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Friday, August 5, 2022

More disturbing news on the Trump Administration's lost texts!


Are you sitting down? Now an even more astounding "coincidence": has now reported that Pentagon "wiped phones of key officials in the Trump administration, so January 6 texts were deleted, according to court filings."

“The cell phones of several key defense department and U.S. Military officials were wiped of important info at the end of the Trump administration Including text messages from January 6th”

You know how the Trumpublicans accuse the Dems/Liberals of being the "Deep State?"  How the hell could this happen (it's a crime) EXCEPT through a "Deep State" conspiracy -- A Trumpian Deep State Conspriacy!

Days ago we learned that the the Secret Service wiped their phones of evidence during the J6 insurrection as well as certain individuals in the Pentagon, and now we know that the phones of "key officials in the Trump administration" were also wiped clean of evidence. It's almost as though these Trumpers didn't want anyone to know what crimes they were committing!

This is an old-fashioned conspiracy to cover up egregious crimes in the Trump administration.

(Remember the Trumpers' "Lock Her Up!" screams and "Hunter's Laptop!" chants. Meanwhile, the Trump crime syndicate was up to their eyeballs in criminal activity. It's pretty clear that they believed the punishments for keeping the texts would have been far worse than wiping them.)

From Democratic Underground:

We went from “I can’t vote for that lady because she once used a private email server” to “literally everyone in this administration has illegally deleted their official texts” in four short years


Les Carpenter said...

Everything the Trump adminisreation accused others of (criminal activity) they ingaged in in spades.

The worst most corrupt US administration in modern history. Yet there remain millions of numbnuts who continue to support evil that was and is Trump.

Mike said...

And yet the Trumpublicans STILL talk about Hunter Biden. They have no shame.

BluebullAmerica said...

If this had happened under Clinton or Obama or Biden these little hypocritical weasels would be screaming at the top of their lungs, as would I. The only difference is that, when it's a fellow Republiscumbag doing the criminal activity, somehow, magically, they find a way to excuse it, or to toss it back at the Democrats, somehow.

Anonymous said...

Hint, Trump is not our President.

BluebullAmerica said...

For which the whole world is eternally grateful.

Grey One talks sass said...

Anonymous at 10:53 am

I know!! And yet the twice impeached definitely defeated former guy will not shut up, won't stop holding rallies, and will not go away!!! You'd think with all the evidence coming to light he'd at least keep his mouth shut but I guess that's a bridge too far.

I'm totes waiting with a worm on my tongue for season two of the J6 committee hearings and hope they introduce all the discoveries found on Alex Jones phone. Must see tv, amirite?

(Anon, I know you meant to be snarky like why are you still talking about him but there's a couple of things - first, this isn't your blog so why are you trying to tell others what to do? And second - I will never stop talking about the twice impeached, defeated former guy until he and his cohort are facing the consequences of their actions. Never.)

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass,

Good answer. Couldn’t have said it better. Anon sounds like he/she is afraid of all the illegalities the J6 Committee is uncovering on TFG, the most corrupt, lying demagogue this country ever produced.

At the very least, we know how many suckers we have in this country.

Les Carpenter said...

What anon ought to be concerned with is those very illegalities would eventually be aimed at her/him.

The Trumpists are as blind to relity as theyare history.