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Monday, September 18, 2023

Who's surprised?


Ex-President Donald Trump told his secretary to lie to the FBI:

Breaking on ABC- Trump told his secretary, Molly Michael, to lie to the FBI before her interview with them. 

TRUMP:  "You don't know anything about the boxes." 

He wanted her to say there were no boxes left and misdirect them. 

This will be firsthand testimony to Trump's obstruction of justice & witness tampering.


This was candidateTrump in 2016 talking about Hillary Clinton and her being investigated over classified material: 

"This was not just extreme carelessness with classified material, which is still totally disqualifying. This is calculated, deliberate, premeditated misconduct, followed by a cover up that included false statements..." - Donald Trump

This sounds like consciousness of guilt. Trump has claimed that the boxes of top secret documents were “his” with stuff he was “allowed” to have, but then he wanted his secretary not to tell the FBI? 

Trump knew what he did was wrong, and he tried to hide it from the authorities.

Who are the fools who want this crook to regain the White House?

Also, this:

"Trump wrote 'to-do lists' for his executive assistant on the back of classified documents that were discovered at Mar-a-Lago, bombshell report claims 

"Aide Molly Michael discovered the notecards on documents with classified markings after FBI search, ABC reports 

She called the bureau, which then picked them up 

Michael followed Trump from the White House to Mar-a-Lago and resigned last year"


-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Ah, new one sided leaks from anonymous sources at the Department of Just-Is....

The drip-drip-drip of American Just-is (Democrat style)

Mike said...

🤦‍♂️ I've been smacking my forehead so much that I'm going to get a permanent dent in it.

And then there is FJ. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Les Carpenter said...

Everything tRump claimed regarding HRC he was merely projecting what he in fact would do on HRC for political purposes.

tRump... the great projector. A man lacking in core values and a measure of decency.

Anonymous said...

It's like he's a bizarre cartoon villain who is daring the real world to hold him accountable, and every day is an exercise to see how far he can push the justice system before they revoke his bail and remand him to custody, because they are being way too nice and perhaps he needs to be held in custody pending trial

Shaw Kenawe said...


-FJ is a contrarian who likes to stir things up on other people's blogs.

If we were to state that the sky is blue, he'd jump in and say that the blue sky is a "set up" by godless liberals who are hiding the fact that there were millions of uncounted votes in the 2020 election, and we're all using the "cloak of gyre" to condemn Trump, because Žižek is a Lacanian psychoanalyst, or something like that.

Shaw Kenawe said...


These revelations show that Trump is begging to be thrown in prison!

I'd like to accommodate him on that.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Yes. The more we read about his crimes, the more we see what a depraved malignant narcissist he is.

30% of American voters want this sick man as POTUS again.

Les Carpenter said...

The gobbledygook sounds just about right for the King of Sockpuppets.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grant Stern 

Republicans are NOT upset that Donald Trump is indicted for 91 felonies, including trying to overturn America's constitutional democracy.

Republicans WILL BE upset that he re-used classified documents for his To-Do lists.

That's recycling.

Dave Dubya said...

Two counts of obstruction in the MAL case are revealed in just two sentences:

"You don't know anything about the boxes."

"The boss wants the server deleted."

He's a damn traitor AND a mobster.

Les Carpenter said...

And so much more. He is evil personified.

skudrunner said...

You can't expect the republicans to make good decisions because they are incapable. They ran oz against the severely disabled fetterman and lost, they ran the beauty queen in Arizona and lost. Now we have the house cancelling any dress code to accommodate fetterman and kelly is back in the weeds doing nothing. They need to have a reality check because trump can't win even against the incapable saint joey not because he did a bad job but because there are to many people that just hate him partially because that is what the media tells them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "...trump can't win even against the incapable saint joey not because he did a bad job but because there are to many people that just hate him partially because that is what the media tells them."

Not because Trump is responsible for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans because of his incompetence during the COVID19 pandemic -- y'know, the virus he said could be dealt with if you just inject some bleach into your veins or take horse worming medicine. During his administration, the vaccine was given priority, but Trump NEVER HAD A PLAN TO PUT IT INTO AMERICANS' ARMS! NO PLAN! NADA!

Not because Trump built a national debt so huge (even before the pandemic) that the US will be dealing with that horrible fact for years and years to come.

