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Tuesday, February 9, 2021


BREAKING:   Trump's lawyer, Bruce Castor's concluding statement: "He was removed by the voters." Ruh-roh. That's not what Trump says!!! 

On the morning of Jan. 6, Trump claimed on Twitter that Pence had the power to reject states’ certification, (This is a lie. Pence did NOT have that power. Trump LIED!) thus delaying the process and ultimately giving him the win. 

Wrote Trump, “All Mike Pence has to do is send them back to the States, AND WE WIN. Do it Mike, this is a time for extreme courage!”

This is why Trump's violent mob wanted to kill Mike Pence!

Senate Republicans take note: The public is moving in favor of conviction 

This noose was made for Trump's own vice president, Mike Pence. Yet Trump said NOTHING to his mobs to calm them down. Only after the siege did he tell them to go "home in peace" and that he "loved them." 

Trump told the murdering mobs that wanted to HANG HIS OWN VICE PRESIDENT; that breached the Capitol Building and wreaked havoc on our democracy; that he "LOVED THEM!" 


Shaw Kenawe said...

“Hell no,” said Republican Rep. John Katko of New York, when asked if he had any regrets for his vote to impeach Trump.

skudrunner said...

Five years in the making and it may finally happen. After the incumbents get their punitive revenge maybe the country can get back to being civilized. Instead of moving forward with what is best for the country they need their pound of flesh. I know that is a wild dream but anyone can dream, miracles happen, look at electing a president who didn't campaign and his only ideas was his plan which he still hasn't explained.

Shaw Kenawe said...

No, skud. There are thousands of honest, patriot Republicans who want Trump to be found guilty for inciting an insurrection against his own government, for instigating the mobs to want to assassinate his own vice president and to find the Democratic Speaker of the House and assassinate her.

That you so glibly pass over all of what happened on Jan.6 as though it was "a little bit of rowdiness" -- rowdiness that killed a Capitol policement and 6 others and maimed and injured many more, shows us all that your allegiance is to a corrupt and outlaw politician.

To let Trump get off with no punishment for what he did, is to condone everything that happened that day because of his BIG LIE that the election was stolen from him. Millions of sane Americans KNOW -- not "believe or think" -- BUT KNOW -- a FACT! that Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump and won 7 MILLION more popular votes than Trump and won the electoral college count as well, even if the sitting POTUS, Donald Trump, at the time, encouraged his vice president to NOT certify the electoral count and keep himself in power.

You see that as nothing more than punitive revenge? YOU, skudrunner, frighten me and millions and millions of other Americans who understand that people like you and your friends at the Mother Ship would gladly and eagerly allow authoritarians to tell you lies and you would march in lockstep with tyrants.

You are loyal to corrupt men, not the United States Constitution. Your comment damns you and your allegiance.

Your snark about Joe Biden is stupid. Yes. That's the only correct word to describe it.

65% of Americans like what he's doing, and 70% of Americans want Trump to be found guilty.

You and the Mother Ship sailors have ALWAYS been on the wrong side of history and justice.

I'm sorry for you and them.

Les Carpenter said...

Frankly Shaw how you, Dave, and a few others suffer fools as graciously as you do is amazing. For most there comes a time when continuing to humor fools becomes both insufferable and a colossal waste of ones time and energy.

Keep up the good work spreading truth, facts, and reason. Life is too fine (and short) for me to waste another moment responding to fools. That and it has absolutely no effect on their blockheads anyway.

Take care and wish for the best. Conviction and preventig the Orange Turd Insurrectionist from EVER holding any federal public offie ever again.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From a friend of mine on fb:

After years of bullying Democrats openly, we saw/heard with our own eyes who Trump said "you're very special" and "we love you" to. Not the hardworking, voting, caring Americans from the other party, but the murderous, violent members of his party.

Paula said...

As we watch the trial unfold, we will witness as the Republican Party officially bids farewell to “Law and Order” and embraces the cult.

In Pace Requiescat, GOP

Shaw Kenawe said...

Does Joe Lockhart read my blog?

