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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

No Words



Dave Miller said...

Shaw... i thought it was a "fake news" typo so I checked around just to be sure. And of course, it's true. These Trumpers couldn't win a Spelling D, let alone a Spelling B. No wonder they are not fond of the educated elite.

Now, as I was checking on that, I did come across a story that should warm the hearts of all Trump voters. It seems there might just be a real case of voter fraud in Georgia. It looks as if, wait for this, set your coffee down folks, Trumps lawyer, Lin Wood, voted illegally in Georgia. I guess it's a crime for So Carolina residents to vote in a state where they don't actually live.

So that explains why Wood was so sure of his charges of voter fraud in Georgia. Because he was the guilty one!

You can't make this stuff up.

And yet, we're the enemy.

skudrunner said...

At least his original lawyers could spell. Spell check can have hidden problems for everyone. His ego has always been his biggest asset and his biggest liability. He will never admit he lost but did admit we have a new president even if he can't remember the new presidents name.

How many years will it take to return to some form of sanity. trump dominated the news for five years and he still dominates the news. Get over it, he is finished and we have important things to disagree on.

Rev, are you still going to Mexico or are you shut out.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... thanks for asking.

I head south in two weeks. There's a church we're helping in Guadalajara and I've got some work there. Also, one of our guys there has started a local composting project that we're using to give young people jobs. I won't be in Oaxaca this time as the areas where our Covid relief project is working is currently a new lockdown because the virus is literally decimating many of the indigenous communities in the mountains.

BTW... you are right on a couple of things... Not everyone needs stimulus money. I'm 100% okay with limiting direct checks to singles making 50k or less and couples at 100K. No Dem can really make the case that a guy maing 150k a year needs an additional handout.

And yes, we've got important things to disagree on.

Shaw Kenawe said...

We can all agree on means testing for the next round of COVID relief.