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Tuesday, September 12, 2023



How Donald Trump’s DOJ gave Biden a major assist in the coming impeachment probe 

 By KYLE CHENEY and JOSH GERSTEIN 09/12/2023 05:28 PM EDT 

Joe Biden has a literal Trump card to play against the House’s new impeachment inquiry. 

 In January 2020, the Donald Trump-led Justice Department formally declared that impeachment inquiries by the House are invalid unless the chamber takes formal votes to authorize them.


Les Carpenter said...


Mike said...

They don't care about rules. 🙄😲😵🤓😒🤮 Pick one or all that apply.

Dave Miller said...

Let's remember that as it relates to impeachment, here are the former words of current Speaker of the House McCarthy...

“...if we move forward with an impeachment inquiry, it would occur through a vote on the floor of the People’s House and not through a declaration by one person.”

Railing against a “unilateral decree of the Speaker” during Pelosi's tenure, McCarthy also said that failure to hold a vote of the entire house represents an “[undermining] the voting privileges afforded to each Member and the constituents they represent.”

Fact... These are direct quotes from the Speaker.

Questions... was Speaker McCarthy wrong when he spoke those words, the first quote just a few days ago and the other during the Dems impeachment of Trump?

Or... was he lying and just trying to make political points?

Or, perhaps more likely... is he just trying to score political points now and stave off calls to remove him as Speaker?

Les Carpenter said...

Methinks the latter.

Frankly, thanks to whatever, it's becoming more difficult on a daily basid to even care anymore.

There actually a lot more pressing and important issuses threatening existance of life on this rock than this BS.