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Thursday, January 26, 2023

"...lunacy out there..."


I found this posted on Democratic Underground. All I know about the guy who wrote this is that he's from Philadelphia and currently lives on the Jersey Shore. 

We have I believe close to 340 million people living in this nation. In this era of billions and trillions the concept of a relatively “low” number like 340 million is not fully understood.It is in fact, a vast sea of people with every possible combination, genetic make up, mental capabilities and incapabilities, physical appearance, emotional disturbance, and everything and anything else that can possibly fit into the pool. 

 Thus, it is not shocking that a six-year-old would bring a gun to school . What might be shocking is that it doesn’t happen more often that we know of, and the fact that this Junior miscreant shot his teacher is horrifying, but in a world filled with random behaviors, almost expected at some point in the huge bell curve of behaviors. What is hard to believe is the story that no fewer than four reports of this child possessing this firearm were entertained by the administration, and a police officer was not called, the school was not locked down, the child was not searched along with his backpack and his desk, and all the other protocols which should be associated with the presence of a weapon in a school building. 

 It is the sheer idiocy of the administrators, and believe me, I have known many who rival this cadre of morons, who, for whatever reason did not do “the right thing“. But shock? Absolutely not… The level of utter disregard for common sense, for convention, for morality is low to nonexistent in a fair percentage of the population. The whole thing is a disgrace, and quite frankly if it were up to me, I would put some of these people in jail for disregarding a clear warning sign. 

 Now, let me tell you the reason why this upsets me enormously: when I was 14 I made the mistake in school of talking to this young lady who is a year ahead of me, but in my drama group , while we were getting ready to perform in a play. Her erstwhile psycho boyfriend saw me talking to her at length, and a day later, while walking on the campus was abducted, taken behind a wall, and I am not fabricating this or joking, placed the edge of a switchblade to my neck for no less than 10 minutes while screaming at me about how I was trying to steal his girlfriend and did I want to die. Of course, I was too afraid to report this, but it did get back to the faculty who did… absolutely nothing to this guy. The long and the short of it was that he and his equally insane brother eventually burned down their adoptive parents’ house, which contained countless valuable artworks, which had been collected over two or three generations. Rarely do I smile when I hear of someone’s death, but I did read that each of these boys, as older men, had died, and a wave of relief flooded through me because to tell you the truth, I was always afraid that this insane human being would think perhaps to look me up and kill me just because. 

 Anyone who thinks that this cannot happen is not paying attention. There is enough lunacy out there, starting with the very young and ending with the very old. I am tired of faux outrage and shock. This country, despite all the rosy pictures painted by the mass media, is filled with people who, if given a chance, would commit a capital crime if they thought they could get away with it. In this case, this kid who shot his teacher and threatened his classmate started young."


Infidel753 said...

Obviously a case of staggering incompetence all around. Many mass shootings are difficult to prevent because shooters are able to plan ahead to acquire weapons and conceal what they intend to do, but that wasn't the case here. It should have been prevented.

The case of the two psycho brothers is more revealing. Authorities have a tendency to go easy on violent adolescents if they possibly can -- so the behavior goes unchecked until something really disastrous, or deadly, happens. They did that guy no favors by taking no action after he had threatened another student's life (and such a person presents an obvious possible danger to the ex-girlfriend, too). We need to stop ignoring such obvious warning signs.

Les Carpenter said...

When a society places its valubirds on material wealth, status, self interest and power, at the expense of understanding, compassion, and love, just what do we think we should expect to experience?

What we are doing and have been doing simply isn't working. Perhaps it's time to take a step back and settle. Here's a metaphor that helps me when the ego raises its unsettling energy... Rest like an old towering oak tree with birds nesting and feeding.

Les Carpenter said...

Values... not valubirds. (Whatever they are)... damn auto correct.