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Saturday, August 13, 2022

They were warned.

Files Seized From Trump Are Part of Espionage Act Inquiry 

The materials included some marked as top secret and meant to be viewed only in secure government facilities, according to a copy of the warrant.


The above is in addition to the ongoing J6 Congressional committee looking at Trump's involvement in the J6 insurrection -- the insurrection that caused the deaths of LEOs and injured 100+, and the insurrection where Trump said his vice president deserved to be hanged.




Shaw Kenawe said...

The written inventory — a document provided by investigators after a search — says the FBI took about 20 boxes of items from the Mar-a-Lago Club on Monday, including photo binders, information about the president of France, and a variety of classified material.

One set of documents is listed as “Various classified TS/SCI documents,” a reference to top secret/sensitive compartmented information, a highly classified category of government secrets, in addition to the four sets of top-secret papers. Agents also took three sets of documents classified as secret, and three sets of papers classified as confidential — the lowest level of classification.

Why did Trump do this?

PS. skud, in case you're reading this, there is no "whataboutism" in this theft of Top Secret files by Trump. No other ex-president has ever committed such a heinous crime against his own country. AGAIN!

Les Carpenter said...

Ole Dipsy Lindsey. First against him. Later one of his top sycophants singing his praises. No core, no integrity, can't be trusted. A face of the new Trumpublican cult.

Leanna said...

I read and love your blog but I rarely comment, except for the Alex Jones and the Stone texts bit two weeks ago.
Anywho, I have a strange feeling that the powers that be won't do anything but give the Orange Dickwad a slap on the wrists. Don't get me wrong, I want to see that rat bastard and the whole crime family do time for the rest of their lives. It's just that he has gotten away with stuff his whole life. What can they do? If they put him in prison he will get out if the repuglicans take over. They will most likely make him king if they could. I just hope the people out there who suffered with the rest of us remember what the last 4 years felt like under his rule and don't let this ever happen again.

Not Crazy Trumper said...

My favorite thing to do currently is agree with the Trumpy Bears. If the FBI knew Trump had illegal possession of TS/SCI files all this time they should have caved his face in with a rifle butt long before this week! Join me in calling for the death penalty of this spy!

Shaw Kenawe said...

"The warrant said the agents would be searching for material as they investigated potential violations of the Espionage Act, which outlaws the unauthorized retention of defense-related information that could harm the United States or aid a foreign adversary — a standard that was written by Congress before the creation of the modern classification system.

It also cited a federal law that makes it a crime to destroy or conceal a document to obstruct a government investigation, and another statute that bars the unlawful taking or destruction of government records or documents."

RN and NCT,

How can anyone, not just the Trumpers, continue to support this seditious traitor? He took top secret material that didn't belong to him. The guy who wouldn't read the PDBs because they were too long, stole top secret files! For what purpose? He's barely literate!

For what reason????

Shaw Kenawe said...

Leanna, I feel the same way.

But this latest news about him stealing top secret files is outrageous! Only spies would do such a thing. In fact, the DoJ cited the Espionage Act in the warrant!

I don't understand how any American can continue to support this treasonous crook, let alone hope he gets elected again!

30% of this country has lost its mind!

Mike said...

It's amazing how many repugs knew exactly what would happen if tRUMP got elected and then turned into sheeple when he did.

Les Carpenter said...

What we're now witnessing is actual potential treason by a former disgraced president. The fact that 30% or more of Americans still support this criminal is astounding. But it is why another civil war is not outside the realm of possibilty... Right now in this country.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Rational Nation USA, Mike

The problem is that Trump is only a symbol of the mental and emotional illness that many citizens now have.

Just as the GOP didn't convict Trump of seditious activities on Jan 6, 2021, it seems Americans don't want to witness the imprisonment of a former president; after all, putting him in jail for any assortment of crimes is an admission that the USA elected a felon as president back in 2016, a figure who makes a scoundrel like Boris Johnson look good. This is unbecoming of a Constitutional Republic, but more typical of a banana one.

Suggesting that jailing Trump will do more harm than good is nonsensical, because he is and will remain an corrupt figure whether free or behind bars. Thinking that any presidential records are somehow his property only exhibits his disregard for the rule of law and the American public, as does his parade of lies concerning the raid of his home.

