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Thursday, August 25, 2022

"With Liberty and Justice for Some."


Absolutely sickening but it happens all too often. A Black woman enrolled her daughter in school using her parents’ home address; she got a five-year prison sentence. 

Actress Felicity Huffman paid a huge bribe to get her daughter into a Ivy League university.  She got 14 days.


Dave Miller said...

Crystal Mason, a black woman in Texas who filled out a provisional ballot in the 2016 election, not knowing if she was eligible, was arrested for election fraud and sentenced to five years in prison.

Fmr member of Congress and Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who is white, registers to vote in three states and is cited for election fraud for registering in North Carolina, at a house where he did not live, gets no time, no punishment.

Election fraud worriers cheered the verdict in Texas with Mason but strangely, had nothing to say about Meadows.

skudrunner said...

That's NYC for you. Who said anything about the justice system being fair. Cold cock a guy waiting for a train and get released. spit of the sidewalk and go to jail. This supports the dems actions to defund the police. Now they need to defund the DA's office and the courts.

What is going to happen when we release all those collage students from grandmas basement. All of those kids with extra cash will just be future victims. Do you know where I can apply for tuition reimbursement. I don't know why I shouldn't get the money just because I am not rich and went to college not trade school.

Wait for college tuition to raise just the same as the EV's once the government gave away money to buy votes.

Les Carpenter said...

White privilege AND money. The dynamic duo!

Mike said...

@skud - Defund the police is about sending a mental health person to a call about a mental health problem, not sending the police with guns drawn. This has been explained too many times for you not to get it.

possumlady said...

"What is going to happen when we release all those collage students from grandmas basement. All of those kids with extra cash will just be future victims. Do you know where I can apply for tuition reimbursement. I don't know why I shouldn't get the money just because I am not rich and went to college not trade school."

To that I will quote part of a satire piece from Alexandra Petri:
"DISGUSTING! AWFUL! I have just received word that life is getting marginally better for some people, and I am white-hot with fury! This is the worst thing that could possibly happen! I did not suffer and strive and work my fingers to the bone so that anybody else could have a life that does not involve suffering and striving and the working of fingers to the bone. I demand to see only bones and no fingers!

Every time anyone’s life improves at all, I personally am insulted. Any time anyone devises a labor-saving device, or passes some kind of weak, soft-hearted law that forecloses the opportunity for a new generation of children to lose fingers in dangerous machinery, I gnash my teeth. This is an affront to everyone who struggled so mightily. To avoid affronting them, we must keep everything just as bad as ever. Put those fingers back into the machines, or our suffering will have been in vain.

I am not opposed to this student loan forgiveness plan because I fear it won’t ease the suffering of millions; I am opposed to it because I fear that it will.

I fought uphill battles and squinted into the night and toiled and burdened myself in the hope that my children, one day, would also get to work exactly that hard, if not harder, and suffer at least as much as I did, and have, if the Lord allows, lives worse than mine. God, please make their lives worse!"

Les Carpenter said...

Nice word salad skud.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... let's not forget that it's the GOP that is calling to defund the FBI.

It is the GOP that is lying about the use of the additional money for the IRS, saying it'll be 87000 armed agents with AR 15's coming to your door.

You are either purposely staying away from the truth when you speak of Defund the Police movements within the left, as they speak of repurposing that $$$ to better serve ppl and yet have no snarly condemnation for the GOP and their current views.

skudrunner said...

PL, I think you have a good point. Why should we make people uphold their obligations and commitments. Making collage students pay off their loans is cruel and it is much better to pass that debt onto kids who went to work or started a business or became a plumber instead of taking out a loan to get a degree in liberal arts and then can't get a good paying job to pay it off. Great plan, make those middle class kids who work hard responsible for the collage loans of others that is true compassion on your part.

What give away is biden planning next to buy votes. I'm sure it will be a doozer because he is raising in the polls to 40% so he should feel embolden.

Anonymous said...

It's not only black people who do not get justice in America.

Dave Miller said...

Hey Skud... I assume you are snippy towards president Trump for signing PPP during the pandemic?

Lots of GOP Congress critters now decrying a break for students, even calling loan forgiveness immoral, took those "loans" and forgiveness with open eyes.

Were they immoral and cheaters too?

Asking for a friend.

This stuff is complicated and not given to quick binary solutions, but you go buddy. Just like the rest of the ppl living in either/or land.

possumlady said...

You know if Biden were giving away money to buy votes, I'd much rather that money went to those that actually needed it rather than when trump and the republicans in congress bought votes with the 2017 tax cut that helped the rich and the fat cat corporations.