Not because Trump gave HUGE PERMANENT tax breaks to billionaires and allowed the tax breaks for the middle class to expire in 2027 (only 4 years from now).

Not because he humiliated America abroad and other countries made fun of his stupidity, narcissism, and incompetence so much so that countries launched and floated a fat crying baby in diapers balloon every time he showed up in their country.

And finally, not because Trump perpetrated one of the worst attacks on our American democracy this country has ever withstood by pretending the 2020 election was stolen and by inciting his armed mobs to attack the United States Capitol and interfere with the electoral vote certification. Oh, and this: His mobs wanted to HANG MIKE PENCE, Trump's own Veep!

skud and the rest of the duped MAGAs and head-in-the-sand Republicans all believe this was good for America and would like to see more mayhem, democracy-destroying, neo-fascism spread across this land by the malignant narcissist who is a human wrecking ball on all that is good and sacred in America.

Oh, and the fact that he's facing 91 felony indictments and was found liable for RAPE.

skud thinks all of the above was "not because he did a bad job."

You can thank this type of thinking when you see America's democracy and all we hold dear destroyed forever if that monster is back in power.

Les Carpenter said...

For a dude who claims not to like tRump or the republicon party much he sure as hell finds words that gives up the truth. Even as skud will deny it. He voted for tRump twice, will likely vote for him again, excuses tRump's criminal behavoirs and the 91 indictments as no big deal. He makes it very difficult to believe anything he days. Exactly like the guy he thinks did a good job, #44, the insurrectionist president and rapist.

Dave Miller said...

Looking for fun, let me just dissect Skud's comment while I take a break from other stuff...

"You can't expect the republicans to make good decisions because they are incapable.

As it relates to the current crop of GOP MAGA folks, I agree.

"They ran oz against the severely disabled fetterman and lost, they ran the beauty queen in Arizona and lost.

Well, Lake, in Arizona, while not a beauty queen, was a newsperson, but yes, it was a group of Trump endorsing losers.

"Now we have the house cancelling any dress code to accommodate fetterman and kelly is back in the weeds doing nothing."

The Senate cancelled the dress code, and I think it's a mistake. As for Kelly, well, he's not a lot diff from many Senators.

"They need to have a reality check because trump can't win even against the incapable saint joey not because he did a bad job..."

I don't know Skud, I think Trump can still win. But I also happen to believe he did "do a bad job"

"...there are to many people that just hate him [Trump] partially because that is what the media tells them."

Can't the left make that same argument about the media coloring perception about Biden? Or is only anti Trump leaning media biased? I don't hate Trump at all because of what the media tells me. In fact, personally, I don't have a bone to pick with him at all. His politics and the way he comports himself and the image he portrays of America, yes.

It's not because of what the media tells me, rather it's because of what I have seen in him. He's a voracious liar, about all things, a man who cheated on his wives, who cavorted with porn stars, who doesn't pay his bills, who didn't defend the US Capitol and by extension, our Constitution and to this day, continues to intentionally lie about the 2020 election to work towards not the "common good" of the US, but division in our country instead.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's another gem from the biggest crook to ever disgrace the Oval Office:

Trump posted on Truth Social “nobody showed up” to President Biden’s address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Actually, there was a full house. And Trump is a liar. Admired by the Republicans

Reminder: Trump was laughed at when he addressed the UN in 2018 and boasted his administration accomplished more than any other in history.

Les Carpenter said...

The MAGA'ts apparently think tRump, the lying insurrectionist and rapist, has the power to destroy democracy. They lust after the authoritarian tRump who obviously thinks ONLY OF HOMSELF and no one else. And they see nothing wrong with his anti-social behaviors.

Based on actual observational experience it seems absolutely plausable that the MAGAt's are hoping for a dictatorship with their hero tRump running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

Les said:
“For a dude who claims not to like tRump or the republicon party much he sure as hell finds words that gives up the truth. Even as skud will deny it. He voted for tRump twice, will likely vote for him again, excuses tRump's criminal behavoirs and the 91 indictments as no big deal. He makes it very difficult to believe anything he days. Exactly like the guy he thinks did a good job, #44, the insurrectionist president and rapist.”


skudrunner said...

