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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Stupids of the McCarthy House...



Squeaker of the House McCarthy bragged today, 1/12/23: 

In the first 5 days of the Republican-controlled House we: Stripped funding for 87,000 IRS agents

He, like Trump, loves the poorly educated. Why else would he make such a false statement.

In actuality, the Gooper House didn't "strip" funding for the 87,000 IRS employees. 

The Gooper House merely placed a vote against funding for the IRS. Squeaker McCarthy failed to mention the next step, which is the Senate, where it's certain to be DOA. 

If, by some miracle, it survives, it will be vetoed by Biden.

TRUTH: Squeaker McCarthy is gaslighting his "poorly educated" Trumpers.

Carry on.

...are wasting taxpayers' money by threatening to rescind funding allotted to the IRS in the Inflation Reduction Act, which President Joe Biden signed into law last summer.  

President Biden will veto it. 

First CBO score of the new Congress is here. It says that the GOP IRS funding bill would reduce spending by $71.5B and reduce revenue by $185.8B. 

Net deficit increase of $114B.  

Goopers want to protect the rich tax cheats that line their pockets.

“This reckless bill would increase the deficit by nearly $115 billion over 10 years per an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office by enabling wealthy tax cheats to engage in additional tax fraud and avoidance,” the administration said in a statement, citing the score released Monday. --TPM

Andrew Wortman: 

 "1.) The funding has already been provided. It cannot be “repealed” nor rescinded. 

 2.) The IRS did not “hire 87,000 new agents.” 

The funding enables them to hire that many agents over the course of TEN YEARS; including agents who retire or leave in that time. 

 3.) The GOP is useless. 

 I understand that the GOP knows their base doesn’t read, but I still am lost as to who they are even trying to pander to with this: the bloc of voters that doesn’t pay their taxes or something? 

Pretty sure most of those people are ultra-rich Republicans."

They have no policy agenda but revenge, gaslighting, lying, and feeding the base with more red meat. 


Dave Miller said...

The great majority of the money for this, which as you noted will result in a larger deficit if repealed, will be used to update equipment and systems that will make it easier to catch people not paying their taxes.


Nothing nefarious and no 87000 armed jack booted thug agents as asserted by liars in Congress, in the press and by MAGA conservatives on blogs.

Just a long overdue updating of the IRS and a replacement of millions of dollars in lost revenue that has happened as a result of politicians playing politics with funding for years.

Anonymous said...

Too much red meat is unhealthy. This nation is witnessing in real time the very unhealthy consumption of massive quantities of rancid red gop meat. Continued over consumption will result in a terminal USA.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This Republican US Rep. from Iowa, Ashley Hinson, doesn't know how our laws work. She's that dumb and the Trumpublicans who voted her in are even dumber.

Here's what she proudly and stupidly wrote:

Ashley Hinson

��It’s official – we just defunded the 87,000 new IRS agents.

The IRS should be focused on customer service, not on targeting hard working Americans.

Jeff Tiedrich explains it for the Stupids like Hinson in the 118th Congress and the MAGAts who support them:

"just a quick one today, because it perfectly illustrates the point I was making yesterday: the Republican-led 118th Congress is going to waste everyone’s time on pointless performative-nonsense bullshit that will end up accomplishing nothing.

case in point: yesterday, House Republicans passed their first bill yesterday, HR23, to “claw back” the funds allocated to hire 87,000 IRS employees.

(let’s set aside the fact that the bill is based on a lie. the IRS is hiring 87,000 employees, not agents, over a ten-year [not one-year] period, and most of those employees will not be auditors, but rather the people who perform office tasks such as answering the phone when you call with a question. but you knew that already. which makes you more informed than the average Fox News viewer.)

ok, so what happens now?

spoiler alert: nothing."

The Senate will kill it, if it even makes it to a vote.

Mike said...

The GOP is a useless POS.

bluzdude said...

They're doing what the GOP always does... they're trying to get rid of something that applies to the rich by telling average citizens it affects THEM. Just like with the Estate Tax.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... I keep waiting for snark to show up here regarding the classified documents found in an office Biden has used in the past. As today it started showing up on some blogs, we can assume folks have gotten their marching orders to make this a big deal asking why it was so bad for Trump and seemingly no big deal for Biden.

