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Friday, January 6, 2023



The newest lying liar Trumpublican who lied about his own mother's death TWICE did this today when voting for Kevin McCarthy:

“Newly elected freshman Rep. George Santos (R-NY) flashed the white power symbol as he voted for House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy in the 10th round of voting for Speaker of the House on the 3rd day of Congress.”

Disgraced felon, Michael Flynn:

Zina Bash flashed it several times during the Kavanaugh hearings, so there's that.

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Les Carpenter said...

First i heard of this. I Goggled "white power symbol" and sure nuff, Santos did a semi close facsimile of the two hand symbol used in California. Now we know. Maybe.

While meditating i place both of my hands on my knees and the thumb and forefinger form a circle on my lap. Continuous circles symbolizing inclusion and acceptance of all sentient beings. Bar none.

People are not the problem. Ignorance and greed is. Sadly many folks are unable to see this and therefore they are unable to grow.