Joe Lockhart
Don't forget the insurrection was incited by the big lie. The big lie the election was stolen from Trump and he, and his supporters, had every right to steal it back.

skudrunner said...

Like I said Ms Shaw, hopefully we can some day return to civility and his being found guilty will provide vindication for many. You use the word stupid which I agree with. Instead of working for the American people the powers that be want a pound of flesh. Go for it and hopefully another virus won't work it's way in while all the cheering and celebrations are going on.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... you nailed it regarding Skud. And the data supports you.

Two thirds of the American people approve of President Biden's 1.9 trillion Covid Relief plan.

Almost 60% of Americans support the impeachement trial of Former President Trump.

Over 55% of Americans approve of President Biden as opposed to a high of 49% for Former President Trump.

Whether Skud likes, or approves of the way Joe Biden ran his campaign is immaterial. Biden ran as he saw fit, was elected by a landslide in the Electoral College and the American people by and large are glad he is president and approve of the way he is conducting himself as president and his policies.

What else is there to say?

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN if skud didn't come here and comment, how would we understand how the Trumpublicans think? I agree with you that facts and reason won't get through to them, but reading their comments gives us insight into how they think.

skud thinks the second impeachment trial is just an exercise to "get Trump," and not a Constitutional remedy to make sure another dictator wannabe doesn't get away with trying to overthrow the United States government. Because make no mistake, the skuds of this country have no problem with what Trump tried to do: Reverse a free and fair election and install himself as an illegitimate president, killing his own vice president and the Speaker of the House as collateral damage.

We must never let skud and his pals forget that TRUTH!

Dave Miller said...

RN... I get it. 100%.

But in the end, outside of ppl who are just being stupid to be stupid or be agitators, I want to believe most ppl are good, but maybe sometimes misguided.

Plus, I don't want ppl cussing at me, so I don't do it with them.

But that's just me. It is hard though.

Peace amigo...

At least Trump is out of office.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... regarding this impeachment...

Former President Trump provoked a mob through his repeated lies about the validity of the 2020 election. His supporters stormed the US Capitol, caused 5 American citizens to lose their lives and paraded the flag of the southern secessionist states through the building and only left once Trump asked them to do so.

They caused damage not just to the buildings, but to our national well being and while they were looking for Speaker Pelosi and VP Pence so they could beat, or worse, kill them, Former President Trump did nothing.

A President of the United States did nothing to quell a riotous mob intent on overturning the results of a free, fair and valid US Election. Until hours later.

I still don't know how to comprehend that.

Les Carpenter said...

I get what you're saylng Shaw, and agree wih much. However,and I say this because I am guilty of "never letting skud and his pals forget that truth", in so doing isn't that kind of like being on a merry-go-round with no kill switch?

I will continue to express my views in occasionsl post at my weblog and from time to time comment on other weblogs. But for me I will no longer respond to trumpers directly or engage with them online. They simply are not worth my valuable time. And their delusions and hypocrisy are beneath engagement.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The purpose of impeaching Trump is to hold him accountable for his effort to undermine the election and secure a second, unelected term, essentially putting an end to the republican experiment. That scheme began months before the election with his efforts to discredit mail voting, continued with his blatant lies about the election outcome and attempts to pressure various state officials to disregard the vote, and finally culminated in summoning a mob to the Capitol and goading them to violence.

The soft authoritarians supported Trump’s plot until the end, when it exploded into disorder that threatened their own safety. But as their anger with Trump dissipated, and they realized the party’s voters did not share their disgust, they calculated that repudiating his autogolpe did not serve their interests. -- Jonathan Chait

IMO, skudrunner and his pals on the Mother Ship are the "soft authoritarian" (although in some of the things they've writteny, the sound like full-on proto-fascists!)

Les Carpenter said...

Full on proto fascists gets my vote. All of them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From my friend Lee Arnold:

Watching the Senate Impeachment proceedings.
So far, It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
Trump’s own words hoist him on his own petard.
No matter the final outcome, he goes down in history as a traitor to OUR country.


Anonymous said...

I am so lucky and honored that Congressman Raskin is my Representative. If you didn’t hear his closing statement, I urge you to view it. It brought tears to my eyes.


