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Thursday, January 12, 2023

George Santos: The Grift That Keeps On Giving



" The Mysterious, Unregistered Fund That Raised Big Money for Santos 

A review of records and newly uncovered documents reveals that efforts to elect George Santos may have run afoul of campaign finance rules." 

Via Vox:  "On Wednesday, it was revealed that he lied to Republican officials about playing on a championship-winning volleyball team at Baruch College — not only did Santos not play on the team, he did not attend Baruch College. 

The New York Times also published a copy of the résumé that Santos had circulated when running for office, which included false claims about his college education and employment history."

Kevin McCarthy to grant George Santos* committee assignments despite national security concerns.

*George Santos, a Republican Liar, Cheat, and Fraud, was fraudulently elected to Congress from New York's 3rd Congressional district. Everything he claimed about himself and family was a blatant lie.

The Squeaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy thinks this Liar, Cheat, and Fraud should have committee assignments because McCarthy is a cojonesless weakling who is afraid of his own caucus.

NY Republican leaders and lawmakers call on GOP Rep. George Santos to resign over campaign liesHouse Republicans from New York joined state and local GOP leaders in calling for Santos to step down less than a week after he officially took office.

George Santos Took Donation From Migrant-Smuggler


Serial liar and border-hardliner George Santos accepted support from an Italian caught piloting a yacht full of Chinese migrants and from his prominent restaurant-owning family.

Here's the Liar, Cheat, and Fraud's answer to his fellow Republicans from New York:

"I was elected to serve the people of #NY03 not the party & politicians, I remain committed to doing that and regret to hear that local officials refuse to work with my office to deliver results to keep our community safe and lower the cost of living. I will NOT resign!"

Hey, Santos, everything out of your mouth has been a LIE. So we look forward to your resignation from the office you fraudulently took from the people of New York's 3rd Congressional district.


Les Carpenter said...

It's the new normal for many republican congress critters and senators.

The Party of Lincoln is dead. The party of tRump is the party of graft, lies, cheats, and crooks.

Yet America keeps electing the ego maniacs and accepting the results.

3 years after J6 2021 and tRump still walks the streets of America. The lying insurrectionist should be in a federal pen and his f'ing sycophants in congress who supported the shit deserve to be in prison as well.

But instead here we are. A nation in political decline as we gave the house to the worst in America. The idiots of the gop with their hair on fire.

Oy Vey

Les Carpenter said...

The magic #. By is own words Santos said if 142 republicans asked him to resign he would.

Another deflection soon to become another lie?

Paula said...

What hasn't run afoul with this dumpster fire of a human being?

And yet Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA Republicans still support Santos, continuing to prove that no moral debasement is too low for the GQP.

Anonymous said...

Watching McCarthy in his first news conference is to see a moron at work. He's simply evil. Like his mentor tRump the jackass.

Anonymous said...

To listen to McCarthy is to listen to more of the same from the party of lies. tRump still has his sycophants in the government and the a-holes will continue to push the agenda of the Orange Turd. As a result America will standstill at best. No forward progress while the morons of the gop keep working to drag America back to the days of The Robber Barrons.

Truly, the gop is the national party of ignorance and abject greed.

Anonymous said...

The morons if the con party are pushing bills that would make abortion and the use of the abortion pill illegal. Across the board. IOW's denying again the right of women to control their own reproductive rights.
These throwbacks to the days of trogs will not be happy until we're firmly and completely under control of authoritarian religionists.

Dave Miller said...

Off topic, but important. Our current AG, appointed by a Democratic president just named a special counsel to determine if charges are warranted in the case of Biden having classified documents at his offices and residences.

That's exactly what should happen in normal US politics. In this case, White House lawyers found the docs, and immediately alerted the proper governmental groups in control. Then the DOJ appointed a Trump appointed judge to review everything so as to show everyone government is supposed to work.

That judge recommended a special counsel, which AG Garland appointed.

This is how the system is supposed to work. Bi-partisan, efficiently and transparently. And it is exactly what GOP leaders called for in this case, but maligned when it was suggested for Trump.

You've got to wonder why the GOP thinks we need a special counsel for Biden, but not for Trump. Even as Dems applaud the move as warranted, even handed and designed to bolster confidence in the rule of law.

