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Thursday, February 11, 2021


IMO, the GOP Senators and other Americans who continue to support this traitor to our Constitution, our country, are not worthy to be called Americans. 

This is just ONE reason. There are hundreds of other examples of Trump's treachery, corruption, and criminality during his four miserable years as POTUS:

[Chris] Wallace explained, “That weekend, some members of the Pence team called — and I know they called other people around town… to make it clear, and this is how angry the Pence team was, that Donald Trump never called Mike Pence when he was in the bunker inside the Capitol to ask him if he was safe, to inquire about his safety, nor did he ever urge the people who were storming the capitol to stand down and not to go after Mike Pence.” 

“They saw that as the ultimate betrayal.” Wallace bluntly described how they felt: “We did everything we could for four years to serve you, to stand by you. You asked us to do something that was a constitutional impossibility. And then you didn’t protect us when the mob came to literally try to find him and to, in the minds of some of them, to execute him.”


Robert Cole said...

As I see democrats, and progressives, and others dumb people such as you spending and wasting all of theo time their energy on a useless effort, like trying to impeaching a President that has already left office, I have to ask you, and the few of your readers that hang around here, does this benefit America? When so many people by the thousands are dying everyday from Covid 19, and out of work because of a bunch of Democratic Governors that are focusing on Trump instead of dealing with our problems today? What will impeaching Trump do? How will it help anyone? It won't even put Trump behind bars. It won't do much of anything other than create a circle jerk celebration among democrats as they arrogantly strut around thinking they are so much better than their political rivals. But I guess that in of itself, is worth it to them. It is then worth living in the past and not looking towards the future. In fact, all problems from here on out will be Trump's fault. Is anything ever going to ne Biden’s fault?? The media and democrat party will see to it that you are told so, and if you refuse to believe, they will indoctrinate your children. But we need leadership today to unify us, and not divide us, which is something the democrat party is incapable of doing.

Les Carpenter said...

You're certainly not alone. Millions upon millions agree. 100%.

The insidious destructive mentality of rRump and his Q-GOP sycophanrs and cultists (approx. 30% of America) has been around for decades. tRump just harnessed it and created a cohesive and dangerous movement. Trumpism. If this abomination is not excised from our body politic America has NO chance of returning to sanity and a reality based society. I for one am not holding my breath.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Robert Cole (Why do all you trolls from WYD block your ID page? Cowards?)

R.C.: "As I see democrats, and progressives, and others dumb people such as you spending and wasting all of theo time their energy on a useless effort, like trying to impeaching a President that has already left office, I have to ask you, and the few of your readers that hang around here, does this benefit America?"

First, Robert, Donald J. Trump is already impeached. Twice. You seem not only unable to understand how impeachment works, but how to write in the English language.

The rest of your comment is gobbledegook. And it shows me and anyone else who bothers to read it that you support an EX-president who incited an insurrection against his own government and whose mobs planned to kill his own vice president and Speaker of the House.

You've said nothing about that, which only makes me and anyone else who reads your barely literate comment believe that you're against the United States of America, the Constitution, and everything else this country has ever stood for.

You apparently have more allegiance to the tyrant Trump than to your own country.

I pity you.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN Trump has unleashed the worst in human nature. And given those who support him permission to be their worst. Thirty percent of our voting population support this tyrant.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Also, RN the Trumpers were spittle-flicking angry at, as one of their stupider commnenters call them, "Moslem vermin." And the reality is (if you're watching the impeachment proceedings), that homegrown militias and white supremacists almost destroyed our country from within.

And that idiot who labels anyone Arab as "Moslem vermin" has nothing to say about that TRUTH.

Les Carpenter said...

The USA has been the most powerful nation on the planet since the end of WW II. No other nation can match our military might. We've not had to fear attack from a foreign nation because it was almost insured defeat and perhaps destruction.

Until tRump America has also been the nation that has generally occupied the moral high ground. tRump insured we would fall from that high perch. And he was priud of it.

So back to threats against our security as a democratic republic and the worlds most successful democracy. It actually makes PERFECT sense that the first assault on our seat of democracy since 1812 would be orchestrated by an anti democracy pro authoritarian demagogue president trying to hold on to power for himself and his GOP sycophants and cultists. They are, all of them, not worthy of being called Americans. PERIOD.

Robert Cole said...

Don't pity ME, you are the PITIFUL ONE, the Miserable, Despicable, Scurvy, POS!
You are the one to be "Pitied".

And YOU are the one that Voted for that Despicable, Incompetent,Incompetent,Inept. Delusional,Moron who can't even remember where he is half of the time, without "DOCTOR" Jill steering him on and off the stage.
The same POS who is ruining the Country, and putting MILLIONS of hard working Americans out of work!
Yes, It's YOU and People like you!

As for my not having a Profile on my blog. That;s MY business, not yours, NOT yours who won't publish 80 percent of the comments that are sent to you, because they don't pass your censoring....
Yes it's people like me... Deplorable and Proud

Jerry said...

What a bunch of cowards these Republicans are. They are afraid of Trump. Afraid of a con man crook. Afraid he will put up candidates to beat them at the polls and they will lose their jobs. Convict him and he can never run for office again. Convict him and you will get rid of him. Convict him and send a message to your constituents that that kind of demagogue will not be allowed. Convict him and lets get back to normal back stabbing political debate. You don't deserve to keep your job if you support Trump and his criminal behavior.
The trial is showing Americans just what kind of scum Trump is, and we should not forget, or forgive that. A lesson that obviously needs to be learned by America.

Mike said...

RC - When so many people by the thousands are dying everyday from Covid 19, and out of work because of a bunch of Democratic Governors that are focusing on Trump instead of dealing with our problems today? What will impeaching Trump do?

