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Tuesday, May 9, 2023


Jury Sides With E. Jean Carroll Who Says That Trump Sexually Abused Her 

Six men and three women found Donald Trump liable after weighing the case in a two-week trial during which they heard her story of an attack in a dressing room decades ago.

To recap: The Republican front runner for the GOP nomination, Donald J. Trump, is facing 34 felony count indictments; is being investigated for trying to overturn an American presidential election and illegally install himself as POTUS. Also, two Trump Organization companies were found guilty on multiple charges of criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records connected to a 15-year scheme to defraud tax authorities by failing to report and pay taxes on compensation for top executives. 

And just now, A New York jury found former President Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing writer E. Jean Carroll. 

I live in a country where this shame and utter madness is real and happening: 

Today a former PRESIDENT was found liable for sexual harassment and defamation. 

 WITH a punitive monetary award. 

Tomorrow he'll be at a Town Hall meeting as a guest of a cable news show. 

He remains, as of now, the front runner for the Republican nomination for POTUS in 2024.


Shaw Kenawe said...

The Lincoln Project

Donald J. Trump today was found culpable of committing an incredible offense. Though the outcome of the trial may not be what she had hoped for, we commend Ms. Carroll for having the courage to do what so many in the GOP refuse to- confront the heinous actions of Trump head on.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jeff Tiedrich

wait, are you telling me that the guy who bragged on tape about sexually abusing women was just found liable of sexual abuse? how did we Nazi this coming

Shaw Kenawe said...

Donald Trump has been found liable for sexually assaulting and defaming E. Jean Carroll.

It's not exactly the same as shooting someone on 5th Avenue, but his cultists will still remain loyal to the sexual predator, nonetheless.

Shaw Kenawe said...

In addition to being a LIAR, A CHEAT, AND A FRAUD, Donald J. Trump can add "SEXUAL PREDATOR."

E. Jean Carroll didn't let the "star" do it and get away with it, to the tune of $5+ million!


Shaw Kenawe said...

The first response from a rival of Trump in the Republican primaries came from a long-shot, former Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas:

“Over the course of my over 25 years of experience in the courtroom, I have seen first hand how a cavalier and arrogant contempt for the rule of law can backfire. The jury verdict should be treated with seriousness and is another example of the indefensible behavior of Donald Trump.”

skudrunner said...

Finally they got him convicted of something even if was something that happened thirty years ago with no witnesses or accusations for decades. That shows perseverance and for politicians that is saying something. I doubt she will get any money from trump because our court system will delay it for years but the fame will pay off.

Hopefully he will withdraw from the campaign but I doubt it because he does have some support which polls show will beat biden. We do need a reasonable choice and those two are not it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner said...
"Finally they got him convicted of something even if was something that happened thirty years ago..."

Stay tuned, skud. There's more coming. Trump is a crook.

You sound upset because Trump finally faced consequences for his sexual assault on E. Jean Carroll. You sound upset that he's facing consequences for a criminal act that happened 30 years ago. You sound like you think he should have gotten away with it -- even though there are 20+ other women who have credibly accused him of doing the same thing.

Oh, well. boys will be boys, and there are those Trump cultists and even Trump himself who believe she probably like having him sexually assault her because he's a star.

I sincerely hope no female in your family EVER has to go through what E. Jean Carroll and the 20+ other women have suffered because of that pig, Donald J. Trump

And you are such a cynic that you think E. Jean Carroll pursued this for money and fame.

There are thousands of men who think like that. I thank Darwin every day that I have no relationship with any such men, and there are none like that in my family.

Dave Dubya said...

It would seem vile behavior means nothing to authoritarians, sociopaths and neo-Nazis, AKA the modern Republican Party.
In fact, the opposite is true. Vile behavior excites and unites them.
So they close ranks and goose-step behind their Fuhrer while regurgitating his lies.
They will only abandon their loyalty to their leader when they lose power or profit because of him.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Dubya

You are correct.

Here's an example of the sickness that's taken over the GOP:

The sickness that is the current Republican Party:

“I’d rather have a president that isn’t found liable for battery,” Senator Kevin Cramer, a Republican, told reporters, but “it’s not a disqualifier.”