Anonymous said...

This will get hairy. As president Trump can determine what documents are top secret, or not. His decision overrides the DOJ, or national security administrators. It's his say so as president and as president he does not have to inform anyone what he declared top secret, or not.

Ray Cranston said...


A federal judge has determined that there is probable cause to believe that a former president is guilty of espionage and that he was hiding documents in his Florida beach house related to that crime. Now, that same former president is radicalizing his followers to attack agents and agencies of the United States government, after failing an attempt to overthrow its government.

Who are the crazies who still support this traitor to the United States???

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon @2:51PM

According to experts who know more than you, constitutional powers authorizing a president to declassify documents don't apply to records classified as top-secret or higher.

Trump is a lawless, corrupt traitor to the United States of America. May his name live in infamy for all eternity.

possumlady said...

Another thing about declassifying documents from what I've read in The Washington Post. A President has to go to the head of the agency where the document originated to make sure it is okay to declassify and then there is paperwork to fill out and sign. How much do you want to bet that TFG never asked anyone and certainly didn't sign, let alone fill out any paperwork.

Who would ever think that a President could just willy nilly declassify documents on his own with no input from anyone?

BluebullAmerica said...

Yo 'anon' (hi farmer), No president, including Trump can declassify items in his possession without going through the proper processes. Those include logging the declassification at the time it's done and then having the item(s) stamped as 'Declassified". The garbage you guys are trying desperately to pedal simply isn't even laughable and, if you knew a single thing about how our government works, you'd be embarrassed for trying to spread such horse manure.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Roshan Rinaldi
MSNBC confirms that the “Espionage Act” being used in the warrant means that there was evidence that Trump had actually transferred information to a third party.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... why are we even talking about this?

Does anyone seriously think presidents Truman, Eisenhower,Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, either Bush, Clinton or Obama would ever be using a defense that they had declassified top secret documents to fend off charges of compromising US National Security?

We've all had disagreements in the past with all of our post atomic bomb presidents. But never, never did we think we would see what we are seeing today with Former President Trump. A former president with nuclear secrets, and sigint, as if that stuff is not important.

And then his party excusing these actions.

And yet, we still have ppl back door justifying his actions with bouts of bothsiderism, snark that others were just as bad, and calling it all made up.

Because the alternative to so many, that they were duped and voted for a narcissistic dolt is too hard to accept.

Grey One talks sass said...

As I read multiple reactions to how/why Trumpsters act the way they do it occurs to me that I have a perspective most do not, specifically I lived in and successfully escaped a cult.

1. As an 'other' I've been fighting Christian Nationalists since before I was Grey (mostly relatives who condemned me to hell before I understood what hell was all about.

2. There is a substantial number of American citizens who've been carefully groomed to accept without question whatever their Voice of Authority says (started out as religious leaders then morphed into pastor vetted media personalities).

3. Generations of citizens grew up being told they are super special and anyone not in their specific flavor of faith are an enemy who is working hard to take everything the special chosen people have accrued.

4. There is a mindset amongst Christian Nationalists and White Supremacists (but I repeat myself) that they and only they are allowed to tell others what to do. No one is allowed to tell them anything except for except their cherished Voices of Authority. It's a natural progression of the phrase "There are a select few who are protected but not bound by the law while all others are bound but not protected by the law".

5. Once a person is enveloped in the closed bubble of information it's easy to maintain and ramp up the brainwashing - that they are the persecuted humans of their favored ideation of deity while the rest of us are demons fit only to die (horribly if the Apocalypse pron I've been subjected to is accurate).

2016 was a perfect storm and those of us who saw it coming are weary of the empty I told you so phrase for now all things are crashed and it will take a metric ton of work to set things correct.

