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Saturday, September 2, 2023

These people vote!


"By the way, if the truth about Biden and his family’s corruption does finally break through our mainstream media and everybody actually starts to hear it AND he IS impeached and the truth comes out, what’ll he do, arrange another 9/11? Why not? 

He’s the king of subterfuge, that’s for sure…timely, beneficial, Biden-serving subterfuge."

Keep in mind, Dear Readers, that it is DONALD J. TRUMP who's under multiple criminal investigations for fraud, cheating, lying, stealing government top secret documents, inciting an insurrection against the United States of America, and interfering in the Georgia presidential elections by pressuring the Georgia secretary of states to find him 11,780 votes so he could treacherously steal the election from the winner of the 2020 election, Joe Biden. 

Oh, and this little infraction of the law that Trumpers NEVER mention: 

Donald J. Trump was found liable for sexual assault on E. Jean Carroll -- rape, as the presiding judge called it. Yet the person quoted above, and the people who follow her, believe it is the Bidens who are the "crime family." 

These people, who are seriously deluded and marinated in FAUX NOOZ propaganda, are so insane that they think that Joe Biden may conspire to pull off another 9/11 and kill over 3,000 Americans just to keep himself from being impeached?

These people vote!


Infidel753 said...

I see this kind of talk on a lot of right-wing blogs. Many of the same people also believe that:

- Barack Obama is gay and Michelle Obama is actually a man

- covid vaccines are killing huge numbers of people

- the fires in Maui were started by the deep state using an orbital energy weapon

- Ukraine is money-laundering most of the aid military we send them to enrich Zelensky and and his inner circle

- liberals want to force Americans to eat insects as their primary protein source.

It's a complete delusional alternate reality. I'm not sure how many of them actually will keep on voting, though. They're steeped in tales of the last few elections being rigged and stolen, which leads many of them to question whether there is any point in voting any more.

Infidel753 said...

PS I think the current frenzy about "Biden crime family" nonsense is partly a way to vent frustration about the fact that Trump is finally being held accountable for his actual crimes. By raging that Biden's imaginary crimes are not being similarly prosecuted, they can maintain the belief that Trump, and by extension themselves, is the victim of a conspiratorial injustice.

Anonymous said...

From THAT Trumper blog:

JG says:
September 2, 2023 at 8:37 am

I think they are worried because people are waking up to the mess and all that are behind it. I believe that they cannot keep Trump down via election interference and in court. Trump is gaining with all people.

If they try to steal the election again I believe we will go into CW2 and it will be more like Iraq then the previous CW. If there is not a clear election and movement back to American customs and Laws I feel the country will dissolve into chaos and revolution.

Shaw Kenawe said...


JG wrote: "Trump is gaining with all people."

Again, these people have no connection to reality.

skudrunner said...

It is shameful that we have a former president with multiple criminal indictments and a current president being investigated for selling his influence to enrich his family. This is taking the path of a former Ill governor but he did go to jail. Why not drop all this nonsense if both of them drop out of the race and do something for the country.

It does look like this group think joey b is a saint and would never do such a thing but the facts keep changing. I know nothing about my son's business to he was on the phone while hunter was extorting businesses to emails sent with a fake name. The plot thickens but nothing will happen because the media is in a protection mode for saint joey.

Dave Miller said...

It's a fever swamp over there.

Most everything that is posted is easily refuted with the evidence, but like other like minded conspiracy nuts, they discount all news sources they have not seen, personally vetted, or lack sufficient support for Trump.

Not a one of them for the most part is even aware of this very practical, partial list of accomplishments from the Biden Admin...

-All vaccines covered under Medicare Part D are completely free.

-Personal spending on prescription drugs caps out at $2,000 a year starting in 2025 for seniors with Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.

-Medicare must begin to negotiate the cost of 10 high-cost prescription drugs beginning in 2026, with additional drugs added in future years.

-Insulin costs are capped at $35.00 a month.

-$10 billion annually from the feds to address the mental health issues many blame for continued mass shootings.

-More than 800,000 student loan borrowers have seen their loans zeroed out after faithfully paying for over 20 years and making little headway. Effectively, a new money in the pocket tax cut for thousands of Americans.

-The CHIPS and Science Act has brought a significant amount of hi-tech manufacturing back to the states.

-America is continuing our already achieved energy independence march as our production is set to see another record increase in 2024.

-China is no longer our largest trading partner, further lowering their influence in America. Mexico, our neighbor to the south, now holds that title, further bring more business back to this hemisphere.

-Over 2 billion dollars invested in rebuilding infrastructure in America, a reality even GOP members of the House and Senate are trumpeting in their states and districts.

Now, not everything is coming up roses for Biden, but all of the above items, opposed by many conservatives, are for the most part, good for America. And all of them are the types of things that in the past semi-normal times, would have garnered bi-partisan support during any administration.

But now, not so much. Because there are people who seriously believe Joe Biden, Democrats and progressives are the type of people who would "arrange another 9/11."

Shaw Kenawe said...




Our system of laws does not allow for Trump to "drop out of the race" and magically have all the felony indictments disappear. Do you know how our laws work? Really? "Drop out," and "drop all the charges?"

You want that? There are plenty of Banana Republics and Totalitarian governments that work that way.

At one time, the Republican Party was the party of "law and order" and "family values."

The current Republican Party is now against law and order and family values.

skud: "The plot thickens but nothing will happen because the media is in a protection mode for saint joey."

If the investigations find definitive proof of anything Joe Biden did wrong, he will face the consequences. Unlike the Trump supporters, we do not worship Biden; we do not wear Joe Biden hats, and we do not drive around in big-ass trucks with "JOE WON!" flags flying in the wind.

