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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

And on and on and on and on...


This vile human being:

Seen on the internet:

"Firearm mortality has skyrocketed in Texas over the past decade." 

 "Take the train in Texas - prepare to be shot and killed. 

At 4:30 PM, May 8, there was. disagreement on a train. It ended with two people shot, one of them died, a third was injured by shrapnel. 

Texas. Is anywhere safe?" 

As a parent I’m not worried that my 9 and 13 year olds are going to be “indoctrinated” with “wokeness” at school. I’m not worried that they’re going to ‘feel guilty about their whiteness’ because they’re learning accurate history. I’m not worried that they’re going to be “groomed” to become furries and to make their pees pees in litter boxes. 

Those things aren’t real. 

Wanna know what is real? 

My worry that they’re going to get shot. That someone with an AR-15 is going to go into their school and shoot them. So, while the same gun fetishizing, AR-15 lapel pin wearing, locked and loaded family Christmas card posing Republicans fear monger & manufacture crises under the guise of “parents rights,”I say this: 

It is my right as a parent to send my kids to school without worrying that they will get shot. It ain’t the drag queens, the African American history, the books with two moms or two seahorse dads which threaten our kids. It’s the f**king guns." 


"David V. Doyle, a 58 year-old Louisiana man, shot a 14 year-old girl who was playing hide and seek with her friends. He saw shadows outside his home and started shooting." 

Deepak Chopra:

"I live in a blue state now but even the fear of lone wolf actors and copycats crosses my mind. I lived in Texas for a while - the view from the outside now looks to me like they've gone mad. I still have friends there - during the pandemic, they all knew multiple people who died of Covid and detested how careless public health policy was. 

Now they are afraid to go to the mall, the movies or to a restaurant. Some are actively planning to leave. All in the name of 'freedom' this carnage. 

How free are those who were lost in Sulphur Springs, El Paso, Uvalde, Cleveland, Allen and other places? And so many tiny children who will never be able to be free to grow into the lives they were born to live? Is that freedom? 

This is what guns, guns and more guns hath wrought.

Freedom, indeed. 

It looks more like a prison of violence and death to me."

Vile human beings who serve in Congress proudly displaying pins that glorify the weapons used to slaughter innocent Americans. 

They disgust me:


Dave Miller said...

In one tweet, Abbott has demonstrated vividly that yes! Texas does have a mental health problem.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... here's something Congress, or maybe a president with an Exec Order, could do to get people better mental health care...

Force insurance companies to treat mental health as simply... health.

Copays should be no different from other copays. Prescriptions should have a max out of pocket of $35.00, just like Pres Biden for insulin. Because better mental health is good policy and saves lives.

We're not going to warehouse ppl, we're not going to wish mental issues away, but we can do something.

Eliminating the term mental health and just treating it as health, subject to the same policy considerations as other illnesses, would make care way more available to many Americans.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Heather Digby Parton:

"So we have three mass shooters in the course of a week who seem to be motivated to kill a large number of people for a variety of reasons. According to Republican politicians, the common thread is that mental illness is causing all of this bloodshed or it's an act of God and there's nothing we can do about it…

Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is correct about the fact that Texas has a 73% higher gun death rate than California so Abbott is being disingenuous when he makes that claim. There is simply no doubt that states with looser gun laws have higher rates of gun violence. And the gun laws are getting looser by the day with both Texas and Florida recently just letting their gun-freak flags fly and allowing unlicensed carry pretty much everywhere.

As it happens, Texas also has very high rates of mental illness and the lowest rate of access to mental health care in the country so he needs to stop cutting mental health services in the state if wants to have any credibility on that issue...It's obvious that mental illness is universal across all humanity. Yet we are the only country that has this problem with constant mass shootings."

Shaw Kenawe said...

GOP solution to America's mass shooting.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"In an average year, 1,385 people die by guns in Tennessee. The rate of gun homicide increased 110% in the last decade — even as Tennessee has refused to pass life-saving gun safety laws. Governor Bill Lee signed permitless carry into law against the advice of law enforcement experts. And now the legislature is moving a bill to lower the age of permitless carry from 21 to 18 — which means teenagers who can’t buy a beer or rent a car will be allowed to carry loaded handguns in public."

skudrunner said...

Rev, All good ideas but I have never heard a shooter or their family say they didn't seek counsel because it was not covered by insurance or they couldn't afford it. We can't make someone go seek help but help should be available. Got a problem and the solution is throw money at it.

Hate has lasting affects and there is plenty of hate to go around. Now that the borders are going full open the southern state are going to feel more hate so of course Texas will be affected, it borders more of mexico than say Massachusetts. The colonies seem to be immune from this unless it is those pesky illegals from New Hampshire.

Les Carpenter said...

Utterly beyond belief! It's as though the republ-trash is acting in ways to increase the human carnage. All in the name of gun freedumbs and cold hard currency for firearm and ammo manufacturers.

And damn the dirt that is NRA.

Mike said...

The only thing that will at least slow down the carnage is a Democratic president and a Democratic House and Senate. And the Senate will have to be 60/40 (62/38). I don't see this happening anytime soon.

Dave Miller said...

Yeah Skud... I figured in your deep seated cynicism and disgust of life, you'd find nits to pick without adding anything positive.

You're hopeless it seems.

And a perfect example of why nothing can get done in this country with conservatives. You're all in your drive for perfection, the enemy of the good.

What a stupid comment you left.

skudrunner said...

Rev, You visit the southwest sometimes so you should understand the border war going on where I wouldn't blame a colonists for not understanding. There is a tremendous about of hate and anxiety created in the southern region which can assist in people going off the rails. I doubt two Hispanics will claim they are right wingnuts so these are beyond comprehension. You blame this violence on one thing and that is an inanimate object used by a Person who is mentally unstable. Now how do you purpose we get people in need of help to avail themselves to it?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: Every country on the planet has in its population disaffected, unhappy, and mentally ill citizens.

But we are the only country that has the number of deaths from firearms from mass shooting in the ENTIRE WORLD.

The more guns a country has, the more likely that country will suffer from random mass shootings and other forms of homicide, like killing people for turning in one's driveway, like chasing after a ball onto someone's yard, like accidentally getting into the wrong car. All of those examples are real and the people who were involved are dead because some idiot gun owner killed them. For what?

We have more guns than people. It's a disgusting fact that too many guns in circulation guarantees we'll continue to slaughter ourselves. Get this through your head: We are killing ourselves because we love guns more than our own American men, women, and children.

We are a sorry nation. And the laughing stock of the world because a big number of Americans want a Liar, a Cheat, a Fraud, and a Sexual Assaulter to be the president again.

I am so ashamed of what we've become.

Les Carpenter said...

So skud, by your logic there is apparently few folks with mental illness in other modern industrialized nations, right? Must be so because no other industrialized western democracy has the gun violence issues we experience.

Of course those nations do not have 120 firearms for every 100 in population either. But they do have stricter laws. Not against mental liiness (because you can't legislate against mental illness). But you can legislate control of firearms and place bans on specific type.

It does not take the intelligence of a rocket scientist to figure out IT'S the GUNS skud.