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Monday, January 9, 2023


Representative Jeffries is a gifted orator and exceptional Minority Leader in the House of Representatives.

He outshone McCarthy and is smarter and far more intelligent than the anti-democracy weakling the radical Trumpers installed as Speaker.


Hakeem Jeffries' speech:

“We will never compromise our principles. 
House Democrats will always put: 

American values over autocracy. 
Benevolence over bigotry. 
The Constitution over the cult. 
Democracy over demagogues. 
Economic opportunity over extremism. 
Freedom over fascism, 
Governing over gaslighting. 
Hopefulness over hatred. 
Inclusion over isolation, 
Justice over judicial overreach. 
Knowledge over kangaroo courts, 
Liberty over limitation. 
Maturity over Mar-a-Lago. 
Normalcy over negativity. 
Opportunity over obstruction, 
People over politics. 
Quality of life issues over QAnon. 
Reason over racism. 
Substance over slander. 
Triumph over tyranny. 
Understanding over ugliness. 
Voting rights over voter suppression. 
Working families over the well connected. 
Xenia* over xenophobia. 
Yes, we can over you can’t do it, and 
zealous representation over zero sum confrontation.” 

 *Xenia means hospitality. My late niece's name, "Xenia."

"Hakeem Jeffries' speech is a clarion call to have faith, be courageous, and to hold on. It was a love letter to democracy, a pledge to defend it, and to stand up for the American people always. It was in language the GOP will never understand and the rest of us will never forget." --Larry Middleton


skudrunner said...

And now we can watch the republicans spend two years and get nothing done. They have the habit of words mean everything so why take any actions.

Let the games begin

Anonymous said...

You're right with this one skud. RepubTrumpublicans have the habit of words. Either meaningless or fictitious. None with substance and most w/out truth. So, why are you still with them?