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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

This is the embodiment of the current GOP: A Fraud.


And this fraudster, who even lied about his own mother's death, will laughingly take an "oath of office" today, swearing that oath on a Bible. What a disgusting joke he and the Republican Party is.

There is no shame, no scam, no lie that the current GOP will not embrace in their wanton greed for power.

The GOP worshipped and empowered the  country's biggest scam artist, liar, and conman, Donald J. Trump, and gave him the presidency. No one's surprised to see this world-class fraudster, liar, and conman welcomed into their ranks.

George Santos, or whoever the hell he is, IS today's Republican Party.


Santos sits alone in the chamber, waiting to be sworn in. So far, no Speaker! 


Anonymous said...

Where we see a cheat and a liar, Republicans see nothing but another vote.

Forget character, that’s all they care about, AND, you Americans keep on electing them.

Ray Cranston said...

Trump remains unarrested. Santos will be sworn in today. Every crook and hustler in the country must be taking note: If you want a license to commit crime, run for office as a Republican. It's unbelievable armor from consequences.

Fed Up said...

It's absolutely mind-numbing to watch the Republicans' slow march to oblivion, a trek that began when Reagan launched his trickle-down Ponzi scheme in 1980. The pace of disintegration picked up with the Tea Party's ascent and reached critical mass with the party's sworn allegiance to a fascist cult leader. All of which begs the question: Has any reporter or journalist asked any of those Capitol Hill grifters exactly what, in God's name, do they stand for? Is it honor? Ethics? Patriotism? Family values? America? Fiscal responsibility? Public service? Education? Equality? Voting Rights? Women's Rights? Civil Rights? The Working Class? Opportunity? International relations? Infrastructure? The environment? Health care? Elder care? Child care?

What about democracy?

Not a chance. Their God is power and power alone.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon, Ray, Fed Up

If George Santos didn’t have the ethics or moral conviction to not lie about every single aspect of his life to create a nonexistent resume, he doesn’t have the ethics or moral conviction to appropriately resign. In other words, he’s a Republican.

Paula said...

To recap: George Santos lied about his employment, his education, his racial and ethnic background, his religion, his marriage, the death of his mother, and he's now wanted by the Brazilian government on charges of fraud.

Today, he'll be sworn into the 118th U.S. Congress as a REPUBLICAN CongressLIAR!

Anonymous said...

A very long time ago i read a book about South Africa and apartheid. I think it was entitled "Cry the Beloved Country". I mention it today because i sincerely believe that before too many more years there will be a book written about America with a similar title. If it is written the republican cult will be the driving force behind it.

Republicans at one time had ethics, morals, and integrity. Today they have none. Period.