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Monday, January 23, 2023


Free State of Florida: 

"Florida teachers are being told to remove all books from their classroom libraries OR FACE FELONY PROSECUTION 

 The new policy is based on the premise that teachers are using books to "groom" students or indoctrinate them with leftist ideologies." --Crooks & Liars

  Manatee County teachers close class libraries, fearing prosecution under new Florida law

The DeSantis administration would NOT say what is objectional about the AP African American Studies course.

DeSantis administration rejects inclusion of AP African American Studies class in Florida high schools 

"The administration of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida is blocking a new Advanced Placement course for high school students on African American studies. 

In a January 12 letter to the College Board, the nonprofit organization that oversees AP coursework, the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Articulation said the course is “inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lacks educational value.” 

 The letter did not elaborate on what the agency found objectionable in the course content. A spokeswoman for the department did not immediately respond to a CNN inquiry."

This explains DeSantis's attack on African-American AP classes:

 "DeSantis’ move comes as his standing among conservatives has soared nationwide following his public stances on hot-button cultural issues and against public health officials and bureaucrats during the Covid-19 pandemic. He is said to be weighing a potential 2024 presidential bid."

Because nothing SCREAMS "Freedom" like banning African-American AP courses in your state, eh?

The Trumpistas will fall all over themselves in trying to get this DeSantis guy into the "White" House.

The Trumpista's anger over cancel culture that they complained about is now flirting with cancelling whole swaths of a certain American cultural demographic.

Don't forget this that was posted here earlier in the week:

Youngkin's handpicked Department of Education head, Aimee Rogstad Guidera, deleted references to MLK Day and Juneteenth from its history curriculum. According to a report in LGBTQ Nation, Ronald Reagan is mentioned five times, but President Obama, who made history as our first bi-racial POTUS, just once.

"VA Education Dept. Backtracks from Labeling Native Americans as “America’s First Immigrants” 

The commonwealth of Virginia is home to seven federally recognized tribes: the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, Chickahominy, Eastern Chickahominy, Upper Mattaponi, Rappahannock, Nansemond and Monacan. 

 Alton Carroll, a history professor at Northern Virginia Community College who is of Mescalero Apache descent, told Native News Online that his initial read of the proposed standards stood out to him for being “so glaringly wrong, and so heavily partisan.”

" glaringly wrong, and so heavily partisan?" How about disrespectful, spiteful, and cruel? I'd add those two descriptions as well.

The national teacher shortage is growing. 

In Florida, controversial laws are making it worse. Advocates say low pay and a hostile climate toward educators, particularly around LGBTQ+ issues and race, are pushing people out of the profession in droves.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Filipkowski πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
I taught African-American History for three years in FL to mostly white students. No theory, no CRT, just simple historical facts. Got the same reaction from every class - ‘Wow, we didn’t learn any of that stuff in US History!’

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy who keeps referring to Florida as the 'Freedom State'. What he really means is that in Florida you are free to live your life the way that he sees fit.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"DeSantis’s attacks on Florida institutions that stray from conservative orthodoxy have cost him in the past when prior attempts to dictate curriculum have been interrupted by the courts. In 2021, DeSantis tried to ban Florida faculty from testifying against the Republican Party’s voter suppression efforts, claiming that the testimony of faculty members as state employees could harm what Republicans apparently view as their state’s interest in denying ballot access. Refusing to take “that’s unconstitutional” for an answer, DeSantis followed up with what was dubbed the Stop Woke Act, which attempted to curtail discussions of race in colleges and universities. Issuing a temporary injunction against the act, a Florida judge called it “positively dystopian” and concluded that the governor’s attempt to control syllabi violates the First Amendment. --The Nation

Anonymous said...

The dangerous enemy within. Alive. Well. Growing.

GOP agenda. Full stop authoritarianism.

skudrunner said...