Since when did tRUMPers care about COIID19? We are in this predicament because of people like you. And impeaching the orange idiot will keep him from running again. It will put him another step away from politics. And if he can't get all the attention, he just might go away altogether.

Shaw - Sorry, but I had to comment on that too.
I don't know why Pence never thought tRUMP would turn on him. (Maybe he did know that.) tRUMP has turned on everyone that's ever been associated with him. People like Rudy seem to hang around anyway. And then there are people like Hawley that are possibly worse than tRUMP.

Dave Miller said...

Robert Cole... let me entertain your comment.

I want you to imagine that Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or anyone else with a D after their name was president. Now I want you to imagine a mob of black, white and Latino people storming the Capitol building of the US, killing and maiming US officers, desecrating the American flag, using it to kill people. Now I want you to imagine that that same mob was calling for the Democrat Vice President to be hanged. And then I want you to imagine that the Democratic president, never checked on his Vice President as that mob went after him.

Now a question. A question for you and other conservatives... people who called for Colin Kaepernick to be arrested for simply kneeling during the National Anthem. People who cheered on impeachment proceedings for President Clinton because he lied about getting a blow job.

Are you ready? Because here's your question... If all of that above happened and a president with a D after his or her name was in office, would you still be asking "what would impeachment do? How will it help anyone?

Would you be saying ...we need leadership today to unify us, and not divide us, which is something the Republican party is incapable of doing.

Or would you rightfully be calling for someone to be held accountable?

We know your answer, because we've seen the inconsistency over and over from trolls, extremists and others like you.

But here's some facts... I am willing to accept that Trump may not have been responsible for the spark, or the incitement to riot that got this terrible ball rolling. But once the insurrection started, what did our president do to stop it? Did he call in the National Guard? No he did not. Did he go on live TV and say America does not stand for this and the perpetrators will be caught, arrested and justice will be served? No he did not. Did he check on the safety of both VP Mike Pence and Speaker Pelosi, both targeted for death by the mob? No he did not.

His unwillingness to do those things alone is an impeachable offense. He did not uphold his oath of office. He did not protect the most sacred of spaces in the United States. When he was needed as a Commander in Chief to lead the battle against forces trying to invade our Capitol, he remained silent, even privately cheering the insurrectionist mob on.

For me, the R after Trump's name means nothing. I'd be just as angry as I am now if the president was a Democrat and I'd be calling for his or her impeachment, just as I did for President Clinton.

It is sad that people like you cannot remove your partisan blinders to admit that January 6 was one of the worst days in the history of our nation. And that President Trump did nothing to stop it.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... I'm still waiting for Former President Trump to call the mob that invaded the Capitol "sons of bitches."

Look how they were desecrating the flag, the actual Capitol and more.

I mean there's no way a man so mad at athletes for kneeling during the National Anthem would ignore the way the January 6 mob treated our flag, would he?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mike, Jerry, Dave, RN,

I let R.C. through, even though he claims I "censor" him. He reminds me the GOP politicians complaining of being censored as they make their complaints on Twitter, Fox, and YouTube! LOL!

Anyway, Dave is correct. If a Democratic president had incited mobs to attack the Capitol to stop the legal certification of electoral votes and interfere with our democratic process, people like "Robert Cole" would be calling for his or her impeachment and removal YESTERDAY.

R. Cole has no idea what impeachment means, BTW, as is evident by his comment. He (or she) understands nothing about American democracy and the immeasurable harm that Trump did to America while he was president.

We will never be the same country when the Republicans in the US Senate sanction that sort of sedition and FUNDAMENTALLY change America forever by not making Trump accountable for his criminal behavior.

Ray said...

Russia declared that "American democracy is over."

tRump is, and has always been, an agent of Putin and Russia.

Compromised by his crushing financial debts he's owned by Putin and has sold America out!

But hey! Let's talk music or stick our fingers in our ears and yell LALALALALA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!!!

Paula said...

New York and Georgia now both have active criminal cases against Donald Trump. This impeachment trial is just a dress rehearsal for what’s to come.

Shaw Kenawe said...

In 2008,a young member of the Judiciary Comte said “The business of high crimes&misdemeanors goes to the question of whether or not the person serving as president of the US put their own interests,their personal interests,ahead of public service"
That congressman was Mike Pence

Fed Up in Rutland said...

Trump terrorists attacks U.S. Capitol
1 cop was murdered
1 cop lost 3 fingers
1 cop had brain trauma
2 cops committed suicide
1 cop was stabbed
1 cop lost an eye
140 cops were injured


Dave Miller said...

Fed Up...

Let us never forget to bring this up every single time a member of the GOP calls for "Law and Order" in future campaigns. Unless they've called for stiff prison terms for every participant, nee patriots, this should be part of every campaign.

Lee Arnold said...

I must assume that most of my dear Trumpanzee friends only read the "Headlines" but do not take the time to delve into the actual FACTS behind whatever Don tells them to think. It's why they went either quiet, or bat shit crazy, after the devastating defeat of the Republican Party in November. They were TOLD that Trump and the Republicans would win nationwide by a Landslide and it must have shaken their beliefs to the core. Dudes, they LIED to you then. They're LYING to you now. Look behind the curtain. There is NO Wizard. Just Don. And he has no clothes.

Howard Brazee said...

Smart Mob Bosses are loyal to their minions.

But Smart Mob Bosses don't let narcissism rule their actions.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Howard Brazee, Yes. And Trump's minions (the mobs who marched for him in DC on 1/6) are seeing how he doesn't give a hoot about what happened to them after they "did what their president wanted them to do."

Is he going to pay for their lawyers? Ha!