Mike said...

Without looking up names, I think there were two democrats that were trending to not impeach. I hope they come around. The main goal of this trial is to prevent a tRUMP comeback. And no republican has the balls to vote yes.

Anonymous said...

This is something skudrunner won't want to read:

Perhaps it goes without saying that the real jury for this trial is not the Senate but the public. Most Americans have decided on Trump’s guilt: according to a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll, 56 percent say Trump should be convicted and barred from holding office again. But it’s still important for Democrats to tell the comprehensive story of how Trump tried to steal the election, and how that attempt ended in death and desecration.

This is necessary not just to cement Trump’s disgrace, but because his election lies are being used to justify new restrictions on voting. Trump’s attack on democracy didn’t begin on Jan. 6, and even though he’s out of office, it hasn’t ended.

Ray Cranston said...

No reasonable person expects Trump's conviction.

What the ImpeachmentTrial will be is an indictment of Republicans.

Les Carpenter said...

The truth? The truth is the impeachment trial is purely and simply a "show trial". Why? Because 45 Q-GOP Q-Trumpublicans are going to vote to acquit. Therefor tRump the Insurrectionist will skate. Yeah, he was impeached twice. So what? He will not be held acountable, the result of the requirement for a 67 vote super majority. He will be able to run gain. Further, if rRump the Insurrectionist is acquitted based on the defense arguments then it gives any future president the impetus to resign 5 minutes before a guilty verdict and argue precedent when challenged. As you no doubt know Shaw precedent is a very strong legal "card". I personally experienced the stength of precedent when I was a manager. I lost 2 arbitrations because of a precedent I unwittingly established when I was young and inexperienced. They took years to engineer out if yiu will.

Don't get me wrong, I believe to the depth of my being tRump is guilty as hell and SHOULD be held accountable. But he won't Shaw. So any historical reference is, IMO, mute and therefor unimportant in all reality.

What is abundantly clear is that America is divided, broken, and meandering down a path of self destruction. Certainly as related to democracy and the republic.

While there is a slim possibility the people of this nation may be able to turn it around I for one ain't betting on it. We, in the collective, simpky are not smart enough. We've proved it time and again.

Les Carpenter said...

F^ck you Radical Redneck. You want to confront me. Fine. Send me an email, my address is on my weblog. Well settle this mano e mano.

If not... F^ck off.

Les Carpenter said...

I agree Anonymous, you are fortunate. A true leader. And HONEST and sincere to boot!

Les Carpenter said...

I will beleive it too Dave as soon as I see actual acknowlefgement from those you speak of that they were wrong and they are sorry for their error in judgement. Until then... NO SOAP.

Les Carpenter said...

Do you really think 72 million pro Dotard voters give a hoot about ANY of that? They don't. They remain Q-Trumpublicans and loyal Q-GOP sheeple.

skudrunner said...

Say what you want about me and my views because by coming here I open myself up for ridicule which is fine because I know my beliefs are sound to rational people. Rev and Ms. Shaw can be rational but need to have an object to attack and I am it. Some of the others need a lot of help because rational thought escape them.

That being said, I still hope someday we can return to civility and let trump become a memory instead of being the focus of hate because hate is just not healthy. We will never be a society who expects personal responsibility. Now we are going to send stimulus checks to those earning over 100K and bill our grandkids which from my perspective is wrong. We will also pay for a degree in somethingorother which will never produce job and ignore someone who went to trade school to learn a skill. Guess you are fine with all that because that is the goofy left.

Ray Cranston said...

Ho boy! The captain of the Mother Ship is putting out "The Meanies Made Us Do It" defense.

Captain of the Mother Ship: "I’m not talking about why he shouldn’t appear based on constitutionality; I’m talking appearing to tell his story. YES, I KNOW he’d be attacked but people just MIGHT HEAR………just MIGHT HEAR his truth…he’d have to have got a grip on his personality, he can………he could have just addressed why he became president, all the good he did, how Biden’s EO’s will destroy us, and that if his ‘mobs’ were upset enough to hurt people and attack the Hill, it’s because of that…."