He does side with the majority which the last election showed. Most AP classes are an elective so not everyone would have to take it. On the other side is if they had an African-American class that would be discrimination unless they had a White-American class, Asian-American class and in Florida an Native-American class which I don't think is part of the curriculum. Maybe the best way to solve this is an American history class, wait I think that is taught. If you are against having separate classes for every ethnic group you are saying you are racist. I doubt that is true but your opinions lean that way.

Dave Miller said...

Here's a few electives that are accepted...

Chinese Language and History
Spanish Language and History
Italian Language and History
Japanese Language and History
German Language and History
French Language and History
European History

One wonders why an African American Studies class has been canceled when a long list of history from other cultures can be taught.

Any ideas Skud? Can't possibly be because of political considerations can it?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... remember when conservatives went to the mats on local control? Decisions are best made by those closest to the problems. That was trumpeted across the land.

Until those local leaders did not make decisions GOP leaders liked. Then they quickly abandoned what for generations had been their mantra on everything from funding, to education to Covid responses.

Now, especially in Florida, only state level GOP knows best, local rule be damned.

Interesting change...

Shaw Kenawe said...


I believe Dave M. demonstrated that you are wrong.

You also said this: "Maybe the best way to solve this is American history class, wait I think that is taught."

When I and many other Baby Boomers were in school taking American history, I did not learn of ONE non-white American's contribution to the building of our country (Wait, that's not completely true. I did learn about George Washington Carver. So that's ONE). But a full accounting of African-American contributions to our country just wasn't taught back then. Growing up in the Boston area, I didn't even learn about Crispus Attucks until I was an adult! Yes, like most of America at that time, Boston, the Cradle of Liberty, had its own problems with racism.

We recently had a GOP president who didn't even know who Frederick Douglass was. There are thousands and thousands of African-Americans and other POC who contributed to building this country, yet I'd never seen any public statue of such a person anywhere when I was young.

I'd never learned of the massacres of African-Americans and the destruction of their communities that they built and prospered in in this country.

African-American history and culture IS American history and culture, but for centuries, their contributions were hardly mentioned at all or omitted completely in American history.

That you don't understand that is troubling to me.

skudrunner said...

Rev, I know when I was in school we took American History which included American History. Black, white, and all things American. I realize this was in the Texas where we had inclusion for everyone where they tried to unite versus divide people. We had boys and girls, men and women and anyone who was a they or them was looked upon curiously. We did have Spanish and French language classes so there were electives. If people want to be treated like everyone else then they need to be treated like everyone else. I know that doesn't fit into the progressive ideology or of wokeism but it is the only way to move forward.

Dave Miller said...

Here's a fun exercise... Listen to "Black Man" by Stevie Wonder.

It's on one of the arguably greatest albums of our time. When I started dating my wife back then, I knew that to have any chance with an African American girl, that this skinny white guy had a lot to learn.

I grew up inside the "Red Line" of my city. For the uninitiated, that where black people were not allowed to buy a home, regardless of financial ability. So while I was bussed to a school near where my wife lived and hung around with kids from other backgrounds, in those days, Asians, Mexicans and African American kids, I knew little about them, their history or lived experience.

The song "Black Man" was part of changing me. Especially the riffs with school kids in a roll on the accomplishments of variety people here in the states...

Literally, it is history that was never taught in my schools.

Here's a link...

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I am glad I went to a school that taught about all American History and it is a shame you had to endure a poor educational system. I guess you have experienced what the average school in a poor neighborhood provides their students. Much of this deficit can be attributed to teachers unions who want to get paid and not teach. It does seem like you have moved past those shortcomings and acquired the knowledge of history.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud . "If people want to be treated like everyone else then they need to be treated like everyone else."

Are you being deliberately obtuse on this subject? I believe you know our history where it describes our terrible treatment of POC. I can't imagine that you don't.

Pretending that this country, for decades and decades, honored and told the history of African-American contributions to its history is absurd.

Without googling, can you tell me who these Americans are and why they're famous?:

Katherine Johnson
Henrietta Lacks
Sarah Breedlove
Matthew Henson
Frederick McKinley Jones
Henry Johnson

I didn't think so. You and millions of people in this country interact everyday with Matthew Henson's invention, BTW.

