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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

How many criminal investigations are now in progress for Trump?


I've lost count.

But if you're keeping score, here are more:

Allen Weisselberg, a Top Trump Executive, Pleads Guilty in Tax Scheme


"The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announces that it is opening a criminal investigation into Trump’s election lawyers copying sensitive voter data — a felony that is punishable by up to 15 years in prison."

"The GBI confirmed Tuesday that it has opened a criminal investigation of the incident on Jan. 7, 2021, when the group flew from Atlanta to South Georgia and were given access by local election officials to equipment that was supposed to be kept secure from outsiders. Computer trespass is a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. 

 The team that visited Georgia included some of the same people who worked with Trump supporters to penetrate election systems in other states, including in Antrim County, Michigan, and Clark County, Nevada. The Washington Post first reported on the documents on Monday, which were produced Friday in response to subpoenas in an ongoing election security lawsuit." 

"Former national security advisor John Bolton exposes his ex-boss, says Trump's claim that he had "standing orders" to declassify documents is "almost certainly a lie" because "nobody briefed" or "informed" Bolton of such a policy." Trump's Business May Go On Trial On Tax Charges Just Before The 2022 Elections 

"... with multiple investigations still underway, the legal cloud hanging over Trump's world may be getting larger, lawyers on Weisselberg's defense team suggested during a court hearing on Monday. "We have strong reason to believe there could be other indictments coming," said Bryan Skarlatos, one of Weisselberg's attorneys."

The old Republican Party was the party of law and order and personal responsibility.

Not anymore. Not since they embraced Trump and his anti-democratic ideals and made him their idol.

Today's QOP is the party of lies, grievances, and embracing fascistic techniques to keep themselves in power. 

 "Former national security advisor John Bolton exposes his ex-boss, says Trump's claim that he had 'standing orders' to declassify documents is 'almost certainly a lie because 'nobody briefed' or 'informed' Bolton of such a policy.' "

Just another Trump lie to cover his lying posterior.


Les Carpenter said...

Let the f**ki*g jackboots roast in their cherished biblical hell.

Les Carpenter said...

You know the one, the one Trumpublican cons want the good folks of America to roast in.

Dave Miller said...

The old Republican Party was the one of "law and order?"

At least that's what they said. But any objective person would be hard pressed to claim any GOP Admin since Ike actually represented with their actions law and order.

Between the Nixon-Reagan-Bush-Bush-Trump Admins, the GOP is keeping well ahead of the Dems in the crime stats.

Les Carpenter said...

The Grand Old Party is now The Great Poop Party.

Looking at the above the gop has gone from not so good to absolutely horrible during the Trump debacle of 4 years.

The now Trumpublican Party is nothing short of a Huge American crime family.

Anonymous said...

After Allen Weisselberg pled guilty today to 15 counts of tax fraud & implicated the Trump organization Trump posted on Truth Social - “Can’t trust a guy named Weisselberg -know what I mean?”

Shaw Kenawe said...

The woman who defeated Liz Cheney is a lying liar just like the lying liar she worships:

"Liz Cheney humiliated the MAGAt candidate who defeated her in the Republican primary for falsely claiming that Liz didn’t call her to fully concede — by releasing an audio recording of the call proving that Liz conceded magnanimously."

In order to be a good Trumper, one must lie and be a deceitful s.o.b.

Hilary was correct, They. Ar. Deplorable.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, Dave M., Anon,

At this moment, the Trumpublican Party is ready to do away with our democratic republic and fundamentally change our country.

The very thing they accused Barack Obama of planning to do.

Anything Trump or his cultist accuse the Dems of doing, THEY ARE PLANNING to do themselves. It's projection and what fascists engage in.

Liz Cheney may have lost her seat to a conspiracy idiot, but take a look at the other contests around the country.

One very interesting contest is the Marco Rubio Val Demings contest. She's slightly ahead -- in FLORIDA!!! This is August and it's a long way to November. But DAMN! I never expected it to be close!!!!

Les Carpenter said...

Liars love liars. And those liars are indeed telegraphing what they are planning for this country when they overturn our fading democratic republic.

They are also proving ignorance plays well in America today. Look to their projections to know the future of this nation that is a free fall towards fascism.

Dave Miller said...

We used to hear where there's smoke, there's fire. Not so much anymore. Now we hear that law enforcement is biased against conservatives and Trump. Here's the totals of indictments, by Admin, since what we believed then was the most lawless Admin in US history.

In that regard, Trump really can crow that his Admin was the best in US history. He only had the best criminals available, and the biggest numbers, 215 indictments handed down. Not people mind you, because some ppl have been charged multiple times. But that just shows how great a criminal Paul Manafort is, racking up numerous indictments himself.

Trump - R — 58 - 215 (source dependent)
Obama - D — 0
Bush, W - R - 16
Clinton - D — 2
Bush, G - R - 1
Reagan - R — 26
Carter - D — 1
Ford - R - 1
Nixon - R — 76

Can anyone see a pattern here?

BTW, the group investigating these crimes is the FBI. Mostly white, mostly conservative and never ever headed up by a Dem. Only Republicans, no matter the admin. Go ahead, fact check me.

So let's not hear about FBI bias towards liberal admins.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw said... Liz Cheney may have lost her seat to a conspiracy idiot...

The first act after the "conspiracy idiot" won the GOP Primary was to lie about Liz Cheney and her concession call, saying Cheney never admitted defeat.

To which, of course Cheney, released the recording of the call, proving otherwise.

Act number 1 upon winning an election... LIE. So MAGA, So GOP.

possumlady said...

Have you seen this opinion article from Gary Abernathy that was in the Washington Post? He has come out and admitted the Republican party is not Liz Cheney's party anymore and telling everyone to just accept it...

Deal With It said...

How many criminalS does it take to make-up the Biden Admission?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Deal With It

No one in the Biden Administration has been criminally indicted.

You must be thinking about the corrupt Trump administration and Trump himself who's being investigated up the ying yang.

Nice try to deflect and lie. But it doesn't work on this blog.

Deal with that.

Dave Miller said...

Deal... if you're the same troll that posts at WYD, AKA the Stench Trench and AOW, you need a second act. One that includes facts, links and most importantly, proof.

I know it'll be hard for a FOXNews devotee, but give it a try.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I read the article you linked to.


I'm sure I'm not the only American who is unlikely to find common cause with the people who slavishly support Trump whose Big Lie instigated an insurrection so that he could illegally hold onto power.

Does Abernathy really believe we sane Americans should just forgive and forget the destruction of all political norms Trump has brought to this country?

Imagine if it had been a Democrat who perpetrated an immoral lie as big as Trump did in order to stay in power. We know that the QOP would be setting up a firing squad just about now to deal with the traitor who did such a despicable thing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M.

I read that, and thought "How Trumpian of her!" She's learned the Art of the Lie from a master.

Les Carpenter said...

Deal With It's profile picture tells one all they need to know. The attire gives it away . Crime family from NYC. Probably a Trump associate.y