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Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Rep. Joe Neguse made the strong point that Trump alone had the power to stop the attack and not only because he was commander-in-chief: The attackers "believed they were following his words...He alone had the power to stop it. And he didn't."


Anonymous said...

Those people at the Capital Building were Trumpazoids, there is absolutely no question about it, and no reason to doubt it. Democrat's played a video, devoid of facts and lacking in probative value, and designed as a propaganda set piece to inflame emotions to go hand and hand with Trumps rally There was plenty of evidence presented that President Trump caused the riot. In fact, if you looked closely, you can see individuals wearing ballistic vests, gas masks, helmets, face masks, and carrying shields and improvised weapons, along with tho MAGA hats.....very typical of the Trump type of speech crowd..He can’t wiggle out of that.

Shaw Kenawe said...


What shocked me is learning that Trump's people (and most assuredly Trump, since he sticks his nose into every detail) -- what was so shocking is to learn that they KNEW what his insurrectionists were going to do. They read those posts on social media. His mobs talked about murdering members of Congress!

As for wiggling, the spineless, cowardly Trump cultists in the Senate will not convict.

That dereliction of duty to their oaths of office will follow them the rest of their shameful lives.

Dave Miller said...

What's amazing is that still, Former President Trump has still not stepped forward to condemn the violence of that day, to explain why he never called Vice President Pence or Speaker Pelosi to make sure they were safe.

He has never publicly thanked the DC Cops for saving the lives of our elected officials. He has never called the ppl who ever ran the halls of congress thugs, sons of bitches, insurrectionists or ppl who belong in jail.

Not. Once.

Les Carpenter said...

And he never will Dave. Not ever. It simply is who he is. A monster without empathy, witout integrity, and conpletely devoid of a conscious.

As are his enablers and sycophants in the Q-GOP.