You appear to be angry that Trump is facing the consequences of his illegal behavior and are p.o'd because, so far, no charges have been brought against Joe Biden.

Did it ever occur to you and other that it may be because the Trumpublicans in the House haven't anything to show for their months-long investigations?

Dave Miller said...

No Skud... there is no investigation of President Biden. There is an investigation of Hunter Biden, which today, has not yielded any actionable, criminal behavior of Joe Biden. And in the DOJ, that investigation is being headed by the very person the GOP asked to head it up, Trump appointed David Weiss.

In fact, in the current congressional investigation, even the GOP "witnesses" have testified, under oath, that they have seen no evidence of Joe Biden criminality. Additionally, even GOP Congressional leaders have said they have uncovered no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Joe Biden.


But you, along with the Biden "arranging a 9/11" fever swamp idiots keep on it, knowing something is true, despite the evidence.

Just remember, all of us lefty, America hating Biden lovers here have been 100% consistent in saying that if there is sufficient evidence of wrong doing by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden or anyone else in the admin, then they should be charged, receive their day in court and if found guilty, be sentenced.

Have any of you fever swamp dwellers ever said that about Trump and his admin?


Les Carpenter said...

Disillusionment, anger, fear, distrust, conspiracy, delusion... etc.

All driving forces of conservatism, republicanism, and the gop in America today.

As thefounders

Dave Miller said...

BTW Skud... the topic of today's post is the Biden might "arrange a 9/11" crowd and the fact that they vote.

Given that you frequent and sometimes comment on that site, I'd like to ask you a question...

Are people with that view right, wrong, deluded or crazy?

Shaw Kenawe said...

More fever in the fever swamp: "Yes, they’re going to stop Trump ANY WAY THEY CAN and I’m hearing interviews of ‘man on the street’, even in NYC and here in LA, where libs are saying “This is a joke…just to get Trump!” That’s kind of gratifying to hear."

Does the writer believe all 91 felony indictments are "a joke, just to get Trump?" Does she actually believe that 4 grand juries made up of average conservative and liberal Americans, who saw the evidence, decided to indict Trump "just to get him?" Is she that unschooled? That ignorant of how our system of justice works? That cynical? Or just stupid?

"The BIDEN stories are getting more heard…..and I think people are thinking “What can we believe from that bunch? Maybe they really ARE screwing Trump just to keep him from running..”

These people believe that the 91 indictments, based on evidence that MEMBERS OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, TRUMP'S AIDES, AND TRUMP'S OPERATIVE GAVE IN SWORN ON THE BIBLE TESTIMONY are all lying, but Trump is always the victim who tells the truth.

I often wondered what brought this country to this point of not believing in facts, evidence, truths, and when I read Trumpian far right blogs, I get an understanding. These people, who I'd ordinarily say are average, good Americans, are so marinated in right wing lies and Trump worship that they cannot think rationally any more.

I read that blog and a few others to see how far gone the right is. And it's awful!

Lastly, her wish:



These people just cannot accept evidence and facts.

Mike said...

Dave, I can answer that! Wrong, deluded, AND crazy.

Les Carpenter said...

She believes what supports the narative she agrees with. Whether true or not is of no importance. The only thing folks like her can accept is that which they want to believe based on their ego driven interests.

It's getting dicey and if cons have their way it's going to get even more so.

Shaw Kenawe said...

For SEVEN LONG MISERABLE YEARS, people has wished that.

"...people HAVE wished that."

Bad proof reading on my part.

Dave Dubya said...

A couple samples of facts I offered that the neo-Nazi blogger deletes:

Ed: "I wonder at the sanity or motivation of someone who can't figure out that his comments are unwanted and will be deleted, yet continues to put so much effort into generating them."
I wonder if you truly wonder. I don't think you do because that requires a genuine sense of curiosity.
But I don't wonder why you delete the facts that disturb your narrowminded closed views.
Radical extremists have no sense of curiosity and shut out any information that does not conform to the Malevolent Mendacious Messiah.
I get it. Delicate true believers need a "safe place" where they don't have to think for themselves or be exposed to facts and reason.
Big Daddy does all the “thinking” for you.
If you really did have any curiosity, you'd have found out that Trump is a liar.

This will also be soon deleted:

What neo-Nazi MAGAts believe.
Are you one of them?
Here’s a quick quiz to find out:
Q: Did Biden defeat Trump in a fair 2020 election?
A: No.
Q: Show us the evidence Trump won.
A: But Trump, along with his loyal lieutenants and co-conspirators Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman said so.
(There is no evidence. They tried and failed to show it in 60 courts.)
Q: Do you still believe Trump over every count, every recount, every certification, every court decision, his DOJ, his Attorney General, Homeland Security and his White House Counsel?
A: Yes. Trump doesn’t lie. Everyone not loyal to him does.
And there’s your answer.
"You aint gonna learn what you don't wanna to know."

Shaw Kenawe said...


They’re irredeemable and a lost cause. No amount of evidence or facts will dissuade them from their belief that the 2020 election was stolen. They are a modern day Confederacy who still believe the Civil War was a war of northern aggression.

It’s depressing to know that so many of our fellow Americans are so stubbornly anti-democracy and pro-Trump, a liar, a cheat, a fraud, and a rapist.

Les Carpenter said...

Everyone is redeemable, of liesif they desire to be Shaw.

The MAGA cult is so invested in their tRump love and their belief in tRump's Big Lie that it has collapsed their ability to view reality as it is. They accept only their desired veiws as truth.

The cult is exactly that. A cult of lies and conspiracy. A cult destroying our national unity.

They have given up reason and truth and married themselves to lies and conspiracy all out of ignorance and fear.