So here we are with 30% of the population believing to their core that the rest of us are demons coming for them. Based on the amped up responses to the legitimate serving of a federal warrant things won't get better until blood is spilled. This isn't my desire but it is what the GQP keeps telling their base. Death is coming, it just won't be like the GQP imagines.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From a friend on Facebook:

When Eisenhower was writing his memoirs. He was not allowed to take classified documents home. He could only view them at a guarded. Secure facility at a military base. The same applies today, especially with Top Secret SCi documents, no matter who you are. The only president to violate this, to my knowledge is that Traitor Trump, allowing foreign nationals to see and discuss them. Sergei Lavrov and other Russians were shown documents exposing American agents. Such documents are, according to Michael Beschloss, too top secret for even a president to declassify on His own. And all the while screaming about Hillarys emails. It's criminal to allow such a dangerous criminal madman to continue to subvert our country and its government. Life in prison is too lenient for him and his Nazi supporters.—G.G.

Disgusted with the Trumpers said...

"Trump despises this country: He is livid that the electorate denied him the luxury of a second term, where Trump could continue his blatant grift and fly around in the ‘great, great Air Force One, folks.’ He hates that he was impeached twice, and he can’t stand the fact that people of color hold positions of power and many are infinitely more successful than he is. And he certainly can’t process the fact that immigrants are human beings, as are LGBTQ citizens, and the ‘radical Left, folks.’

So it’s no wonder that he stole boxes and boxes of classified material (which he now claims he ‘declassified,’ which is a boon to historians who often have to wait years or entire lifetimes to view them). As if the crimes associated with this latest round of felonious larceny aren’t enough, wait until the powers that be (that includes the Fourth Estate) uncover the other reason for this rank theft: Trump planned to or already has sold America’s most coveted secrets to our adversaries, namely Vladimir Putin, and probably Saudi Arabia (deep pockets there). If he can’t monetize something, it’s not worth having.

So don’t feel special if Trump has thrown you under the bus. He is in the process of throwing the entire country — if not the world — under the bus. That’s who he is. We let him get this far, and if he’s not thrown in Leavenworth for a century or left to swing in the wind, then we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass, Dave M.

What seems to be going unsaid or even unnoticed amid all of this is what, if anything, has been done with these documents during the more than a year and half that the ex-president had them under his control. Seriously, would you put anything past him? To whom has he already sold classified information, and at what price? Does anyone seriously think that all of this classified material has sat in some closet all of this time? These documents were STOLEN for a reason. Trump doesn't say or do anything without his own self-interest in mind, and that includes betraying his country by stealing and selling/trading classified information

But, I have seen and heard far too much since 2016 from what was once the "Republican Party" and the cult of Trump to believe for one minute that he will ever spend a day behind bars. Even if he is found guilty of some or all of the traitorous, treasonous, lying and stealing offenses he can be charged with, I don't think it will happen.

35% (give or take a few points) of our population worships him and CANNOT connect the dots between him and the end of our Republic as we know it. Many would lay their lives on the line to keep him safe from what they see as "socialists" on the left. And who has most of the AR -15s and other assault weapons? Hint, not Democrats.

So what's left? The military? I don't think we have the guts or the will to ensure this person pays for his crimes. The best I can hope for is guilty sentences and probation for the rest of his corrupt, miserable life, and/or perhaps a brave judge somewhere stripping him of his right to ever run for elected office again.

Anonymous said...

Deny all you want but trump is a traitor. We all warned you. It’s the core of his being to f**k over other people. He’s a lying sick manipulative con and lifelong fraud and cheat. It’s been documented in court (foundation, university, casino money laundering) for decades. Wake up

Trumpers Are Traitors said...

Just heard on Face The Nation there is a plot afoot to explode a dirty bomb in front of FBI HQ in DC. The FBI agents involved in the search have been doxed by DJT.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ex-official who investigated Hillary Clinton's emails said the documents recovered by the FBI at Trump's Mar-a-Lago were particularly 'stunning' and 'egregious'

Just another "little bit of rowdiness?"

Les Carpenter said...

Trump's old man Fred must have been an even more miserable POS to have turned out the insecure narcissistic POS that is the vessel known as Big Don the Con. And... America's 65%-70% have to now pay the price for Fred not keeping it in pants.

Dave Miller said...

Here's a worthy read. From a libertarian involved in US security with a clearance of some level.

The post stands alone as very informative. But a deep dive into the links will blow your mind and shed a million rays of light on Trump, the documents he had and the implications.