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Monday, January 23, 2023

Republicans in IOWA propose a bill that would punish the poor.

h/t Dave Miller

I'm betting a majority of the folks who propose making poor people's lives more difficult than they already are -- those folks probably go to church or some place where they worship what they say is a loving god, ignore all of what they hear about loving their neighbor as themselves, and take joy in hurting who Jesus said were "the least of these." 

My take-away from what these awful folks are proposing? 

Cruelty to the most vulnerable Americans. Is THAT what their Savior taught them?


Dave Miller said...

As if on cue, the Krazies of Kansas, otherwise known as the state GOP, after getting crushed at the ballot on an abortion initiative that would have banned the procedure, have now announced their newest strategy to take away women's rights.

They have called that initiative a key target and are readying a new slate of abortion restrictions to go along their efforts to criminalize gender affirming care, or as some call it, sex changes for ppl under 21.

There are plenty of us on the left who would love to see a healthy GOP to moderate the worst impulses of the Dems. Sadly, this crowd, from coast to coast, just doesn't seem to get it.

How anyone can support a party that pushes to pushes to deny fresh meat, white bread, sliced cheese and more from needy in some case disabled people. How can anyone support a party that cannot understand that working to thwart the will of the American people, as we see in Kansas or proposing these changes to programs designed to help people in Iowa, is a bad idea?

The Dems have their excesses too, don't get me wrong.

But nothing on these levels. The GOP at both state and federal levels seems incapable of governing for the majority of the American people.

Dervish Sanders said...

Dave did us a huge favor by giving all of us a bigly h/t. Great job Dave!

skudrunner said...

Rev, You did forget that inflation is the number one thing that punishes everyone but the poor more than anyone. Who can we blame for our sky high inflation, look to joey b and his congress by giving away trillions to buy votes and it worked. Problem is not giveaways have consequences and inflation is one of them.

I always thought the snap program was a good one. Unlike food stamps your couldn't buy 30 bags of chips and bags of popcorn but were restricted to healthy choices. Lets see, fish instead of steak and wild rice instead of white and no prepared frozen meals. Looks like they are trying to force people to eat more nutritionally instead of just starch and fat.

You blame of people taking legally advantage of our tax code is always the same in that you don't blame the code creators, AKA elected elite, but blame people who use the code to their advantage.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud "Who can we blame for our sky high inflation, look to joey b and his congress by giving away trillions to buy votes and it worked."

Notice skud blames ONLY President Biden, and he calls the infrastructure legislation "giving away trillions to buy votes."

Skud doesn't want to talk about the legislation Trump passed that made billionaires even more wealthy with permanent tax cuts for them, and his little sop to the middle class -- tax cuts that will end in a few years.

Skud, it's difficult to take your comments seriously when you do that. I know you read Dave M.'s comments, so you must know that he criticizes the Dems when they deserve it. You, OTOH, rarely do so, and your comment about President Biden "giving away trillions to buy votes" is horrendous in its cynicism and inaccuracy.

Please do better.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, What is the cause of the high inflation, hint money pouring into the economy by the government. When did that money pour into the system, hint under joey b.

The government, not just the republicans or the democrats but both, do not govern they just give money away without any thought to the consequences. Lets demand people purchase battery cars. Lets not consider most people can't afford them and there is not the infrastructure to support them. Lets not consider the environmental impact making the vehicles have but lets just do the feel good thing and shut down oil and find a way to make batteries. Lets give hundreds of billions to make charging stations for all those electric cars that don't exist.

We have government at its worst and not getting any better. About the tax system that our elected elite put in place, throw them out or revise the tax system.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... you're, as usual, off topic and if I was admin on this post, I would have dropped your comment. Because you hijack threads and take them in your preferred direction, which is usually not to deal with the idiocy of the GOP.

As we've all said here before... Biden is not perfect and was not the preferred candidate of many of us. So we don't need your mostly uninformed carping on him.

Try and stay on topic. I realize it's tough, especially because we usually come with the receipts, evidence and links, something you never do.

Here's a great example of what I am talking about... in a time of world wide inflation you posit this as the reason...

"Ms. Shaw, What is the cause of the high inflation, hint money pouring into the economy by the government. When did that money pour into the system, hint under joey b."

Since the great majority of countries around the world are also experiencing high inflation, and those countries are not pouring money into their systems, how do we explain their inflation?

Is it possible that the current inflation we are experiencing is the result of a lot of factors, of which the anti poverty legislation signed by both Biden and Trump, is but one?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud "Ms. Shaw, What is the cause of the high inflation, hint money pouring into the economy by the government."

Not quite.

"The 2021 American Rescue Plan Act added about $1.9 trillion to the economy, and economists across the political spectrum say that it spurred inflation. They differ on the precise scale of its impact, with estimates ranging from two to four additional points out of the current inflation rate of about 8.5%.

However, none of the experts we reached, liberal and conservative, said Biden’s actions were responsible for all of the inflation. Past government spending, COVID’s disruptions to labor markets, energy prices and supply-chains also played significant roles. Most recently, the war in Ukraine has made a challenging situation worse."

Simplistic statements on complex problems should be avoided. Just like your incorrect statements on CRT.

Mike said...

Skud - Government at its worst was tRUMP and the MAGAts. Nothing but thieves running amuck.

Les Carpenter said...

Sorry skud. You're wrong, as usual. Inflation is not the number 1 cause of punishing poor people. The number 1 cause is ignorance, and the number 2 cause is greed. The greed of the wealthy and corporations.

In a nation that controls as much wealth as this nation does it should be unconscionable to EVERYONE that we have so many of our people barely able to fully support themselves and secure affordable healthcare.

