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Sunday, August 7, 2022




Les Carpenter said...

Otherism at its egregious worst.

That is exactly the motivation, intent, and driving force of the white supremacists of America. To cast all those who do not look like, think like, or act like them as different and therefore evil and bad people.

They thrive on ignorance and hate. And they will not relent in their misson to keep America ignorant and hateful.

Mike said...

What a bunch of pinheads.

Anonymous said...

Dems To Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol COMBINED

What could possible go wrong with this administratilon in charge?

Anonymous said...

You worried Anon? You sound worried, bro.

possumlady said...

Sounds like Anonymous at 7:42 is "ascared" of being audited?

I'll tell you what is RIGHT about this Administration. According to Politico:
Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, anticipated this week, will make Biden one of the most legislatively successful presidents of the modern era.
— American Recovery Act: $1.9 trillion
— Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: $550 billion
— Chips and Science Act: $280 billion
— Inflation Reduction Act: ≈$700 billion
That’s a nearly $3.5 trillion agenda. The scope is equally impressive: the pandemic and its economic fallout, highways, bridges, broadband, rail, manufacturing, science, prescription drug prices, health insurance, climate change, deficit reduction and tax equity.

He also expanded NATO, passed a new gun safety law (after 30 years) and passed a bill to address the effects of vets exposed to toxic burn pits. Five out of seven of these laws — all but the two biggies, the American Recovery Act and Inflation Reduction Act — earned significant Republican support.

Les Carpenter said...

Less than when the Dluded One was in charge. That'sfor damn sure.

Les Carpenter said...

Correction - Deluded.