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Friday, January 6, 2023



The GOP used to stand for something; now it's just a gang of thugs, malcontents, and disrupters, caring not one wit for their own constituents. The GOP is nothing more than a Revenge Party, useless and pathetic:

The Biden Crime Family?

Marge T. Greene is EVERYTHING that's wrong with the Trumpublican Party, all wrapped up in one sad, ignorant pile of useless flesh.

And this sane Republican explains it all:

We are all this guy:

NEVER FORGET:  Two years ago today, the Trumpublicans tried to overthrow the US government and illegally install Trump, the loser of the 2020 election, as POTUS:

The Trumpublicans believe America wants more of their seditious chaos.


Infidel753 said...

They want to do "investigations into" covid too? Pretty much any attempt by politicians to adjudicate a scientific issue produces cringey results. Getting Marjoreene involved in such a thing would be a national embarrassment. Dr Fauci would end up like Galileo being judged by the pope. Leave the epidemiology to people who are actually qualified.

References to "the Biden crime family" are pretty common in the right-wing internet. What exactly the supposed crimes consist of is rather nebulous.

I love the part about "openly plotting to elect a moderate". Being a moderate or supporting one is so fiendishly diabolical.

Les Carpenter said...

What has been simmering for years, certainly since 2008 anyway, and brought to a screaming head by donald j tRump will NOT be easily put back in the box. Expect much worse fron the new American Trogs in the T-GQP.

Les Carpenter said...

We'll see in 2024 whether Americans have lost their ability to recognize total and complete incompetence or if they support it. If these nimrods of ignorance are reelected and more American trogs are elected we'll know at that time whether American democracy and the slowly dying republic it created can survive. I for one am not betting on it surviving.

Dave Miller said...

Notice what MTG had to say about legislation to help the American people, balance the budget, deal with the border crisis or anything else related to governing.

**absolutely nothing**

This is the GOP today. Elect us and you get chaos, partisanship, hearings, and investigations. And maybe, just maybe, if we have time, a little bit of governance.

They don't deserve our votes and everyone who votes for these folks should be scorned. Because the GOP does not believe in two party government.

Dave Miller said...

It's January 6th again.

After the 2020 elections, supporters of the GOP were trying to kill the Vice President and ransacking the US Capitol. They were disrupting a Constitutionally mandated action of the federal government.

Today after the 2022 elections, the GOP is unable to, after winning a majority in the House of Representatives, elect a Speaker and as a result, our government is unable to properly function.

ralph said...

What the 20 holdouts are asking for will never happen. Can you imagine congress approving balanced budget, implement a fair tax, control the budget and term limits, Those demands plus having time to to read a 4000 page bill that cost 1.7 trillion dollars before voting on it goes against sanity. If congress read every bill they signed how would all the pork get through.

How absurd are those demands. Now we have one congress person say not being in session threatens the security of the country.

Anonymous said...

"This is what happens when a political party, year after year, systematically destroys the norms and institutions of democracy. This is what happens when those expert at tearing things down are put in charge of governing. The dysfunction has been building over years of government shutdowns, debt-default showdowns and other fabricated crises, and now anti-government Republicans have used their new majority to bring the House itself to a halt."

Anonymous said...

Goodbye USA.

Mike said...

Well, McCarthy is now House Speaker. Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

Thank God!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, Anonymous, Nancy Pelosi will go down in American history as one of the most consequential Speakers of the House.

She was respected and admired -- unlike the weak little man the GQP installed after her.

We went from an extraordinary Leader to a little man who owes his leadership to a bunch of corrupt disrupters who know nothing about American democracy and who were part of an insurrection that attacked the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, America in crises. America in decline. Future is bleak. Leadership in very short supply. Both parties.

And neither have a real clue how to reverse this trend. Doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

Blaming and pointing fingers yeilds... more blame and finger pointing.

A heaping amount of national mindfulness will be what is required to reverse present trends.

The likelihood of this? Almost non existant to zero. We should all know why.

But that requires mindfulness.