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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Puppet Master Trump Calls For Biden's Impeachment

"Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said she told former President Donald J. Trump that she wanted the impeachment inquiry to be “long and excruciatingly painful for Joe Biden.” 

"... over halibut and Diet Cokes, Ms. Greene brought up an issue of considerable interest to Mr. Trump — the push by House Republicans to impeach his likely opponent in next year’s election. 

 “I did brief him on the strategy that I want to see laid out with impeachment,” Ms. Greene said in a brief phone interview. 

 Mr. Trump’s dinner with Ms. Greene came just two nights before Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced his decision on Tuesday to order the opening of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, under intense pressure from his right flank.   --Doug Mills/The New York Times


Democratic Whip Katherine Clark speaks pure truth. “Kevin McCarthy has lost control of the gavel…Donald Trump is the puppet master. Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling the shots…MAGA extremists are running the House.”

"Republican investigations have not shown any financial benefit flowing to Biden or even presented a robust argument that the president was heavily involved in his son’s efforts — much less that the president violated the law. But three-quarters of Republicans think he did." 

And that, my friends, is why we got Trump for 4 miserable years:  His cultists believe lies, misinformation, and propaganda. And they believed the conman over their own eyes and ears. IOW, they're gullible deplorables.

Seven House Republicans, a Republican lawmaker, and a senior House Republican aide say THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR IMPEACHMENT OF PRESIDENT BIDEN:

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) is among the most anti-Biden reps in the House, and HE said this about evidence,  it "doesn't exist right now," and, "I don't think that evidence has been presented."


Les Carpenter said...

Excuse my poor French but frankly, this nation is fucked.

Give ALL credit to republican knunbskulls.

Shaw Kenawe said...


No one paying attention to the disaster that is the current Republican Party would blame you for that observation.

Dave Miller said...

Here are the seven "charges" McCarthy wants investigated...

1. “President Biden did lie to the American people about his own knowledge of his family’s foreign business dealings.”

Potentially. President Biden could have misspoke or not have known what Hunter had done. A charge of lying, as we know from the Trump Admin, needs intent to deceive.

2. “Eyewitnesses have testified that the president joined on multiple phone calls, and had multiple interactions, dinners” that “resulted in cars and millions of dollars into his sons and his son’s business partners.”

Beyonb Joe Biden exchanging niceties with associates of his son, Republicans have provided no evidence that the elder Mr. Biden was involved in landing that business or participated in it in any way.

3. “We know that bank records show that nearly $20 million in payments were directed to the Biden’s family members and associates through various shell companies.”

When McCarthy say "Biden's Family members" he is not talking about Biden. Again, they have no evidence directly implicating Joe Biden.

4. “The Treasury Department alone has more than 150 transactions involving the Biden family and other business associates that were flagged as suspicious activity by U.S. banks.”

These are standard bank flags. If I deposit 10K in cash into my acct, a flag is raised and it is investigated. The Senate and the DOJ both have already investigated this and once again, found no evidence implicating Joe Biden.

5. “Even a trusted F.B.I. informant has alleged a bribe to the Biden family.”

This charge deals with an incident, disputed by other witnesses that occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President. To date, we have seen no evidence linking the then Vice President Biden to this. Apart from that, how are Biden's actions as Vice President years ago, impeachable today?

6. “Biden used his official office to coordinate with Hunter Biden’s business partners about Hunter’s role in Burisma.”

This refers to 2015 emails between a former Biden spokeswoman and a business associate of Hunter Biden discussing how to respond to an article in The New York Times. In a statement, the spokeswoman said that Mr. Biden had no involvement with his son’s company and that he had pushed for years for Ukraine to investigate and prosecute corruption.

Once again, this is years ago. How is this a "High Crime and Misdemeanor" committed by the president that McCarthy is seeking to impeach?

7. “Finally, despite the serious allegations, it appears that the president’s family has been offered special treatment by Biden’s own administration, treatment that not otherwise would have” been “received if they were not related to the president.”

I.R.S. investigators have said many of their complaints were slow walked by the Biden Admin. But many of this "special treatment" arose during the Trump administration, and they made no allegation that President Biden had tried to impede the inquiry. Why was that?

Les Carpenter said...

I wish i knew that were so
Shaw. However, listening carefully to folks in the community in which i live i find there is one hell of a lot of people that love the Orange guy and hate President Biden. They've bought the stinky putrid BS of the tRump Repukelican party and i'm quite sure they'll go to their grave believing the tRump and his lies and conspiracy delusions.

Everyday i take a breath i'm glad now that i'm 71. Maybe i'll die before the inevitable bullshit unfolds and people start dying.

Grey One talks sass said...

I read an article which suggested that there is reason in the madness of moving forward with the President Biden impeachment. If I understand their idea correctly the former guy's two impeachments become less serious when viewed in the light of the GOP's current games.

All I do know for certain is the very thing the GOP cries about the most is exactly what they are doing right now (prosecuting without evidence).

Seriously, this is Hillary2.0 all over where the trolls will earnestly tell you that if Hillary would just confess they'd know how to charge her. It's Salem Witch Trials, the Spanish Inquisition, and if We The People don't stop MAGA We will be reliving the killing times. I can hear our great grand kids asking themselves how we were so bamboozled?

Greed kids. Please don't do what we are doing now, which is to reward bad behavior.

Shaw Kenawe said...

They Trumpublicans are fighting with each other:

"House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) attacked Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) Wednesday, saying the Freedom Caucus member has been “working with” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) to conspire against him."

Like a bunch of hyenas!

Dave Miller said...

Why is the GOP impeaching Biden?

Do they think a man who committed a man who committed a crime should not be president?

Do they believe a man whose family enriches themselves, using the family name, should not be president?

Do they believe it is wrong for the family of a sitting president to personally benefit financially while that man is president?

Asking for a friend...

Les Carpenter said...

Only if from their opposing party.

Afterall, hypicrisy is their middle name.