Perhaps if we reordered our priorities (stop putting focus on destructive weapons and influencing others to do our bidding) and focused on education, innovation, training, compassion and the welfare of ALL our people, we could and would turn this thing we constantly babble on about around. For the benefit of all.

Unfortunately, given the political and cultural war this nation is currently in, and with so many of us apparently not thinking about, or really caring about, those outside their immediate family and close friends such changes are likely a very long way off. A situation both parties carry some responsibility for. Having said that the tRumpublican/gop is, without doubt, carrying the lion's share as to why we're where we are at today.

skudrunner said...

You posted "Republicans in IOWA propose a bill that would punish the poor." and then you said Skud... you're, as usual, off topic, when I posted an alternative thought you said I hijacked the thread. Did you even read what I said or when you saw my name you just assumed it was off topic.

Ms. Shaw confirmed that my example of the government pouring money into the system was responsible for the majority of inflation. I never said joey b was responsible for all of the inflation so she was in error with that statement.

It does seem ironic when the left accuses the right of being liars and what does joey b do, lies about all the confidential he stole under obama and while he was a senator. That along with his years of falsification on his resume and plagiarism while running for president multiple times proves no politician can be honest. I would post all of his lies but you already know them and that santos is an maturer compared to joey b. He said he was the first in his family to go to college, lie, he was a coal miner, lie, graduated with three degrees, lie, was awarded outstanding student, lie, top half of his class, 76 out of 85. That is just a few so indeed santos is a distant second.

Grey One talks sass said...

Skud, skud, skud,

So you don't remember writing "Who can we blame for our sky high inflation, look to joey b and his congress by giving away trillions to buy votes and it worked. Problem is not giveaways have consequences and inflation is one of them."

I don't know about anyone else but it looks to me like you are blaming President Biden for inflation here. And NO! - Shaw didn't 'confirm' your example of why inflation is so high.

Your reading for comprehension skills need some work skud. In fact I've yet to see you assign any blame to the real villains in this mess - the corporations who are paying massive bonuses to their top 1%, passing those costs to the consumer by raising prices which justifies (in an oligarchy way) the laying off of 75% of their workforce. But yeah, skud. Please tell me again how it's 'Joey's fault'.

The infrastructure bill passed last year is already at work in my state because construction season is early. So many people working who would not be without governmental assistance. I'm good with this sort of government spending. Keeps my fellow citizens out of trouble when they have Something To Do.

Regarding your allegations against President Biden (and accusing a sitting President without any evidence is... well, I never did it to Thing 45, all my accusations were well vetted) you really have some nerve. When you accuse a sitting president of plagiarism you'd better have the receipts. And I'm not talking about what happened in the eighties. I visited at least three fact checking sites. Apparently SOME people learned from their mistakes. You? Not so much.

By the way, I found pages of gossip and innuendo talking about Biden and plagerism, data that you, skud, claim to not ingest and yet somehow manage to regurgitate with remarkable accuracy. Weird, innit?

As for comparing lies, sit down skud. You are embarrassing yourself.

Dave Miller said...

Grey... SRA reading comprehension tests. Thanks for the reminder of those grade school days with shields on our desks so we didn't cheat.

Some folks always did well on those, others, not so well.

skudrunner said...

Grey, If joey b is in charge then the rise in inflation is on him. I didn't say it was entirely his doing but shutting down the economy, attacking oil production and pouring trillions into the economy certainly has not helped.

The 1.7 to 2 trillion dollar bill had little to do with infrastructure, 58 billion for roads. The remainder is climate change and money for social programs and of course naming a trail after michelle. Name it what it is Climate change and social service bill not an infrastructure bill.

Corporations make a profit which is what they are suppose to do. If you don't like what they sell don't buy it. It is OK for the government to charge taxes of 20% on gas but not OK for the companies who take all the risk to make 4.7%.

Somehow I knew this would be about the thing 45 instead of joey b lying or padding his resume. Check out politifact or Santos Must Have Learned from Biden How to Make Up Details About His Past
By Marc A. Thiessen The Washington Post, and NYT and even CNN. If you can't find anything there then I would be happy to provide other articles. He has always been know as a gaff master which is short for liar.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Marc A. Thiessen? The MAGA who wrote this? Marc Thiessen: Trump is one of the best conservative presidents in modern history -- — if you turn the sound off?

IOW, Trump was an admirable, even great president if you only look at what he does and not listen to what he says! As though the words coming from his brain and mouth have no connection to the way he thinks and acts on those thoughts?

Thiessen also worked for Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, remember them? The two felons pardoned by "one of the best conservative presidents in modern history. He was also a speech writer for the neocons, George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. Remember them? The guys who dragged us into the Iraq War with Weapons of Mass Destruction lies?

He also serves as a FAUX NOOZ commentator. So there's that to add to his illustrious CV.

Do me a favor. Try reading normal, sane Republicans like David Frum, Charlie Sykes, Jennifer Rubin, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, David Brooks, Brett Stevens, to name a few.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, Not surprising that it is all about trump and here I was talking about joey b. There are several other references about biden but they were not all about trump so they are ignored.

Disgusted with the Trumpers said...

So Biden successfully lowered gas prices by using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and even turned a profit for taxpayers by later refilling it at the lower prices— and now Republicans are trying to restrict his ability to use the reserve to lower prices.

Anonymous said...

It's all part of the plan. To destroy reality as it is and create the deluded reality cons desire.

Anonymous said...

"Hate your next-door neighbor, but don't forget to say grace."

Anonymous said...

The con speciality.