Rev, we seem to agree on most issues but to say the media attacks trump and gives joey b a pass. Yes there is one network who is conservative while the vast majority are liberal so there is no independent media just like journalism is dead.

You can compare records between trump and biden but everything boils down to 1/6 and that is where the democrats are running on. Under the previous administration people could afford food, gas, a house. The US didn't have threats from NKO, China, Iran, Russia, and we weren't buying back hostages. Joey b is so focused on the green movement that he is causing hardships for the middle class who can't afford an everready car and with fuel prices back into the high $3 and diesel in the high $4 prices will continue to rise.

Joey b is unqualified for the office he holds and considers himself above the rest. Comparing a skillet fire to a whole town burned and trying for sympathy because his son died from those families who lost loved ones due to his incompetence is not leadership. Turning his back on a medal of honor winner is another one of his lack of class.

Les Carpenter said...

Prove your lies anonymouse. Give us some ACTUAL CREDIBLE proof. I'll wait for the link to the credible information supporting your allegations.

Of course you being an ignorant conspiracy sheeple to the BIG LIE will produce no such credible proof because none exists Except in the obscured deluded minds of the MAGAt's like you.

You anonymouse are proving yourself to be like your sick pathetic hero, tRump the insurrectionist/rapist.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Sorry, Les. I didn't see the rest of the comment when I read the top of it in "comment moderation." But it does show the ignorant and depraved mind of the person who wrote it:

Hillary has NEVER been indicted for ANYTHING, unlike Anonymous's hero, who has 91 felony indictments and was found liable for rape. So there's that.

Also, who's this "TRADER" who lies? Somme guy at Anonymous's farmer's market who bartered a rotten tomato for an ear of corn?


Shaw Kenawe said...

If skud were honest about the price of gas, food, and housing, he wouldn't post such nonsense.

The price of gas was lower during COVID because no one was driving anywhere. Fuel prices are high AROUND THE WORLD, AS IS INFLATION. Food and housing prices are not set by the federal government. The rest of your screed is nothing new, but just warmed-over whining because you don't like or support the POTUS.

No reasonably informed person would EVER wish to go back to what we suffered under Trump. What decent American would want a Liar, Cheat, Fraud, and Rapist as the head of their country? Only those who think cheap gas is what makes America great. I think people like that need to re-examine their values and think about what it means to have a decent human being as a leader instead of a man under criminal indictment.

skud "Turning his back on a medal of honor winner is another one of his lack of class."

Notice how skud has never remarked about the "lack of class" in the man he admires who the judge in the civil case found liable for RAPE.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and laugh you Idiotic fool, while this Creepy Crook, and his Crackhead son is Rapping the country

Ray Cranston said...

"Trump in a Friday speech seemed to confuse President Biden and Obama, and he also criticized Biden's cognitive abilities and said Biden will lead the U.S. into 'World War II'."

I don't listen to the idiots who claim Joe Biden is too old and has cognitive problems

Shaw Kenawe said...


Are Trump and Don, Jr., rappers now?

Who knew?

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, Gasoline prices in 2019 was $2.60. Now in 11 states it is over $4.00. Part of this is SA has reduced production, part is the administration revoked oil leases and part is biden has taken a stand on being anti oil. He followed his mentors lead and invested in a battery bus company and like his mentors investment in solar the owners got rich and we paid. Food and housing prices were greatly affected by the biden lock down as is the supply chain.

I tried to imagine what we suffered under trump. Joey b is right up there with his history of lying from his top of his law class to he almost lost his wife and dog in a massive skillet fire to he had no idea what hunter did for a living.

I have noticed how everything with you is all about trump. Please read the news and you will see trump is no longer president.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud "Please read the news and you will see trump is no longer president."

Please read the news and you will see Trump is on track to win the nomination to be the Republican candidate for the presidency in the 2024 election.

You were a small business owner. Let me ask you this:

If a man came to apply for a job in your business with 91 felony indictments and a civil court finding him liable for rape; a guy who had numerous bankruptcies and failed businesses, was fined for his fake university scam, and who incited an armed mob to enter a federal building to find an officer of the executive branch of the US government and kill him, as well as deface federal property, would you hire him?

If so, please explain your reasons for hiring a guy with that background.


skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I share your pain about trump running again and I hope he or the party do the best thing for the country and he withdraws from the race. I know this is delusional but you can dream.