First... the Biden team found the documents themselves and before the National Archives was even aware the documents existed, turned them over.

Second... The Biden Admin asked for a DOJ investigation to make sure they did everything right as it relates to the documents and that no laws were broken.

Third... The Biden Admin has asked a Trump appointed US Atty to investigate the matter to make sure nothing nefarious happened.

Fourth... We are talking about 10-15 documents.

Conclusions for the Franks, Sal, Rights, FJ's and Skud... Biden was informed by his people that he had classified documents from his days as VP in the Obama Admin. They immediately alerted the National Archives and turned the documents over. They then asked the DOJ to open an investigation of Biden having the papers. They then asked a GOP Presidential [Trump] appointed US Atty to also investigate and make sure the Biden Admin was following the law in this.

Final Thoughts on compare and contrast... It is not a crime for a former Pres or VP to have documents such as the ones both Trump and Biden had. The difference here is in how they both handled the situation. In one case, the former president lied about having the documents, moved them to hide them from the government, lied again when he said they were declassified, lied again when his team signed, under penalty of perjury, that he had turned over the documents he claimed he did not have, lied in court in order to delay an investigation into why he had those documents and has fought the government at every turn in order to avoid turning over the documents.

Anyone see a difference?

Anonymous said...

Yeah bluzdude, trickledown is still haunting us. As more and more wealth accumulates at the top of the pyramid and the average American struggles even harder, with less success, to realize a comfortable life.

If only the cons and the gop (actually one in the same) would at least be honest we could at least respect them for that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M.

I doubt very much that the "Franks, Sal, Rights, FJ's and Skuds", plus the sailors on the Mother Ship will see the difference. We are living in a post-truth country where everything the Democrats do is a crime (See that repulsive woman, MT Greene referring to the "Biden Crime Family,") and NOTHING the Trumpublicans do is.

Of course they'll pretend both these document incidents are the same because they have no acquaintance with truth or facts. They only know "GOTCHA!" politics and "If we do it, it's not illegal."

As proof of how corrupt and anti-truth the current Republican Party is, I give you George Santos, the mendacious creep who lied abut EVERYTHING in his life, past, present, and future, and was welcomed with open arms by the likes of that repulsive woman, MT Greene, and the present Weakling of the House, McCarthy.)

That's a perfect metaphor for the Republicans: They embrace and welcome LIARS, CHEATS, AND FRAUDS, because that is what they are.

Anonymous said...

Sure Dave, a BF difference. But that is to be expected in today's America. The republican party has no legitimacy any more. No integrity. No decency. No plans. Other than their agenda to obstruct or derail ever meaningful piece of legislation tge democrats propose.

It is getting more difficult to believe the gop is interested in anything but the destruction of our democracy and the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

The only "law" the gop will accept gracefully is their rule of "law".

Fed Up said...

Trump and the current GOP represent the three horsemen of the apocalypse: Immorality, Dishonesty, and Bigotry.

The GOPers who still support Trump support Immorality, Dishonesty and Bigotry as well. And we should never let them forget that.

Ray Cranston said...

skud and other GQPers need to know this:

The federal spending bill that Congress passed last month includes increased funding for border security and the hiring of more agents.

More than 85% of Republicans in Congress voted against it.

Before you take the GOQ's “concerns” about the border seriously, check their votes.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bluzdude, Mike, Fed Up, Anon, Anonymous, and Ray

Expect more lies and misrepresentations from the goons in the House and the Weakling of the House, McCarthy.

They're not there to help the American people; they're there to promote themselves and their lies.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Interesting comment:

"Ben Zenering

As a "zoomer-generation" voter who turned 18 shortly before the 2016 primary and has participated in every primary and general election since, I have only ever known the GOP as a dysfunctional and deeply unserious party disinterested in governing. It is the party of Roy Moore and Herschel Walker and Lauren Boebert. It is a party that was cannibalized by AM talk-radio tinfoil-hat-wearers ages ago and has descended further and further into self-parody, finally reaching where we are today.