"just MIGHT HEAR his truth?" JHC, this sorry person still believes Trump has any relationship with the truth? He's documented with telling 30,000+ lies in his 4 years! But she just ignores that TRUTH!

Captain of the Mother Ship: "and that if his mobs were upset enough to hurt people and attack the Hill, it's because of that"

"upset enough to hurt people" JHC! Trumps' mobs KILLED a cop! and more were permanently MAIMED and two committed suicide! She ignores that because she's a fking dishonest fascist Trump-asskisser. And she's making excuses for the mobs killing and ransaking the Capitol. Their feelings were hurt?

These people are goddamn fascists. Period. There's no other explanation. And stupid fascists at that!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yikes! So many commenters to answer

skud, you do get published here, unlike some of your Trump pals who run blogs.

And I do push back when you attack Biden with trite snark. I will never, never understand how Trumpublicans continue to defend what he did. And how you attack Joe Biden who DID NOT incite an attack on our government. Trump DID! How do you people live with yourselves?

Possumlady You are indeed fortunate to have such a decent and talented man as your representative. He was excellent today, and made me cry as well.

Ray, I'm scratching my head. I don't understand those people. They're irredeemable! Their hero incited an attack on our Capitol, and they still love him? That's insane.

RN where did Radical Redneck use your name and avatar. I will delete it immediately! I'm surprised the inmates from WYD bother to come here.

skudrunner The stimulus checks are NOT being sent to people making over $100K. Where did you get that info? I got this from a simple Google search:

Essentially, the more you earn, the less stimulus money you'll receive. If you earn more than $87,000 in adjusted gross income as an individual or $174,000 as a couple, then you probably will not receive a check at all.

So why did you write that incorrect statement? Your other statements are not true! No one I know denigrates someone who went to trade school. You're just trying to stir the pot. Most of the time what you post is untrue or an exaggeration. Why do you do that? Then you get angry when I call you on it. Why?

Dave I don't know how to comprehend the Republicans who continue to support a corrupt and venal man who incited an attack against his own government and put in mortal danger his own vice president and the person who was second in line for the presidency. It astounds me that there are people who call themselves Americans and support Trump, an autogolpe. (I learned that Spanish word the other day. It's a perfect word to describe Trump!)

Ben Guryion said...

I'd be curios as to what was the Big Lie.
The fact that vans of votes were delivered in the dead of night?
That voting law was ignored?
That voting machines were documented changing votes?
Pray tell, what Big Lie?

Jerry said...

The Republicans don't care what the public thinks, never have. It's amazing what the Republicans have gotten away with and hardly any condemnation from the public. The public are enablers for this crook.

Bluebullamerica said...

Ben must be a Trumper. Only they are stupid enough to ask that question. Even he gives away that he knows exactly what the big lie is by phrasing his question to include the bald faced and often debunked lies that make up the 'big lie'. Give it a rest, Trumptard and stick with AOW's cesspool. You won't find morons here as you will there -- no matter what name you use.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ben You know what the Big Lie is. But you're marinated in Trumpism and cultism, and you willfully ignore what is in front of your nose. You're a cultist. Period.

Jerry In many ways, you're correct, because Trump DID get elected in 2016, BUT the public corrected that last November, and it overwhelmingly rejects Trump and his cult. It's our system of government that allows the tyranny of the minority.

Bluebullamerica You're correct in your assessment of who that "Ben" character is. I think there are some tricksters who copy and paste here what's written on the Trump blogs just to stir things up. But it is interesting to read how their mutilated-by-Trump minds work.

skudrunner said...

As it stands now, Biden’s plan would give $1,400 to every adult taxpayer earning up to $75,000 a year. The amount would gradually decrease for people earning more than that, and those making more than $95,000 would get nothing. The income limits double for married couples who file their taxes jointly.

In case math is not your strong suite that's $150,000 for a couple.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I just poked my head in to see what the Trump cultists over at AOW were whining about and what they were blaming on the "lefties" today.