Would I hire the fictitious person you mentioned, no.

Of course another delusional moment I have is either party would nominate an intelligent person who believes in the good of the nation over the good of the party. I know I am being silly because politics and politicians are all about increasing their massive wealth, supporting the party and making sure they get reelected so they can keep increasing their wealth. The DOC gave us trump so we will see what other blunders they can achieve.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Also, skud, we constantly hear from anti-Biden folks that he's senile and cognitively impaired. But we never hear those same folks talk about this:

Trump, who called Biden 'cognitively impaired,' mocked for saying the president would lead the US into 'World War II' in a gaffe-strewn speech

Donald Trump warns of threat of World War II, mixes up names of Joe Biden and Barack Obama in Washington speech

Opinion: Trump’s gaffes should raise questions about his fitness for office

Dave Dubya said...

Can Skud admit Trump urged Putin and the Saudis to cut oil production? They will do it again to help their fellow enemy of democracy regain power. And Skud will dutifully blame Biden, of course.

"Rapping the country for a Biden bump
Denying the rule of Donald Trump
Making the MAGA cult fools melt down
Into crybaby puddles of mad little frowns"


Shaw Kenawe said...

And skud:

In the interview about abortion with Welker on "Meet The Press," Trump said that democrats want to allow killing babies AFTER BIRTH.

Now that is a disgustingly evil lie. And it doesn't compare with Joe Biden misremembering a fire in his kitchen, no matter how many times you repeat it, as though it were the worse thing any POTUS has ever said.

TRUMP: "...democrats want to allow killing babies AFTER BIRTH." Trump KNOWS this is a lie because delivering a live fetus (which then is correctly called a "BABY") and then killing it, is a heinous crime -- premeditated murder.

No hospital does such a thing, and for Trump to say this during an interview which he knows his cultists will watch, proves that he thinks his cultists are a bunch of ignorant fools.

And, actually, anyone who believes that lie IS an ignorant fool.

The deliberate lie Trump told during that interview and the misremember, exaggerated recollection of a house fire ARE NOT COMPARABLE. To think or say so is a failure of honest thinking.

Les Carpenter said...

As to gas prices, no need for whining skud. Because the price we pay is finally catching up to the rest of the globe. And, what primarily is driving prices is greedn on thej part of the oil industry.

Place responsibility on the parties it actually rests with.

skudrunner said...

Why is everything joey b says stupid is just a misremembering. Finished the top third of his law class, lie
Professor at Uni Penn - lie

Went to ground zero the day after the attack - lie

The biden inflation bill was not about inflation but about his green agenda

Biden “has done more to secure the border and to deal with this issue of immigration than anybody else. - Lie

Unify the country - lie

Actually there are just to many lies to list but he had 45 years to accomplish nothing so whats another lie. You and the media cover for him so no wonder he escapes criticism from the left.
He has created more jobs than any other president - lie because 80% of the jobs he "created" were jobs recovered by those affected by the biden lock down

Didn't know about hunters business - lie

Appointed to the Naval Academy in 1965 - lie

Anonymous said...

Trump is a narcissistic sociopath.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hey skud,

You're quite the lie-sniffing hound here today.

NEVER. NOT ONCE. Did you do this when Trump was in office and told 30,000+ lies.

Why is that?

skudrunner said...

30,000 plus seems like a lot. There was no reason to call out trump because the media kept everyone informed and they just remain quiet with saint joey.

Leslie, If it is greed as you state then politicians the world over are crooks. Is it not greed for the government to charge 20% taxes on fuel when he oil companies make 6%. Guess it is greed for farmers and all businesses to make a profit. We should turn it over to the government because we all know how well they can run a business, ask the post office and amtrac

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30,573 over 4 years

Final tally of lies: Analysts say Trump told 30,000 mistruths – that’s 21 a day – during presidency

"In his first 100 days, President Trump had 29 statements assessed by PolitiFact (17 false) compared to 12 statements from President Obama (1 false) and 4 statements from President Biden (2 false). As a raw count, Trump told more falsehoods than Biden and Obama combined."

The most dangerous lie Trump told: The coronavirus was under control

Trump lied and said the virus was equivalent to the flu;
Trump lied and said the situation was “totally under control”;
Trump lied and said that the virus was “disappearing” and suggested to Americans that they didn’t have to change much about their usual behavior.