Trump's failure in 2020, the GOP's 2022 midterm flop, and the subsequent internecine struggle over the House speakership that marred the start of the 118th Congress should be a massive warning sign for Republican voters, politicians and strategists. GOP leadership has spent the better part of a decade trading short-term gains for long-term relevance, and their luck is starting to run out.

GOP leadership (insofar as the GOP actually has clear leadership at this point) seems to have exactly one strategy, and that one strategy is to emulate Trump (with diminishing returns each election cycle). There is no plan for a post-Trumpism GOP and there is no plan for appealing to millennials or Zoomers. Nobody seems to have a coherent long-term plan for the party."

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... that's an interesting note about the zoomer-gerneration. We should also note that the current under 40ish crowd is not the largest age group voting in US elections.

That should scare the GOP into some change, but I doubt it will. They apparently are either unable or unwilling to see what Ben_Zenering is highlighting...

Dave Miller said...

The stupids of the McCarthy House... Speaker McCarthy has decided that liar Santos cannot serve on "sensitive" committee handling national security issues because his lying could be a problem.

So on the one hand he acknowledges that one of his members is so big a liar that he cannot serve just anywhere in the House. But he won't say he should resign, as Santos' district GOP leaders have demanded, rather, McCarthy says he can serve elsewhere.

Even if he is an admitted serial liar.

Your GOP... and McCarthy's House.

Anonymous said...

The comment by GOts 5:51pm is not me.

What I did read is the documents were dated the same time as his son’s funeral and were pertinent to the event. Not verified so I’m hoping it’s true, not reporting.

Grey One Talks Sass on my phone

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass

No matter what they babble on about, there is no similarity between the documents Trump took TO HIS PRIVATE HOME, BTW, and the docs found in an old office that Biden occupied.

Biden's people immediately reported to the Archives; Trump lied about having the docs.

There's no comparison.

Shaw Kenawe said...

On another subject concerning Stupids:

NPR reported that 22 members of the GOP house have a highest completed education level of GED or high school. Today Boebert was bragging that the house passed legislation unaware that it had to go to the Senate and President.

Grey One talks sass said...

The Grey One talks sass at 5:51pm is not me.

Exactly, there is no comparison of Biden's discovery of a second set of documents and Thing 45's handling of the same topic.

President Biden's people called the National Archives the day they found the misplaced documents and then went searching to ensure everything that belongs to the Archives is returned to them.

Thing 45 still has documents missing per the Archives and the reported 40+ empty file covers. The former president lied, had his lawyers lie, and, per the security tapes, actively used the documents. No idea for what or at least no one is talking yet.

Troll who uses my name - your imagination is so lacking that you have to copy another's name? Lame.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass

Thanks for the heads-up on the fake comment using your name.

There used to be a blog called "Who's Your Daddy?" on the internet, but it's gone silent and has had no new posts since September 2021. Most of WYD's commenters are trolls, misfits, freaks, and malcontents. Without a blog to copy and paste their nincompoopery, they have no choice but to wander the 'net and make asses of themselves on other people's blogs by stealing other people's identities. They're all suffering from withdrawal pains from not having a "free-for-all" blog to spew their gibberish.

They visit my blog every single day whining about what I post. Seriously, they actually make a choice to come here and leave incoherent comments about what I write. And often they steal other people's identities. Because, after all, they are Trumpers, and Trump is their role model for Lying, Cheating, and being a Fraud.

I've deleted the fake comment.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Surprise! Surprise! McCarthy and MT Greene and the rest of the insurrectionists in the GQP don't know how the government functions.

They are unaware that there is an upper chamber and a President who also play roles in legislating.

The Stupids are running the clown show.

Grey One talks sass said...

Thanks for your support Shaw.

I'm resigned to the antics of those of little imagination and brain.

Hope your weekend is all you need it to be. Personally I'm snuggling with my service dog watching reruns of the Great British Bake Off - the kid really really enjoys PH's voice and I love watching other people bake.