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Friday, November 25, 2022



Dave Miller said...

Shaw... this vote record clearly points up the problem facing our republic.

The GOP identifies a problem that needs to be solved, in this case, a deficiency in our mental health system. Their point in this case is that if we solve the mental mental health issue, then we will have less mentally ill ppl getting guns, thus less death.

But then they oppose the funding to solve that problem.

Same thing as it relates to voting. They decry the lack of ID for voting and the ability of states to count their votes early enough to "eliminate" fear and worry over non existent voter fraud.

Then when asked to fund those vote counting initiatives, or provide a national ID standard, they vote that down.

This seems to be the GOP way... see a problem with their idea of how government should work or function. Then the Dems work to pass legislation to address GOP concerns. Then the GOP votes that legislation down for a variety of reasons.

They just don't want to govern. They want to rule, by fiat.

Les Carpenter said...

They are demonstrating their legendary hypocrisy 24/7.

Complex hypocritical liars working at insuring the staus quo that only they desire remains in tact.

GOP... now means Grand Old Poop.