Every hear of the massacres and/or obliteration of African-American communities and people by white people who lived in the states where it happened?:

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Rosewood, Florida
Colfax, Louisiana
Slocum, Texas

I didn't hear of ANY of this until I was an adult. Why is that?

And we haven't even touched on what the white European settlers in this country did to the Native Americans and Chinese, have we.

Why is that?

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I think it is up to parents to apologize for not demanding their children get a quality education and not have to learn things as an adult that they should have learned in school.

Now lets try living in the present where children are afraid to go to school because the crime rate in their neighborhood is so high. Where, contrary to your example, there is a teachers shortage because they are not allowed to teach and are in fear for their lives. Are we a perfect country, of course not but living in the past instead of facing the present is not the answer. If this country is so bad why don't we have thousands standing at the border to leave instead of come in. Why not hold the political elite accountable for the crisis at the border, illegal drugs, homeless instead of making such an issue of teaching a class for a specific group to the entire group.

possumlady said...

Dave touched on redlining. I had no idea what that was until I did a research memo about it in the late 1980s.

Then there is the GI Bill. We have all heard of that, right? I heard about it in my high school history class. What I did not know until very recently is how applying for benefits from the GI Bill was practically banned for all WWII black servicemen.

Should these things be included in American history classes? Hell yes!

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud Your snarky reply to my comment didn't answer my questions about the African-Americans I listed.

Also, claiming that I had an inferior education because I hadn't heard about the massacres of African-Americans and the destruction of communities in Tulsa and other parts of America is disingenuous, since millions of Americans my age and younger didn't know about this part of our American history either.

PS. Massachusetts is THE MOST educated STATE in the US. And I was NOT taught any of that. I'm glad to hear that as a southerner, you were taught about the inequities that POC in this country suffered. But learning that you were so well educated in those histories of our African-American brothers and sisters, I'm at a loss as to why you've never ever mentioned them here when we've discussed our American history.

Possumlady just reminded us all that the African-American soldiers who fought along side of our white brothers and sisters were NOT originally included in the GI Bill or Rights. Do you know why? I do.

We also know that A.A. military had to return to their homes in America the south by riding in "Colored Only" sections of trains and buses -- after risking their lives for the America they loved, but didn't love them back. German POWs were given better treatment than our own African American service men and women here in America. That's a fact.

I didn't learn about that in school either.

But apparently you did. And was not horrified about it, I presume.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"The GI Bill turned out to be an illusion for Black Americans. Though the bill helped white Americans prosper and accumulate wealth in the postwar years, it didn’t deliver on that promise for veterans of color. In fact, the wide disparity in the bill’s implementation ended up helping drive growing gaps in wealth, education and civil rights between white and Black Americans.

Fear of Black Advancement

When lawmakers began drafting the GI Bill in 1944, some Southern Democrats feared that returning Black veterans would use public sympathy for veterans to advocate against Jim Crow laws. To make sure the GI Bill largely benefited white people, the southern Democrats drew on tactics they had previously used to ensure that the New Deal helped as few Black people as possible."


Shaw Kenawe said...

This is the history DeSantis doesn't want the students in Florida's state schools, colleges and universities to learn:

"Veterans who did qualify could not find facilities that delivered on the bill’s promise. lack veterans in a vocational training program at a segregated high school in Indianapolis were unable to participate in activities related to plumbing, electricity and printing because adequate equipment was only available to white students.

Simple intimidation kept others from enjoying GI Bill benefits. In 1947, for example, a crowd hurled rocks at Black veterans as they moved into a Chicago housing development. Thousands of Black veterans were attacked in the years following World War II and some were singled out and lynched."

Shaw Kenawe said...

"A White Post-War Housing Boom—And Redlining in Black Neighborhoods

The postwar housing boom almost entirely excluded Black Americans, most of whom remained in cities that received less and less investment from businesses and banks.

