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Monday, January 16, 2023

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 2023



Anonymous said...

The Christian west, colonized by Christian European powers driven by their collective egos and desire for power over others (specifically the indigenous peoples), have not learned much by the horrific global results of their past and present foolish actions.

Until the west, primarily the USA, recognizes the horrific errors of the nation's collective egos the danger of perishing as fools is great.

The continued efforts to hold in place the very ego driven errors of the past and present will certainly be a large cause of perishing together.

Dave Dubya said...

This Martin Luther King day would be a good time to note the transformation of MLK’s legacy. White conservatives are doing their best to appropriate his message and shape him into their own image.

They see themselves as the "real victims" of racism.

So I ranted.

Mike said...

We are unfortunately on the path of fools.

See what you think of this. They're finding classified docs in Biden's possession. How they got there who knows. (Planted by the Republicans) But by waiting until after January 20th to bring them to light, if Biden resigns, Harris will have less than two years as president. That means she can run for two more full terms for a total of 10 years as president.

Anonymous said...

Well, Biden should NOT resign. And his party must support him. Why? Because he has not done anything wrong really. Unlike the former guy. What was his name again?

Having said that, if it were to happen i hope VP Harris has the gravitas and wisdom of the Buddha. Because IMO the last thing this nation needs is another repub con in the White House.

Anonymous said...

I get tired of hearing the statement that Americans are intelligent people. NO they are not and they continue to prove it.