Some trickster took your comment from here and pasted it, under your name, on AOW's comment section. The madam of that blog immediately scolded THE TRICKSTER, not you, because that comment was taken from here (@3:56 AM) without your knowledge and pasted it on that blog. A small crosso-check would have shown her that it wasn't you who posted, but an impostor. I write this because it is an indictment on those folks of their gullibility on things that confirm their biases. She assumed you had made a comment there. In fact, you did not. And she answered the trickster! Scolding YOU for something you did not do! This is an example of Trumpian ignorance and confirmation bias -- the inability to fact check and see what's true and what isn't.

This small incident explains a lot about how easily those folks were tricked and fooled by a con man -- and still defend him. SAD!

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, you wrote: "Now we are going to send stimulus checks to those earning over 100K and bill our grandkids which from my perspective is wrong."

You didn't specify "those" would be COUPLES. Anyway, maybe in your privileged life you don't know couples where BOTH parents are out of work. I do. And there are millions who are.

I didn't hear a peep out of you when Trump gave PERMANENT tax breaks to the 1% and the middle class's will expire. That cost the US TRILLIONS of lost revenue.

Bluebullamerica said...

So much for the conspiracy cow going out to pasture for awhile, huh? LOL. No, I wouldn't waste my time on those folks but thanks for letting me know.

Bluebullamerica said...

Okay, curiosity got the best of me and I had to peek. Left the old cow a nice little message, too. lol

Shaw Kenawe said...

I only go there to see what the Trump cultists are up to, but the best thing to do is ignore them. They're cultists. And if you're listening to the Impeachment trial you'll see that they were duped by Trump. Pity is what they need.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... as a point of reference, 150K is the income needed to buy a median home in Los Angeles.

Not a big home mind you, a simple 40-50 year old 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1500 sq ft home. If you're renting an apartment, that will set you back 20% of that gross amount.

I know many other areas of the states cost less than that, and some way less, than that 150K. But in some areas, that's a solid middle class salary.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bluebullamerica I read the comments over at AOW. Why would ANYONE believe them? Or anything they'd say vis-a-vis Free/Franco and you? They're Trumpers and Trumpers believe Trump who is a known liar. A liar of 30,000+ lies and who instigated an insurrection against his own government and who incited a mob to assassinate his own vice president!

Obviously, they're lying about you. Ignore them. Liars beget lies. They are what they are.

Peace to you.

skudrunner said...

Everybody wins except the grandchildren. People get free money who don't need it
and the stock market goes up so it is a win win. We will not be billed but our grandchildren will, great job by our elected elite on both sides. Why do we keep these idiots employed. Turn governing over to professionals and let the politicians do what they do best, grandstand because they sure can't manage anything, look how great the vaccination's are going to show the the true meaning of incompetence. No wonder we ave become the laughing stock of the civilized world.

Jeff Bezos for supreme ruler.

Les Carpenter said...

You have skud Very Successfully described Dotard donnie and his G-GOP sycophants quite correctly.

Good job skud.

skudrunner said...

I am not in favor of "stimulus" checks to those who are employed, retired or have not lost a cent in income, of which there are a considerable number of those. You seem to be fine with that which I assume means you will get the check that your grandchildren will pay for. Of course I am for everyone paying their fair share of taxes so we differ on many fronts. If I recall trump got 40+ percent of the vote so your statement of 30% support was babble.

Now the democrats are scorning the senator from AZ and WVA because they didn't march to their orders and actually used their brains which is forbidden.

Les Carpenter said...

A) So what... I paying for the uncontrollable national debt explosion started by Saint Ronnie. So are you.

B) I would prefer that folks that are the beneficiary of income from any and all sources exceeding 75K per individual being exempt from receiving stimulus checks.

C) Yes scud, EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE should pay their fair share of taxes. Including tRump, all other wealthy folks, and corporations. In fact corporations sjould lose the sweet deal tRump gave them by reducing their taxes.

D) Check your numbers skud. The 30% are the deaf, dumb, blind tRump cultists. You must be one doing the babbling.

E) What is forbidden is forbiden by the Q-GOP. And that is never question their Orange Turd and his filthy Trumpism.

F) So skud, you can delude yoursekf with your BS but I'm not impressed at all by it.