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Thursday, January 5, 2023



As of Wednesday, Jan. 4,

As of Thursday, Jan. 5:

As of Friday, Jan. 6:

 McCarthy LOST a fourth FIFTH SIXTH SEVENTH EIGHTH NINTH TENTH ELEVENTH TWELFTH THIRTEENTH vote for speaker as the deadlock continues.

"The paralysis underscored the dilemma facing House Republicans: No matter the concessions made to some of those on the far right, they simply will not relent and join their colleagues even if it is for the greater good of their party, and perhaps the nation. They consider themselves conservative purists who cannot be placated unless all their demands are met — and maybe not even then. Their agenda is mostly to defund, disrupt and dismantle government, not to participate in it."  --NYTimes

The Republican Party attracted members who are childish, petty, desperate for fame, with no real concern for policy or the public welfare? Huh. I wonder how that happened?

Ryan Struyk
CRENSHAW: "They're like children. This is such a childish attempt at gaining attention... This is about petty, personal issues that they have, or petty attempts to gain notoriety. It's unbelievably frustrating and they should be held accountable for it by the American people."


Anonymous said...

The Stupids and the truly demented are out in force today:

"The Speaker doesn’t have to be a member of Congress. I think that they should elect/ appoint Donald J. Trump as Speaker of the House."

Because putting DJT, an anti-American insurrectionist who shit all over our Constitution in second line for the presidency is what lunatics are baying at the moon for.

Dave Dubya said...

Elect clowns and you get a circus.

Not only are the House Republicans proving their inability to cooperate and compromise, they prove the maxim, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result".


Anonymous said...

A significant force in America is the bat-shit-crazies of the destructive gop.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"As we approach the anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack, it’s been grimly amusing to see that the party of insurrection can’t even manage the orderly transfer of power to itself. Rarely does karma play out so neatly.

Kevin McCarthy nurtured the spirit of reactionary nihilism in the Republican Party, first by trying to harness the energy of the Tea Party for his own ambition, and then by his near-total capitulation to Donald Trump. Now the chaotic forces he abetted have, at least for the moment, derailed his goal of becoming House speaker, subjecting him to multiple public humiliations at what was supposed to be his moment of triumph.

It is still possible that McCarthy will manage to eke this thing out by making even more concessions to the growing bloc of Republicans who oppose him. It is not possible, however, that he’ll emerge, in any real sense, as a leader."
-- Michelle Goldberg

Mike said...

I think the Democrats are missing a huge opportunity to get stuff from McCarthy and screw the tRUMPers.

Les Carpenter said...

Karma cannot be avoided. Each of us will be called to count by our karma (actions). McCarthy sure is getting a royal helping right now. In real time. Sad. But honestly, and i know it's wrong, i'm enjoying his lesson in karma. Not that he'll understand it. He won't.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Historians should note that the party that lost control of the House brought popcorn to the ceremony. The party that “won” blew itself up. And then did it again. And again. And then left for a night of pizza, bitterness, and recriminations. Meanwhile, the MAGA crackup accelerated as crackpots fought with nihilists, wingnuts pointed fingers at extremists, and grifters started slap-fights with one another."

Les Carpenter said...

Sounds like the wild wild west of yesteryear that we all heard stories and read about growing up. Apparently idiocy is making a comeback in spades. I'm sure the wingnut crazies are looking for a royal flush.

Dave Dubya said...

The House Chaplain was giving the Clown Circus a lecture in her opening prayer.

"Deliver us from intransigence and impudence, free us from fear and control."


Shaw Kenawe said...

Rob Reiner

What we’re seeing in the US House of Representatives is the result of what Donald Trump has done to the Republican Party. He’s taken what used to be the unspoken Fascist Christian Nationalism faction and put it front and center for all to see. It’s a loser and so is he.

Anonymous said...

We need a real leader to take control.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"What is happening is easy to explain. This is the fruit of appeasement. Donald Trump’s insanity, corruption, lying, cruelty and sedition were appeased, in the end, by nearly every elected Republican in the House of Representatives. The greatest appeaser among them was Kevin McCarthy. He is a hollow and empty man. That is why he won’t be Speaker. He also won’t be Majority Leader. In fact, Kevin McCarthy won’t be in leadership at all. He will be a lesson about where the abdication of duty, responsibility and integrity lead. He will be a case study. He is among America’s greatest profiles in cowardice.

The fall of Kevin McCarthy is a spectacle of decay and corruption. This moment closes and seals a circle that began eight years ago when Donald Trump descended the Trump Tower escalator."
--Conservative Charlie Sykes

Shaw Kenawe said...

The above was written by Steve Schmidt, not Charlie Sykes

Dave Miller said...

The United States looks like a rump republic to the rest of the world. Conservatives used to be dismayed at our reputation around the world, when other countries did not respect us.

But no longer.

Now those same conservatives think this shows us in a good light. Or they are mad at the "liberal lame stream media" for publishing the story of McCarthy and the current 10 essentially no confidence votes.

What is going on?

How can conservatives think this is good? Why are Trump voters not screaming mad at their congressmen and women to fix this? The US does not have a functioning government right now and these clowns, these yes, deplorables don't seem to care.

Sadly, it looks like Hillary was right. And America suffers.