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Wednesday, January 4, 2023



The Trumpublican Embarrassment Machine and Twice Impeached, epic lying, pro-insurrectionist who paid off his mistresses as a tax write-off warns about embarrassing the GOP?


Trump urges support for McCarthy, warns GOP about embarrassment


Dave Miller said...

Hahaha... chattering classes are in full melt down. MTG tweets thats the GOP can't even begin hearings until a Speaker is seated. Nothing about legislation, nothing about their governing agenda.

Because they don't have one!

Their only goal is to own the libs.

And the bloggers are already understanding what this means...

They're criticizing the political abilities of the GOP, predicting a full Dem sweep in 2024, just days into the new year and writing this stuff...

"CNN’s ‘experts’ were [sic] stressing how “the TRUMP PEOPLE” are involved and Trump is quietly supporting McCarthy. How they’d know this is questionable, plus, I’d like to know another thing Trump has ever QUIETLY supported OR done."

And yet, it's on the front pages of newspapers across the country. Yes, how could anyone, who only watches OAN, NewsMax or FOXNews know anything like this?

Everything could change in a minute, but at this point, the party of winning looks like a party of losers not interested at all in negotiating with the Dems, seeking common good for the people of America or governing at all.

Pretty spectacular. They are a rump party that half the country supports. I just don't know why...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I doubt it's "half the country," since they didn't have a red tsunami in mid-terms. And the 2020 election didn't shine for them either.

The old-fashioned Republicans that I've read about think the McCarthyites and Trumpers are poison. See Cheney, Liz,

The sailors on the Mother Ship are out of sync with rational folks. With them, all of this is just a zero-sum game. They refuse to see what the GOP has become and where it's taking them.

If I ever need reminding, I hope my P.E. commenters will tell me not to support liars, frauds, and cheats just because there's an "I" or a "D" after their names!

Anonymous said...

Right. More of the same. Vomit. Rinse. Repeat. Life with American con trumpublicans.

Les Carpenter said...

Actually Shaw, i very highly doubt that you'll ever need to be reminded not to vote for liars, frauds, or cheats. Somehow i know being stupid or ignorant is not any part of your DNA.