I do agree with one thing. I do believe the $10,000 loan forgiveness should be for every type of post secondary education, whether it is for college, trade school, or certification program.

skudrunner said...

Rev, I am not against helping people as PPP did but this is a true case of buying votes. What we are teaching kids is you are not responsible for your actions and there is no reason to honor a commitment. This money could be used to hire teachers, help the homeless, complete the wall on the Southern border or help people in need. For Ray Ban joey to say he is for the working class is truly a joke. Money to buy a 70K battery car and pay college tuition does little to help Joe the plumber who pays all his debts because he is responsible.

I paid off my collage so now I am suppose to pay off someone else's, good plan. I did take a positive step and tried to use the $10,000 owed me on a down payment for a Tesla but they wouldn't take it.

PL, I agree the tax code favors the rich. Who is responsible for the tax code >>>>>Congress<<<<<. Why is it so complicated and unfair if they could change it, because they are part of the elite RICH class so why should they.

BluebullAmerica said...

I see Skidmark is wearing his Mean Girls outfit again. Poor baby, the jealousy is palpable.

Dave Miller said...

Skud, it is being used to help people, middle and lower class people in need.

I'm curious, why was PPP not also buying votes?

You seem to belong to the group of people that see tax cuts for the wealthy and programs like PPP, which primarily helped "small business owner", by definition, not low income people, or farm subsidies as justified expenses, and not designed to appeal to specific voters.

But the moment we help the guy on the low rung of the ladder, it's not worth our time, or money. I gotta ask why?

BTW, I have no idea why your 70K battery cluelessness is even in this discussion of helping with college tuition.

Dave Miller said...

Let's dive a little deeper here.

You see Skud, I understand you believe people should pay their bills and if they take out loans, pay them off. Fiscal responsibility and all that.

Which is well and good, except in a society such as ours, where some ppl, like Donald Trump, can welch on their bills, stiff creditors and then file bankruptcy, start all over and do it again. Time and time again.

So forgive me, and the rest of us, if we don't share your disgust because folks who make less than 125k and are struggling to pay their bills, get a little relief.

Because you see, this is one time, finally, when the real lower and middle classes get some relief. Real relief. Not all of us, but a lot of us.

But you go on acting as if only the votes of us libs are bought and paid for. Unlike those of the fat cats who never get their policy wishes attended to.

So one sided.

skudrunner said...

Rev, I assume you are just kidding when you say we are helping the guy on the low rung of the ladder and helping lower and middle class people in need, that statement is preposterous. By transferring the debt of a student to someone else is that really a good thing. Maybe they can use that 10K for a longer spring break or a bigger toga party. When the government gave $7500 if you buy a battery car guess what, battery cars went up about $7000. Tuition and fees for collages are absurd and getting worse every year. If george soros or Dave Miller want to contribute millions to a college fund that is their right but for the government to seize my money to pay for my neighbors kid's college education just seems like overreach. If they are going to buy votes then they need to look at kids going to the trades. We need airline pilots and truck drivers, lets pay for training.

One thing not brought up about paying for college is get a job, I know that goes against all common wisdom but some of us did that. If you graduate from collage and have a huge debt with no job to pay the debt, seems like you either selected the wrong career path or should have worked to reduce the debt.

Les Carpenter said...

The same o l d o l d.

All factions of our society have their special interests. Always have, likely always will.

Special interests are driven by ego centeredness fueled by ignorance.

Both cons and libs, as well all other persuasions of politics suffer from it.

But maybe, with a lot of luck and diligence, the generation of our grandchildren and great grandchildren will finally get it right.

My guess skud is a whole lot more folks find themselves in agreement with Dave's thoughtful position rather than yours. Hopefully the trend continues.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"By transferring the debt of a student to someone else is that really a good thing."

Funny how upset people get over debt forgiveness for students, but have nothing to say about debt forgiveness for wealthy members of Congress who accepted PPP loans.

Funny how these same people have nothing to say about the Trump permanent tax relief legislation for billionaires (not middle class taxpayers) which added TRILLIONS to our debt.

But help some Americans with crushing student loans given by usurious lenders -- well that's a bridge too far!

"10K for a longer spring break or a bigger toga party."

This is what mean-spirited folks like to say when they think some poor person is getting help. Remember food stamps and the critics wailing about them buying steaks and champagne?! Yeah. It's amazing to many of us how we never hear them criticize the billionaires getting huge tax breaks and privileges, but it's always the middle to poor classes that get slammed for any help they get from the government.

