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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Biggest Loser? Donald Trump!

Donald Trump's emperor-has-no-clothes moment on his wealth is here

Here's America's Biggest Conman bragging and lying like a champion conman:

"President Donald Trump's entire persona is built on a singular idea: He's the brash, break-all-the-rules billionaire. Like him or hate him, you can't help but admire his massive wealth and the smarts that allowed him to accrue it. "I'm the most successful person ever to run for the presidency, by far," he told the Des Moines Register just before announcing his presidential candidacy in June 2015. 

"Nobody's ever been more successful than me. I'm the most successful person ever to run. Ross Perot isn't successful like me. [Mitt] Romney -- I have a Gucci store that's worth more than Romney."


"What the Times story does is something simple but profound: It punctures the balloon -- puffed up by years of Trumpian marketing and salesmanship -- that the President of the United States was some sort of business genius. 

In fact, Trump was one of -- if not the -- biggest failures (in terms of money making and losing) in the country during a decade-long stretch. His ability to maintain his wealth and, eventually, to grow it was born of taking advantage of a system of tax laws and loopholes friendly to big business."


Ducky's here said...

Many knew he's a fraud but the size of the grift is stunning. It's still a question how many will see this as just a clever laudable manipulation of the tax code despite the exposure of his "foundation" and Trump U. giving them a taste of his character.

“His core business losses in 1990 and 1991—more than $250 million each year—were more than double those of the nearest taxpayers in the I.R.S. information for those years." -The New Yorker

The frequent flyers on the mothership will just praise his acumen so long as he continues to punch down on brown people and beat the war drums.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think that….

………..America seems on a downslide.

Easy answer: Because of Donald Fking Trump and the halfwits who still support the America-hating SOB!