Though the GI Bill guaranteed low-interest mortgages and other loans, they were not administered by the VA itself. Thus, the VA could cosign, but not actually guarantee the loans. This gave white-run financial institutions free rein to refuse mortgages and loans to Black people."

Dave Miller said...

Skud... fear in schools? i wonder how much of that fear is a result of dead school children as a result of mass shootings?

Sure, we can work on educational plans, material and stuff like all day. But how do we deal with fear brought on by mass murderers? A phenomenon that is uniquely American, not seen much in other countries.

Do you have any concept how this impacts kids and their ability to learn... and teachers ability to teach?

You want more teachers? Increase pay. But we can't get that approved cause taxes keep getting cut to provide tax relief for bazillionaires.

As an aside... no one here is calling America, or thinks America is a "shithole" country, the term one of our presidents used to describe other countries. Sure, many of us have issue with the way somethings are done here.

But by and large, most of us, myself included, love America. So much that we know how much better it can be for everyone.

Why does thinking like anger people like you? Why do you assume we don't want the best for America or assume we think our country sucks?

Pointing out issues, just like you do, does not mean we hate America.

Dave Miller said...

Possum, in fairness to some, I've seen those who would say no, don't teach that "bad" stuff at all. Others however do say teach it, but only in college or when kids are more mature.

Anonymous said...

There IS , a There, There

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I lived in a city that had white and colored rest rooms, water fountains, benches so I know what it was like first hand. The difference is I and most people have moved past that and now look at the present planning for the future. Are there still whites and blacks who can't move on, sure and some never will. Part of the AP course proposed in Florida was CRT better known as nothing is your fault and you are destined to fail. Why does our Asian population succeed where other POF fail. Could it be two parent households, high expectations, parental involvement. Why is it that kids from Vietnam are often at the top of their class when their parents didn't speak English when they arrived here. How many Asian groups demand special classes only about them.

Rev, You and I agree on violence in schools against teachers being a big issue as I pointed out. You always slap those damn billionaires who get tax cuts based on a tax code that is passed by those damn politicians. If we expect them to just give their money away because of guilt please remember that they worked for it unlike congress and they are following the law. Get congress to change the tax law where Everyone pays Their Fair Share. I agree teachers should get paid more but so should nurses. My daughter is a principal and faces teacher shortages all the time but according to her teacher moral is a bigger factor. In a lot of schools there is little parental involvement in education and where there is the education is advanced.

Why is it OK to take money from someone who worked for it and give it to someone who won't work but can.

Anonymous said...

Fine skud, you want to live in the present, I am capable of doing such a thing. Mental Health 101 demands accounting of past deeds in order to successfully move into the here/now.

The USA made many mistakes. They based an economy on nonconsensual servitude of an entire race of humans. We The People treated all new comers horribly. We The People stole land from indigenous humans, We crushed anyone who didn’t fit (that you didn’t notice anyone squirming skud means you fit inside your tidy 4 square box).

I don’t say these things to say I hate my country, I say them because when we know better, hopefully we do better.

Now, as for your rude comments about Shaws education, perhaps you were trying to be funny. Alas, you failed.

In my life there is a concept that school only teaches a person so much, that the real lesson was we’ve taken you this far, what will you learn next?

The only way I discovered the shameful and soul crushing acts perpetrated by the government of the country I love was to listen to the voices of those who’d been squished. I read poetry, novels,& plays, and viewed art for and by POC. When a Black man said the Civil Rights Act wasn’t directed to the Black man because they knew they were free, but aimed at the White man to remind them that others have rights too… it blew my mind. And I had to know more.

I learned that White America told POC America to go over there to do business, that White People stuff was only for White people. And then the POC community thrived, humans who valued their fellow humans no matter the tone of skin did business with the alternative community instead of the White People community. And then due to what I consider the first examples of Nationalist Christianity, the fine upstanding White people emulated the worst traits of their vain and jealous deity by crushing (and bombing) the successful POC communities, not once, not twice, but repeatedly throughout history.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Skud, does that sound familiar to you?