And in all of this, President Biden has never claimed Executive Privilege, lied that he declassified everything, lied and said he didn't have the docs, tried to sue to avoid handing them over.

Nothing of the sort.

Again, this is how adults govern.

Fed Up said...

McCarthy kicks Adam Schiff off congressional committees and brings on George Santos. That kind of typifies slimeball McCarthy and the corrupt GOP.

Anonymous said...

The present gop has amassed the most useless body of ignorant corrupt legislators in modern history. Hands down!

skudrunner said...

Rev, No offense but he had no choice except to appoint a special council. Do you really believe that his lawyers found the documents while they were moving his office. Somehow paying a shyster $500 an hour to move boxes is a little over the top.

Why are any top secret documents allowed to leave the federal facility by anyone. Why did it take 6 plus years to find these. I do agree joey b's people did the right thing but it is pretty astounding that they sat in a garage for over six years before they were found. I thought joey b stammered through the press conference today especially without his wife a his side to keep him from going off script.

Les Carpenter said...

Hey skud. Have an exercise for you. Hold a sheet of paper. Look deeply into that sheet of paper. See if you can see a cloud.

Take as much time as you need.

Mike said...

Santos saw tRUMP do it and thought "Why not!"

Dave Miller said...

Skud asked... "Why are any top secret documents allowed to leave the federal facility by anyone. Why did it take 6 plus years to find these."

The first question is 100% fair. I think the answer is this... they are not "allowed to leave." But sometimes they do, either on purpose [with intent] or by accident [without intent].

And then when it is discovered those papers are missing, or not where they are supposed to be, they are to be returned. And if they are, in a timely fashion, it has long been "no harm, no foul."

Because sometimes, as the former trump Admin pointed out, in the haze of vacating the White House, sometimes these papers or documents just get tossed in boxes by well meaning assistants.

It's happened numerous time over the last few administrations.

President Biden and his Admin, so far have done what other presidents have done, prior to Trump. They have worked with the National Archives staff to secure the docs and get them back where they belong.

As you said, Joey B's ppl "did the right thing."

So even with a special counsel, this will end up being a big nothing burger, because there seems, at this time, to be no intent to deceive, lie or stonewall the return of the documents. Something Trump cannot claim in his case.

Shaw Kenawe said...

And here's Rep. Steve Scalise, who self-identified as "David Duke without the baggage," wondering why the FBI didn't "raid" President Biden for the missing docs:

Steve Scalise

There’s always a double standard.
, where’s the raid of Biden’s garage?

Why would they “raid” Biden’s garage when he is fully cooperating?

The DOJ worked with Trump for a year, asking him to return the materials.

He refused, insisting they were “his," moving docs to different locations in the house. That’s why Trump’s home was searched (not “raided”).

The Trumpublicans are NOT honest players. They're trying to make President Biden's mishandling of document the same as what Trump did.

But the two incidents are NOT the same.

Scalise and his ilk are dishonest, dissembling, disrupters who don't care about the truth, only in making noise, hoping their cultists will believe their lies.

Anonymous said...

Scum is alive and well. It is concentrated i the gop.

skudrunner said...

Rev, You say no foul because no one saw them but can you be sure that is true. After all picasso biden had access to the garage and was working with china. This is what our elected elite do instead of their job. Spend millions on investigating for no real reason, demand a female dress code, ban a word not be used, which BTW Ms Shaw is not exclusive to the republicans, and figure out ridiculous ways to spend our money and get more.

Anonymous said...

Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth. The fascists if the gop's mantra. They live it daily.

Dave Miller said...

Circling back to Biden and his papers.

Again Skud mischaracterized what I said, so maybe I wasn't clear. Any person possessing any government documents that are to be stored in the National Archives, or are classified or top secret has done wrong. The criminality of that and whether a case can be made is up to prosecutors. They will charge if they believe the offense has risen above the level of no harm, no foul.

Wrong is wrong and accidents are accidents. But neither of those, independent of intent, seemingly clear in Trump's case, not clear in Biden's case, are crimes.

For possession to be a crime, there has to be intent to steal and conceal.

Dave Miller said...

