminal scandal that has lived through history: Nixon for Watergate, Reagan for Iran Contra, and Bush for Iraq, Katrina, and Valarie Plame."

It's not surprising that America is now on track for having THE MOST scandal-ridden, criminal Republican presidency that may surpass even the criminality of the Nixon and Reagan administrations.

This is what happens when Russian interference places a liar, cheat, and fraud in the White House.

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