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Tuesday, January 24, 2023



Classified documents found in unprotected area at Mike Pence's Indiana home


Anonymous said...

The problem to address is to review the obviously flawed and poorly managed system of document control. Not focusing on destroying the reputation of decent honorable Americans.

Fix the oversight protocols, don't go after pols like Biden or Pence. As for the egregiously dishonest lying tRump? Completely different reality. And anyone thinking clearly understands the difference.

tRump is deserving of prison for his actions in office. They were intentional. He refused to do the right thing until forced. His intentions were likely nefarious. And then there was his attemot to overthrow the free and fair 2020 election. An act of treason against the US Government and its people.

Dave Miller said...

Expect Pence and Haley next as they all want to be pres and need to get the news about this stuff out there ASAP...

Mike said...

How far back are they going to go? Maybe they'll dig up Kennedy to see if any were buried with him.

Dave Miller said...

Well Mike... Pres Carter stated that he had the same thing happen.

Look, with young assistants and pages packing stuff up, sometimes during the incoming president's inauguration speech, this is going to happen. The issue is after the fact. How do people with access to these documents respond once they are out of office and found to have docs in their homes, offices and possession.

Do they work top rectify the situation, or do they fight the process, stonewall and sue for the right to keep the materials.

And yes... we need to fix this. Somehow. The amount of classified material is huge, likely way too large to be managed. Something must be done, if in fact all of this is really Top Secret.