As for Biden and the docs, this is, in his words, a big deal. Charges or not, this will be a stain on his presidency and could cost him the 2024 nomination, should he decide to run.

But let's be clear, the GOP is of course playing politics with this. Why the need for hearings and a Congressional investigation of Biden who willingly is returning the papers after he himself and his ppl notified the government that they had found the papers? Especially after the same ppl heading up these investigations are on record saying Trump did nothing wrong when he admittedly took top secret papers with him and has fought efforts to get them back?

Tell us Skud... is there a double standard?

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for double standards,Trumpers would have no standards at all.

Anonymous said...

Double Standards are the gop's modus operandi. Has been for at least the last 15 years. Will continue for the foreseeable future. Until the working class in the rank and file gop realize they've been hoodwinked for years.

Dave Miller said...

I guess at the end of the day, at least as it relates to documents from any administration, it comes down this...

Carelessness, no matter how mad it makes us, is not a crime. Not for Hillary, not for Trump and not for Biden. Openly taking documents or misusing them is. Just ask Sandy Berger and David Petraeus.

Then we get into what happens when you, as someone possessing secret documents, gets the letter from the government that you have the docs, or you discover that you have them.

According to the law, what you do at that moment, to rectify your carelessness, is key. If you return everything, without a fight, as requested, it shows no ill will, or intent. Just an initial carelessness, but not willful stealing, concealing or misuse.

And that seems to be where we are. VP Biden was careless. With top secret documents. To me, that disqualifies him from running for the presidency again. Was it a crime? Nope, because as we have seen, his actions to rectify the situation have been honorable, legal and aimed at getting those docs back under government control.

Trump on the other hand, when presented with evidence he had top secret documents, stonewalled, lied to federal officials through his lawyers, further hid the documents, sued to keep them and publicly attacked our government through his aides and various social media connections.

I think the evidence shows Biden was wrong, but not in a criminal way and Trump was wrong criminally.

skudrunner said...

Rev, so what joey b said is OK because it is joey b. He did state that trumps handling documents was totally irresponsible but it seems OK for him because they were in his garage. Granted trump should be strung up for what he did and it looks like he will be but now we have the media walking around joey b handling of the documents. Well they were in a locked garage that was only visited by hunter and his international friends so they were safe. Trumps were in a guarded compound but that still does not excuse him.

Should this be a reason for joey b to not run again, no but he shouldn't get a pass either. The idea of him reporting it right away after the mid terms makes him innocent. He had those for over six years so that shows major neglect on his peoples part. Why should anyone take confidential documents out of a secure government facility. Seems like the archives is culpable for not knowing what is leaving.

Dave Miller said...

Skud asked, somewhat hazily... Rev, so what joey b said is OK because it is joey b.?

Skud, I have no idea how you come up with a question like that from what I wrote. You must be a Mensa above the level of everyone here. Because you are the only one on this blog who regularly can't understand, quote, or read simple English when I write it.

The law has nothing to do with Biden perse. but it does define how people legally must define a crime. And the law in this instance leans heavily on intent, which in Trump's words, we can see.

Him having the documents, any documents, was not a crime without intent to take them and keep them. That is the criminal act.

I know this is hard stuff for you and other conservatives to grasp, but there is no other way to put it.

To prosecute this particular crime, the state must show intent, not just a careless action, an accident, or even a purposeful act designed to give someone souvenirs.

I think everyone here agrees Biden screwed up. And I've said it was bad enough that he should not be reelected in 2024. But you continue to desire to beat a dead horse with your snarky BS.

Facts are facts as I stated above. Biden ordered all the materials to be returned once they were found. If you, or anyone on the FOX News payroll have evidence of his intent to steal the docs and not return, put it up. Or shut up and let the DOJ do their investigation.

Because anything else is just noise.

Trump lied about even having his docs. Then he said he declassified them. Then he refused to assert in court that he declassified them because he was lying about that and did not want perjure himself. His lawyers attested in a legal document that all the docs had been returned. That too was a lie. Trump asserted Exec Privilege, which according to the SCOTUS was BS. He's admitted to knowingly taking the documents that were found in storage areas, desks, closets, etc.

No sane person can equate the actions of Biden in this case with Trump's, but perhaps that's the problem. At least as it relates to this case, you're nuts.