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Friday, February 12, 2021



From an Facebook friend: 

"This is not the country my parents fought to protect and defend. 

We are watching a coward get away with murder—as he predicted he could. We see betrayal of democratic principles by congressional leaders because their path to reelection glory and pension and benefits depends on turning their eyes away from the horror. 

Our children and grandchildren see bullies and liars get off free —something many parents and schools would not allow. 

The reduction to rubble of the Republican party cannot come soon enough."


Anonymous said...

I don't think they understand that Dems never expected conviction...This was about submitting this Constitutional Crime into the Congressional record. But I don't think they are understanding that either choice they make...It is the end of their party as they know it

Paula said...

We only hate things we fear. I don’t fear Trump. Hillary lost because people hated her. But she’s gone. Without Hillary, Trump can’t win again. Without social media he disappears. In fact Trump has already disappeared. People will just laugh at him. The fear is gone and so is the hate.

Ray said...


This will piss off the Trumpanzees:

Biden Hits 62% Approval, Higher First Rating Than Past 4 Presidents

Over at the Mother Ship they're whining and piss-moaning about how the country has moved on from the disgraced and dejected Trump:

"I think he is letting the country stew and learn how bad it is without him."

How bad the country is without him? Bwhahahahahaha! They lie to themselves because they don't have Trump to lie to them.

"Media is learning they have no ratings without him. The country at all levels and with all people are seeing how bad the Democrats and Biden are."

To them the presidency should be just a media event? How bad the Dems and Biden are? Biden has the highest approval ratings then the past 4 presidents! Of course those Trampanzees don't deal in facts.

Biden is actually dealing with the pandemic trying to get Americans vaccinated. Trump is licking his defeated wounds at Mar a Lagos, and he's shut off from spreading his lies on Twitter. We're all so better off not hearing his excuses and pity party!

Dave Miller said...

In some ways, Trump's enablers on the right and in Congress were right. The impeachment and trial of the former president changes nothing. He will be acquitted, not barred from future office and will keep his very generous lifetime salary, secret service and other assorted benefits.

But, and this is huge, those same Senators who were literally forced to sit and watch the "absurd and offensive" videos of what happened on January 6, hear the pleas of the officers forever scarred, and relive their potential brush with death at the hands of a mob, now have to live with a reality we all saw.

It's a reality that will be used to hold them accountable not just to the electorate, but to history, and history will not be kind. Their hypocrisy will be noted, their fealty to a liar in chief, their support for a mob of people intent on stopping a constitutionally mandated function. All of it will be noted by historians and scholars forever.

And they can expect millions of dollars of economic gain in their home states as Americans of all stripes work to remove them from office when they are up for reelection.

Les Carpenter said...

tRumpanzees are mindless babbling whining little orange sheeple. They willfully select ignorance over facts. Dishonesty over truth. Deceit over integrity. Failure over success. Delusion over reality. Division over inclusion. Isolationism over international cooperation. And the list goes on.

As a former republican I certainly hope that Anonymous @8:35 is correct. That regardless how the Q-Trumpublican G-GOP votes that either spells the end of the Q-GOP and Q-Trumpism.

Dave Miller said...

Soon we will have clarity, and that clarity will answer the question as to what the GOP is these days.

Watch the vote, because the vote will define what the GOP will be moving forward. Will the party put Trumpism behind it and try to return to some semblance of normalcy or split apart leaving the folks like Ted Cruz, Q-TX and Josh Hawley, Q-MO to lead what was once the fringe.

Will the GOP vote to acquit a president who encouraged the mob of insurrectionists to harm the Vice President of the United States? Or will they see that as further incitement to violence?

The next few days are going to illuminate much for us all.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has watched the proceedings cannot help but be outraged even more by trump (and I honestly thought there was no more outrage left in me). The impeachment managers did an excellent job showing that not only did trump incite the mob on January 6, they showed that he has been building up to this since he was elected, but especially since early 2020. They showed in no uncertain terms that the White House was coordinating with the America First organization in getting people here on the 6th, instead of the 21st which was AF's first rally permit. What does that mean? That means the White House was monitoring the chat rooms where the insurrection was being planned and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent it.

And now, NOW, Nikki Haley is denouncing trump and saying he has no future in the GOP party. What a laugh. Talk about blowing in the wind.

Will he be acquitted? Of course he will. BUT, the impeachment needed to happen and the trial needed to happen. If it changed just one mind of someone on the fence about trump's lack of responsibility and remorse, along with showing the world what he did, then it is totally worth it. That the impeachment managers could get this all done in such a short amount of time is breathtaking and I applaud them all...


Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, Paula, Ray, Dave, and RN

The Republican argument is that a POTUS has about two months, after losing an election, to overturn the results by any means necessary, including inciting domestic terrorists, and those future POTUSes will be immune from accountability.

I'd also like to point out that a Democratic POTUS could, in the future, push the Big Lie that he or she won the presidency when all facts point to the opposite, and THAT DEMOCRATIC POTUS could tell his or her people to go to Congress AND STOP THE STEAL!

However, I cannot imagine any Democratic president doing that. The Democrats believe in the rule of law, unlike the current outlaw party of Trumpublicans.

Les Carpenter said...

So, watching the pathetic arguments being put forth by the pro Q-tRump/Q-GOP defense team should tell everyone with a clear and functioning mind and the ability for cognitive thinking that Q-tRump and the Q-GOP are simply spinning stinkY Q-Trumpublican BS.

But the senate will not convict. The Q-GOP will aquit and thereby set new precedent. No doubt for specific reasons they will not acknowledge. But the reason is clear.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Tim Miller of The Bulwark:

"Not My Party: Guilty, Guilty

But this was different: Never before in this country has a sitting president tried to steal an election to stay in power. Yes, it didn’t work. Yes, the way he went about it was clownish and ridiculous. But Officer Brian Sicknick is dead because of Trump’s actions. Others are gravely injured. The vice president and Democratic members of Congress nearly suffered the same fate.

This all happened because Trump supporters took him seriously and literally.

At 6:01 PM, hours after the carnage, Trump tweeted this: “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace.”

No! You made this happen, Donald. You did this! And it could have been worse."

Shaw Kenawe said...


You're correct. And it is a fact that Trump has taken a hit in his popularity. He'll always have the white supremacists, Proud Boys, and the other assorted white militias -- you know, the ones who marched in Charlottville and yelled "Jews will not replace us!" Those sorts of bigots and low-life fascists. But we know for a fact that thousands of people have stopped supporting him and the current GOP. Trump poisoned his brand and that of the Republican Party.

Who in their right mind would want to be associated with a scoundrel like him? An ex-president who tried to overthrow his own government to stay in power; an ex-president who encouraged a murderous mob to attack the US Capitol; and whose mobs wanted to assassinate Vice President Pence and Speaker of the House Pelosi!

That's quite a legacy for the Trumpers to look back on.

The Way It Is said...

Senate Republicans are more offended by the idea of getting Americans direct relief than they are about the guy who tried to overthrow democracy and inspired a insurrection that killed people.

Jerry said...

One would think this would split the Republican party, but there aren't enough Republicans who think Trump's behavior was bad enough to disagree with their fellow party members. SAD.
I hope the American people remember all this and vote accordingly, but they won't. They never do. Just think of all the shit politicians have done that no one remembers now and the politicians got away with at the time.
This incident is much worse, but Democratic majorities are slim and could easily disappear in two years. The voters put these scum in office and they will vote for them again no matter what public opinion is. One thing that can stop them, is Biden's performance in the next two years.

Mike said...

"We are watching a coward get away with murder—as he predicted he could."

Great reminder from your friend about him shooting down 5th avenue. And what a closing argument this would make. 'He said he could do it. He's basically done it. Now don't let him get away with it as he said he could.'

Shaw Kenawe said...

TWII, what's worse is that Senate Republicans are ready to give Trump a pass on being the first POTUS in American history to try to overthrow his own government to hang onto power.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Did the folks over at the Trumper blog give any evidence of how the election was stolen?

I mean REAL evidence, not what Sean Hannity or the Pillow guy claims.

Also, I was shocked to read one of them suggest that it was lefties who made the white supremacists, Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, and the rest of the insurrectionists attack the US Capitol. Do those people really believe that idiocy?

Dave Miller said...


From Webster's a: an outward sign : INDICATION - b: something that furnishes proof : TESTIMONY specifically : something legally submitted to a tribunal to ascertain the truth of a matter.

Hold on while I laugh.

Back when I was allowed to post there, I asked what evidence they had when Obama won and they were sure the election had been stolen. I guess a a rigged election was more believable to them than a black man winning. Anyways, I was told the evidence was hidden, taken off of Google and covered up. But they knew the "official numbers had been altered.

This election -FJ is the avatar of the "I ain't got no real evidence, but I'll cuss and link to Mr PillowTalk Guy." He just hangs his hat on suitcases of ballots in Georgia, changed laws, etc.