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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Republicans, after gutting House Ethics rules, just appointed the guy pictured below to two House
committees where he will have access to sensitive government information, and they don't even know his real name.




Grey One talks sass said...

I am carefully staying hopeful that there is some kind of a long game where those who have the power to stop the current abuses of rules will exercise their power for the good.

I have to believe in the long game idea because the alternative is too horrible to consider.

I believe in Democracy, I don't want to live in a theocracy but if that's the path I have to face, well, this old hippy is ready.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the way to true liberation is learning to shut this insane BS off completely and move to a secluded place in Costa Rica.

Because the diarrhea of insanity flowing out of the tRumpublican gop con party is so toxic it might be the only truly sane move to make.

Dervish Sanders said...

tRumpturds always choose liars, cheaters and frauds.

Dave Miller said...

Before we get to the why, more proof of Santos' lies emerges...

We now know that the Jew "ish" Congressman was lying when he said his Mom died "as a result" of 9/11. That was a cleaned up version of when he said his "mom died on 9/11" at the towers. After that was shown to be a lie, he said he meant his mom died of cancer as a result of 9/11, maintaining his ruse that she was there when the towers fell.

Now comes info from US immigration that she was not even in the country on that date. Not even on US soil

So his entire story about his mom and 9/11 is a fabrication, a lie, a ruse, bullshit and a disgrace to all Americans who lost loved ones that day.

But the GOP in Congress, led by crazy town partisans, can't reject him. To them, such lying matters not.


Because then they would have to state that bald faced lying is wrong.

And we all know where that would lead and the questions that would soon surely be put forward.

It's a mess of their own making.

skudrunner said...

If something good comes from the idiots in the republican party it is to provide democrats cover from record setting debt, record setting inflation and record spending. This is not entirely joey b's fault but needs to be shared by his and trumps administration. The reckless spending by both have put the country in a severe deficit in which no politician has the desire to correct because they would lose their multi million dollar job. The priorities now are hundreds of billions given to the climate initiative and nothing to improve peoples lives.

Maybe an age limit and term limits are in order which would never be approved by congress but needs to be demanded by the American people.

Anonymous said...

skud, until people stop putting the non-existent self first and take on a more interconnected community based attitude, and i mean one in which non-duality is evident in their thinking, you're right, nothing will change much.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Where have you been? Hope all is well. Haven't seen any new posts on your blog. Welcome back.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M.

It's odd, isn't it, that Santos' lying, cheating, and fraud is never discussed (or at least I haven't read anything) on those blogs.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass

"I have to believe in the long game idea because the alternative is too horrible to consider."

Let's hope you are correct. The alternative is, indeed, too unbearable to contemplate.

Dave Miller said...

As usual, Skud snarks in his talking points with this... "democrats cover from record setting debt". And once again Skud is wrong or untruthful.

Anyone with a casual relationship with the truth can track the growth of the US National Debt in the modern era, since 1976, and see that our debt grows most under GOP Admins.

But that matters not to Skud.

As for term limits, we have those... they are called elections. However, as I've stated before, I'm 100% in for age restrictions for members of Congress, the presidency and the SCOTUS.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... nary a word on those blogs. And now we know Santos was a Drag Queen preformer in Brazil. How does the GOP, the party of lies and grooming accusations, accept this guy.

One single word.


If they whack Santos, a Dem will win that seat slicing the GOP House margin to 1 seat. Totally unmanageable for McCarthy, so they will even accept a Drag Queen now.

And yes, there are photos.

skudrunner said...

Rev, So who let the American voter down with the election of santos. Was it the republicans who voted him in or the media who didn't expose him until after he was elected. Why do most states have term limits for governor and for the president but we do not demand term limits for congress.

I agree with you POWER.

The debt is a continuing disaster because there is no budget and if the government needs more money to spend on ideology they just increase the debt limit and pass it forward.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner "...So who let the American voter down with the election of santos."

George Anthony DeVolder Santos, and Santos alone, let the American voters in New York down.

He obviously had help, but in the end, it was Santos' decision to go through with this monumental deception and fraud. And the Trumpublican Party welcomed this liar, cheat, and fraud, and even paid him respect by putting him on some House committees. The GOP respects liars and frauds. They even made on a POTUS!

The Republican/Trumpublican Party is the party of Liars, Cheats, and Frauds.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... the local media where Santos was running covered his lies. So there's that. But, and this is big, once it became known that the guy is a lying fraud, House leadership had a decision to make.

Sideline him and restrict his access to sensitive material, or welcome him in.

What did the GOP Leadership choose?

They chose to seat and give access to a guy who lies daily and could be compromising our security every moment he's in the House.

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

To bring down the USA's democracy?

Making internal strife the vehicle of its ultimate destruction.

We need not fear hostile external forces nearly as much as we should internal hostile forces.

We are watching in real time that happening.

The GOP and Trumpublicans are the seeds of our democracies destruction.

Looking more and more like Ole Nikita K. of the old USSR was on to something.

Good luck America. You're sure gonna need it

skudrunner said...

Rev, We do live in interesting times when an opposing party doesn't due research on a candidate because all their time was spent looking for dirt on an ex president which of course they found because of his idiot actions. Then you have a party put a known fraud on any committee after throwing a guy who spent four years looking for russian collusion and threw out another because he gave secrets to a chinese spy. Seems like both parties are not doing a very good job of representing the American people.

Now that the have given away enough money to break the country we have to wait biting our nails before they pass a short term resolution to spend more. All this without a budget but with a big printing press. I will have to agree with anon Good Luck America because we are going to need it.
As long as we fight each other and don't make our elected elite accountable we will get what we deserve. You are correct that votes matter we just need a better candidate to vote for and smarter voters.

Anonymous said...

Anyone, and i mean anyone, actually paying attention with even a modicum of awareness and mindfulness, should realize by the raw numbers that it is the republican conservative that have aggressively driven up the national debt. Sorry skud, but you're flat ass wrong.

Reduce the spending on the machines of war and destruction, eliminate lobbyists for coporate greed, raise the tax base on the obscenly wealthy and focus on actually building a stronger infrastructure and stronger middle class.

Damn, we need another D.D. Eisenhower at the top of the GOP. Unfortunately today there is none to be found. Not even close.

Dervish Sanders said...

Thank you Shaw. Unfortunately, things haven't been 100 percent well. My neighbors spotted a strange old green 1971 AMC Gremlin in my neighborhood one night last summer. It had out of state plates from the west coast. Some Asian man was seen throwing laced ground meat on my property during the middle of the night, and taking off quickly. He was a short fat guy, about 5' 2" approximately seen on some nearby surveillance cameras in the neighborhood. I can't prove that it's UpTheEndo behind the criminal acts, as the asshole wore a mask, covering his nose and mouth. And the plates went to a car that was junked shortly before the crime was committed. UpTheEndo hates my dogs and has issued thinly veiled threats against me and my dogs. Asshole UpTheEndo pulled Arizona plates from a junked mid 70s Pontiac that got sold to a junkyard in Tuscon Arizona. UpTheEndo is a low IQ racist imbecile who can't even pull off a perfect crime.