Again, when we know better hopefully we do better.

Grey One Talks Sass on my phone

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

I see a violent pissing contest coming soon between the DeSantis and Trump asswipes. This piss off will probably get violent when some Trumpanzee pulls a gun and takes a shot at DeSantis. If that happens, the Trumpanzees will do everything they can to blame our best President ever Joe Biden.

Trumpanzees are a bunch of violent hate mongering ass fuckers who will do anything to stir up a shit storm, destroy people's lives and usurp our rights. I got a sense that they're planning to attempt another government coup. This time, they're planning to make President Biden look so bad by spreading right wing extremist lies in the news. If President Biden dies, they plan to make it look like a natural death, rather than an assassination that they are planning. You've been wondering why I haven't said anything lately on my blog sites, and this is why: I've been spying on right wing extremist asswipe sites, taking note of the plots they're trying to hatch to discredit the Biden Administration's bigly successes and super job they're doing. They'll stop at nothing to incite bigly violence and blame our excellent Democrat Party for the GOP fuck ups.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... in a vacuum, the answer is it isn't.

But you're assuming there are good jobs, jobs that can support families, for everyone who wants to work. In a just world, there would be. But that's not what we have.

And that's the other side of what you ask.

How many people who would love to work, simply can't, or as some might say, won't, because the work they can do doesn't pay enough to pay the bills.

What do we do about that? good jobs across the country have been hollowed out by the policies and demands of others here in the US.

Here's an example... years ago when you went into a department store, there was help everywhere to show you something and answer your questions. Now, not so much.


Because as Americans, once we could invest in those companies, we demanded ever larger profits and dividends. We demand year over year increases in earnings. All of those types of demands led to fewer and fewer employees on the sales floor. Higher earnings, less service and fewer satisfied customers.

One thing is secure though. Higher earnings generated by fewer employees who are now unable to find jobs with retirement incomes, good wages, etc.

You put the blame on the lazy workers.

I put the blame on the greedy capitalists.

I'll admit reality is somewhere in the middle.

But those lazy workers scraping to get by are not cleaning up in this economy like those greedy capitalists.

So... sorry, but we should tax the snot out of the big earners. Like we did after WWII and reinvest that money in America. Like we did in the 1950's, the era to which all those MAGA folks want to return.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Derv That's is disturbing to hear. Where are these sites? Don't the people who talk about doing violence know that these sites can be followed and watched?

Dave Miller said...

Hey Derv... good to see you back.

Be well... and safe!

Les Carpenter said...

Every great power throughAout history has, as it weakened internally, fallen. The USA is now in an epic political/cultural battle for the soul of this nation.

Don't know about the sites Derv is talking about, but the scenario he pictured is certainly plausible, and, perhaps even likely.

Nikita K. of the old USSR predicted if the USA collapsed it would be the result of internal strife. He was on to something. Although i'm sure he was thinking more of along the lines of a communist overthrow of the government by internal communist sympathizers.

Doesn't really matter as it's really a distinction without a difference. In either case we become less free and much more under the thumb of oppressive political ideologies.

The tRumpublican gop is as bad, or maybe worse than communism.

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Shaw, I'm not about to say too much because I don't want to put you or the others here in danger. I'll just say that they're on the dark web. A guy I met on one of my blogs happens to work web security for a company and secretly tipped me off. And some of these new streaming sites popping up are right wing extremist sites. All you need to do is watch their videos and posts. I learned some of the planned attacks are said in codes. Sadly, they also infiltrated some of our trusted sites such as Crooks And Liars, The Daily Kos, Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Washington Post, YouTube, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times... You get what I'm saying? They're sneaky as hell. I found out that some of the Republicans who pretend to be on our side (the ones whom the tRumpturds hate such as Lindsey Graham) are more dangerous to us than we realized. They're staging a secret power grab that we need to stop. Look what they did to our beloved Nancy Pelosi. They trashed her reputation bigly with that DePape weirdo. I can't say much more because it can be dangerous. All I can say is watch the ones that the tRumpturds say they hate. They're way more dangerous than the imbeciles they pushed to get into office. At the risk of sounding like a tRumper, I must say you guys should put even more energy into keeping who you like in your local area in office. We're wasting our resources focusing on those out of our local control. We need to wake up those close to us first in order to win the big battles. Otherwise, you get assholes in our national offices who screw us over bigly. And sadly, we have some assholes in our own party who let our party lose seats bigly. We need to hunt them down and get them voted out.

