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Friday, September 8, 2023


BREAKING NEWS: The federal court’s denial just now (Friday 9/8 at 6 pm) of Mark Meadows’ effort to remove the Georgia prosecution from state court is a massive victory for the rule of law. And it’s a huge defeat for Trump’s hopes to evade Georgia justice.


Les Carpenter said...

There is no such thing as a quick trial or speedy justice today. But at least the system is lumbering along the right path and it looks like the rule of law will prevail.

Dave Miller said...

It's already announced that this is being appealed. But this does not bode well for Trump's case, nor that of the others.

Shaw Kenawe said...

When you're rich and powerful in America, you can stall and stall and stall the wheels of justice.

This is why there are so many cynics where justice in America is concerned.

Think of the young black man who was arrested for stealing a backpack and thrown into Rikers in NY:

"Kalief Browder was sent to Rikers Island when he was 16 years old, accused of stealing a backpack. Though he never stood trial or was found guilty of any crime, he spent three years at the New York City jail complex, nearly two of them in solitary confinement.

In October 2014, after he was written about in The New Yorker, his case became a symbol of what many saw as a broken criminal justice system.

For a while, it appeared Mr. Browder was putting his life back together: He earned a high school equivalency diploma and started community college. But he continued to struggle with life after Rikers.

On Saturday, he committed suicide at his parents’ home in the Bronx."

Meanwhile the people who plotted to overthrow the US government are walking around free, and the man who lied to the American people about a rigged election and duped his cultists into believing he won, and who STOLE top secret government documents, and tried to change the outcome of Georgia's presidential election so he could install himself for another term -- that guy WHO HAS BEEN CHARGED with these horrendous crimes is playing golf at his palatial homes and walking around a free man.

This is a terrible, terrible scandal against the idea of "justice for all" in America.

It. Is. A. Lie. And I will NOT repeat "and justice for all" ever again.

Les Carpenter said...

And justice for all has never ever been a reality in this nation Shaw. It has ALWAYS been nothing but an illusion. It is the way the wealthy and connected designed the game to be playe back in 1787. And its been played that way ever since.