700,000+ Americans died because of his lying and incompetence.

Yet, you compare an inaccurate exaggerated story about a Biden kitchen fire to 700,000 dead Americans due to Trump's incompetence?

Can you understand why I'm astounded by that?

Les Carpenter said...

skud, with all due respect, i haven't the time nor the inclinations to counter your ignorance or your delusions. Believe as you will and i shall be blissful knowing the sh*t you believe is nothing more than an illusion you've convinced yourself is true.

Enjoy the delusions skud.

skudrunner said...

I fully understand and I do not excuse trump or his actions, can you say the same about joey b.

We can do better than these two

skudrunner said...

Leslie, I would never expect you to understand that you cannot eliminate poverty by taking it from the rich just as you cannot expand a company by not showing a profit.

Einstein once said, 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results yet the highest poverty rates are cities who have democrat mayors. Now some cities are going to pay reparations to slaves to people who were not alive during slavery. That is another example of what Einstein said.

Les Carpenter said...

Bla, bla,bla. Yeah, we know Biden has missed a few steps but he is still 1,000% better than the former guy hands down skud. And you know it. As well he's a decent respectable man. Complerely unlike t'Rump the rapist and insurrectionist.

Grey One talks sass said...

The amount of crap skud spews! My goodness. No way in this world is there enough time to debunk everything he says. Nor does the human (I presume they are human - could be a dog, tough to tell on the interwebz) have any shame when it is pointed out to them how they've moved the goal posts (again) or accused a fellow commentator of lies without any facts to back them up.

I remember a conversation skud and I had - skud accused former President Obama of lying and excused Trump. I did my research (because of course I did) and compared the single digits of Obama to the triple digits (at the time) of Trump. skud definitely gave Trump a pass.

I'm not sure skud knows how to communicate without lying. Just like their hero (when one refuses to admit the faults of a person they admire, that's called hero worship).

Grey One talks sass said...

I've read skud's complaint that We The People need better candidates all over the interwebz. I have a few thoughts -

First - per Stonekettle - if you want a better class of candidate be a better citizen. The journey starts with oneself.

Second - democracy is not based on popularity. Democracy as a tool for governance is about ensuring each citizen enjoys the same rights as their neighbor. At least ideally.

The USA had grand ideas but has failed to live up to it's potential. All citizens are created equal - ahhh women aren't citizens so we don't have to give them rights...ahhhh minorities - are they even human our ancestors have posited more than once - so we don't have to give rights to nonhumans. Hey! Democracy!

Yes - we need to do better. Every citizen, every human, no one left behind. Governance to ensure each each citizen has enough food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. All these things used to be provided by the Lord of the Land. Since we now live in the Robber Baron times none of these things are considered to be necessary - except for those who've stolen the profits from the labor of We The People.

Nice start? Remove $ from elections. Best start? Nice + Universal Basic Income paid by the Barons who stole so much. Greed is a sin for a reason. They've been FA for a century; time for the FO portion of this program.

skudrunner said...

Grey, Always great to read a post where I am called a liar and I support trump which if you checked is just the opposite.

Interesting post and I do agree with your First comment. I also assume, since you are a truthsayer, you know the basis tenant is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No where in the constitution or bill of rights does it state the country was founded on providing universal basic income. The foundation was you have an opportunity to be what you want to be. Some choose to not work and live in poverty which is their choice. I do believe every citizen should have basic healthcare provided and no one should be held liable for a the cost of a devastating medical condition. Maybe we can take some of that money we waste on feel good ideas and help those who need it.

There have been barons for centuries only now they are made up of politicians who rob from the middle to give to themselves. Billions spent on e vehicles based on false assumptions. Billions spent on illegal people who are invited in with no where to go, I have suggested Delaware but so far no takers. Then we can't provide for our own because we have to many feel good projects that produce nothing.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud - I know right? I hate being called a liar. (looks at you with judgmental kittycat gaze)

skudrunner said...

You need to be curious not judgemental because if you are curious you will learn and if you are judgemental you will be stuck in the same rut.

Les Carpenter said...

Your curious skud? Who knew?

Les Carpenter said...

You're... not your.