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Thank you Dave Miller. It's good to pop in and say hi to the gang! I'll be watching when I don't say a word for a while. I'm laying low and keeping my eyes and ears open for you guys.

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Well said, Les! We need you to get back in the game, if you're ready for it.

A little off topic, but I need to let you guys know I just saw some no IQ tRumpanzees plotting to plant evidence in Joe Biden's relatives' homes to damage President Biden's reputation and usurp power from our President and party. I pinched my nose while watching the tRumpturds blabbing out their strategy on YouTube of all places. And it wouldn't be smart to report the account to YouTube for this reason: if it gets taken down, we won't have the proof to get these tRumpturd extremists prosecuted and maybe even put to death for treason. I'm not going to say who this tRumpturd is for security reasons. We must not take it for granted, just because tRumpturds don't comment here, it doesn't mean that they're not taking note of what's being said here.

Be safe everyone! Watch your back.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, For decades the blacks have voted democrat and for decades the democrats have taken them for granted. This may be shifting but it is to early to tell. The idea of teaching anyone that they cannot succeed because they are predestined to fail is plain wrong but that is what CRT teaches.

Rev, There are jobs but people don't want to take them. Maybe the hundreds of thousands crossing the border will fill our labor force because they probably want to work. BTW I don't think I ever said lazy about those who choose not to work but would rather live off the government.

Derv, Rest is the best thing for you. I hope you know depape was a left wing nut case and beloved pelosi is a real stretch. I do agree that control the politicians close to home because they have more effect on your life than DC.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Ms Shaw, For decades the blacks have voted democrat and for decades the democrats have taken them for granted."

Again, you provide NOTHING to back that up. Not one damn piece of evidence.

"Black voters form the core of the Democratic Party base. They cast ballots for Democrats in greater proportions than pretty much any other demographic group. Without the massive backing of Black voters, the last three Democratic nominees (Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) would not have made it to the general election." SOURCE

So, what you're implying is that the 90% of African-Americans who support the Democratic Party are too stupid to realize that the Democrats "take them for granted," and choose to support a party that treats them as such? Whew! I wouldn't repeat that again. It reflects poorly on your opinion of African-Americans.

Les Carpenter said...

Shaw, I really don't mean to be, well, mean, but i'm almost sure that skud has volumes of evidence floating around in his head about Critical Race Theory ( i hate acronyms). Probably the result of misunderstanding, and or confusion.

Given the cons typical views on racism i suspect much of the misunderstanding is willful. To support and prop up the cons age old reified beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Shaw, skud's comment is a reflection of the white man's paternalism where it concerns Black Americans: They just don't know what's good for themselves, and when they choose to be in a group, it's because they just don't know any better. Skud obviously doesn't think very highly of Black Americans and the choices they make. Because he dislikes the Democrats and what they stand for, there must be something wrong with any group that supports them, and any group that supports the Democrats who "ignore" them, must be too dumb to be aware of that neglect.

Dave Miller said...

Sorry Skud... again you mischaracterize at best, or outright lie at best. Do you have any links or evidence of your assertion?

If not, it's best to bow out.

That's one. Two is this... in just a few words, you show why conservatives cannot seem to gain much traction with minority voters. You call African Americans, or black people "the blacks".

Should we call white people "the whites"? Of course not. Why do you persist in that language for black people or African Americans?

It's offensive, pure and simple. But I know that rather than just say thank you and stop using it, you will compare it to something someone else said or look for a way to excuse your error.