"...but for the government to seize my money to pay for my neighbors kid's college education just seems like overreach."

Again, I've never heard these scolds talk about government seizing their money to give to billionaires and corporations who are subsidized! They've been brain-washed to hate it ONLY when middle class and poor people get financial help from the government. Nice work.

Les Carpenter said...

Until all folks realize their true nature Shaw, and begin to act on that basis consistently, nothing much is going to change.

Of course change is something cons in paticular find unsettling, unnerving, and frightening. Woner why that is.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud wrote (among other things) "I paid off my collage(**) so now I am suppose to pay off someone else's, good plan. I did take a positive step and tried to use the $10,000 owed me on a down payment for a Tesla but they wouldn't take it."

How long ago did you pay off your loans skud? Because I've read what you wrote and while I think you are trying for snark your tone is so off key that my dog started to howl just from my reading your posts.

Of course you're against someone who is crushed under debt getting something you think you deserve. As you've stated time and again you are a successful small business owner. Happy for you. That said the fact you can't bear anyone who wasn't so privileged to get some help... well, your Jesus talked about people like you and he wasn't very complimentary, just saying.

Since the announcement I've been swimming in the Twittersphere watching videos of kids crying for happiness because their debt balance was zeroed out by the program. Now they don't have to balance food against their loan payment. Now they can use the monies to purchase things which in turn stimulates the economy.

I've read story after story of humans who paid faithfully for years but because of the obscene interest rates they haven't been able to touch the principle. Years they've paid skud. Years.

Also - if the rational to be used is specific legislation benefiting specific humans equals votes purchased then the billion dollar tax break which you skud were very much in favor of if my memory is correct, also means votes purchased but somehow you are ok with the rich getting richer.

Not a good look for you skud.

(**)collage - most people went to college. You apparently did arts and crafts. (now that's snark!!)

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, The debt is being shifted from the borrower to the taxpayer. It is not forgiven just transferred.

I have seen the republicans go from the the party of the middle class to the party of the lunatics and the democrat party go from the party of the working class to the party of the rich and entitled.

Quite a switch

Dave Miller said...

Skud... I can't even respond to your rant today, because you seem unhinged, even for you.

Where is this $7500.00 car battery thing coming from? Are we giving car batteries to students? Loan holders? How is it related?

Look, I'll just say quickly, using your outlook, I guess i could single out things the feds pay for with MY taxes, that I'm not especially happy about. Like you clowns living in the south who need federal help with floods. Year after hurricane year.

Why don't you all just pull yourselves up by the bootstraps and get some Bounty or Brawny paper towels and sop all the water up yourselves? After all, if your states are too irresponsible to save up money to care for rainy days, why should the rest of us have to sacrifice for you?

And in a nutshell, that's the conservative argument... mine, mine, mine.

We're in this together, to promote the general welfare of all people living here.

How does that show in your attitude towards taxes, loan repayment, FEMA bailouts, etc.?

Les Carpenter said...

I feel your suffering skud. It must be immense. Because you can't seem to find it anywhere in your your heart/mind to be happy for those who are struggling mightily to pay off their crushing school loan debt(s).

I assume skud that you, like me, went to college when you could get a college degree for approx . 5 grand per year or about $20, 000. Times changed. It costs that mucb and more these days. Unless your born with a golden spoon in your mouth its getting damn near impossible to afford a decent education anymore. And therein lies the real problem. One I would love to hear your take on skud.

skudrunner said...

Rev, A couple of corrections in your post and I mean no offense. It is y'all not you all, I would think someone from the SW would know that. The government is all about giving money to the rich including the tax break trump gave. Pay their college debt and give a tax credit of $7500 to buy a battery car. The college credit is trying to buy the vote of our youth. The true party of privilege comes through.

RN, I came out of college with zero debt because I used my savings and worked all through it. I paid, I think, 1700 a semester plus R&B, books and fees came to about $5000 per year so about 20K. That is the equivalent of $153,000 today or $39,000 per year. Tuition at Ohio State is 17K per year and double that for R&B, Fees and books so $35,000 per year. I did undergrad at a state school and was making 3.25 an hour. I have a great deal of compassion for those who apply themselves. I also feel there is an overemphasis in going to college. Everyone needs a skill just not a degree. You were in manufacturing so you know there is a real need for machinists, electricians and other trades. Why don't they get help, is it because they are union and support democrats so why bother to buy their vote.