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Saturday, September 2, 2023



RIP Jimmy Buffett.  Saw him perform in Key West years ago.

Tonight, to remember him, we're having margaritas and cheeseburgers.


Dave Miller said...

Lots of performers keep going on and on. What I've seen from Buffet is a simple joy. He seemed to really enjoy performing, being with his fans and giving them all he had.

And he gave us a few memorable songs that will live forever in the American canon...

He'll be missed by more than just the Parrotheads.

Dave Dubya said...

"If we couldn't laugh we'd all go insane".

It's been said, "There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead concert".

The same applies to a Buffet concert. The fans are part of the show.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Saturday night Alan and I went out for margaritas and cheeseburgers. I live near the water on Boston Harbor, not exactly “ in paradise, “l but still near the salt air, so it was close enough. I saw Jimmy perform in Key West years ago when I had a home in Florida.

Yes, his music is timeless, and he was a good human being.

Dave Miller said...

Looks like he died of a rare skin cancer...