Do what you will.

Finally, on jobs... as I said above, yes, there are some who are living as you mentioned. But our worker shortage is based on a lack of workers for all sectors. All the data from a variety of sources, both liberal and conservative support that.

Unless and until we get more workers into our country, this problem will not be solved.

skudrunner said...

Rev, I got that reference from joey b when he said if you vote trump you ain't black. He didn't say African-American he did say black. What you fail to recognize is that not all black people are African-American so I guess in your opinion they don't matter.

Dave Miller said...

So Skud... perhaps you missed the Dave Chappelle take on the use of "the".

Speaking on a recent SNL and talking about the antisemitism of Kanye he said you can use the word "the" and you can use the word "Jews". But you can't put them together and use "The Jews" or it will be considered racist.

The same for "the" and "blacks". You can say the and you can say the word "Blacks" but if you put them together, as you did, it's racist.

Now I know you don't care about offending ppl, so I wonder why I am bothering. But maybe you do.

And once again Mr. Comprehension, you missed the point. Did "joey b" say the blacks? No he did not. And as I wrote, you can use black people to deal with the reality that not all black people are African Americans.

Easy peasy to understand and apply. Unless again, you don't care and are good with offending people by using racist labels.

skudrunner said...

Sorry Rev but I missed that grammar class and I am so glad you corrected me because now I can sleep at night.

For clarification I believe African-American history is taught in Florida just not the program that has all the CRT, sex change objective and other mind altering parts. Read the curriculum and you will be informed instead of just follow the talking heads.

Les Carpenter said...

Funny thing skud, i doubt most folks who are twisting themselves into knots and pretzels over CRT have actually taken the time to read, study, and arrive at a actual understanding of CRT. What is more likely is that many, if not most conservative, are simply doing as you say, listening to the conservative and or religious talking heads and believing whatever it is they are listening to.

CRT is not dangerous. Arriving at the point where you, as well as others who now fear CRT, begin to actually make an attempt to understand it will go a long way to improving race relations in our country.

skudrunner said...

Leslie, I see nothing positive about teaching someone young that they are destined to fail because of the color of their skin. IMHO more can be gained by teaching that anything is possible if you apply yourself. Of course this takes victim-hood away which is what our current society preaches on a daily basis. I prefer positive reinforcement some prefer negative reinforcement.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, No one's teaching young POC to fail.

Please stop repeating RNC talking points.

Do yourself a favor and read books by African-American or other POC and try to understand that "applying" oneself is what thousands of POC have done in the past only to be told to go to the back of the bus or "you can't enroll in this all white school!"

Reading about Black history is not teaching failure. It's teaching American history.

You could start by reading about Katherine Johnson, and then I highly recommend "The Warmth of Other Suns," by Isabel Wilkerson -- and her latest book, "Caste."

Les Carpenter said...

Only by understanding the reality of POC existence in America since their initial arrival as slaves, Jim Crow, and the general othering of POC (native Americans, Chinese, Hispanics, Muslim, etc) throughout our history will this unequal nation ever be able to move beyond our current situation. I'm sorry you can't or won't understand this skud. Until you grow to realize it skud you remain part of the problem


The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

There is a wise saying we should follow: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS! When you do, they think you're giving them more pig slop to eat, and they keep coming back for more.

Les Carpenter said...

Or Derv, if what you offer is sincere and truthful, it is possible that folks just might change their long held views over time. I know mine have. Which might be why Shaw continues to entertain skuds archaic reified posistions here. Perhaps she sees the potential for skud to grow. At least he isn't FreeThinke or like the travelers on the Mothership lf Delusion and Denial.

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Les, I know Skud will never change. Shaw must find it amusing to toy with him. Otherwise, she would have flushed him down the drain long ago. Unlike Shaw, I don't find Skud to be entertaining at all. The only one I find worse than Skud is uptheEndo. He's the poster child for vile buttwipes on the internet, inciting violence and hate whenever he can.