That sums up the state of the Republican party today better than anything I could write. Clearly, Trump is a symptom, not the disease. The disease is virulent and widespread."

Republicans are still loyal to the Liar, the Cheat, the Fraud, and now the Sexual Predator!"

Les Carpenter said...

He may be reelected because folks think Biden is too old and there may be just enough non thinking folks to put the Orange Man over the top. So like ole skud said, he may be governing from jail... We're sure that wouldn't bother the likes of the current gop either.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I did say finally he got convicted of something and maybe it will take him out of the race. Why does it take 3 decades to file charges. Like kavanaugh, does it really take that long for the DNC to fine someone to file charges or make a complaint. I have never said trump is not pond scum but it is difficult to put much faith in what is said. Much like AOC and her I felt like I was going to be killed even though she was in a different building or her claim of being raped but can't remember how old she was or where it took place of ford with the same recollection. Memory of opportunity is so convenient.

We should be able to do better but can't get past the prejudice and hate.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud, you actually said "Finally they got him convicted of something even if was something that happened thirty years ago with no witnesses or accusations for decades."

Yes the word convicted was used but the rest was so snarky it belied the use.

skud, your words tell me you know nothing of being raped, of facing the very real prospect of dying horribly, of facing horrors previously unknown. Your words skud tell me your agency (sense of self or empowerment) has never been forcibly ripped from you. Your words tell me you've never survived trauma of any sort because if you had, you'd already know.

I hope none of the horrors listed above happen to you skud because once they do your life is changed forever. But once you know, you understand responses to trauma are as individual as the person.


Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Finally they got him convicted of something even if was something that happened thirty years ago with no witnesses or accusations for decades."

That "something" that happened 30 years ago was a forced sexual assault.

I wonder if you'd be so cavalier about it had this happened to a female in your family.

You have zero knowledge of what that traumatic event does to a girl or woman. ZERO.

You should sit this one out.

possumlady said...

Yes, Skud, please sit this one out. When I was in my early twenties (and no, I don't remember the year or how old I was), I was still living at home so when a friend asked me to stay at her apartment to take care of her dog for the weekend, I jumped at the chance! She lived in a transitioning neighborhood in St. Paul, MN.

I took her dog out around 10:00 pm just around the corner (the apartment building was on a corner). A man was just standing there and tried to talk to me. I ignored him and quickly turned to go back inside. When I got to the front door of the complex, he was right behind me and I kept telling him to go away (FYI, I was quite a tiny person, barely 5'2" tall). He followed me to my friend's apartment. I opened the door and pushed the dog inside and tried to close the door. He stuck his foot in the opening and then stuck a gun in my face and started pushing the door to open it more. Luckily, I was braced against a wall. After I saw the gun, I closed my eyes and screamed. I honestly have never screamed like that before or since. I felt the door give a bit and opened my eyes. He had backed up a bit looking to see if anyone opened their doors. I then was able to slam the door shut. I was shaking for hours. I called a friend who worked the late shift and who just got home after midnight. She rushed over with her two brothers to pick me and the dog up. I NEVER told the police, or my parents what happened. I felt stupid, embarrassed and ashamed. I did tell my friend, whose apartment I was staying at, and one of her questions was "what were you wearing". I just shut up after that. While it did not turn into a sexual assault, it was definitely moving in that direction and I carry that fear and shame that I never told the police to this day some 40 years later.

When people sneeringly wonder why it takes so long for a woman to report an assault, it brings the shame right back front and center. It should NOT be this way.

Shaw Kenawe said...


How awful. I commend you for having the courage to recall and write about such a harrowing experience.

I believe skudrunner is at heart a good man. I just think he, like many Americans, do not understand how traumatic these attacks are to women and girls, and maybe that's because in the past women and girls kept quiet about them and did not want to face the insults, ridicule, and blaming that came with reporting them.

I was a child when I was sexually abused by a grown man. A 6 year old child! The man who perpetrated this crime died without ever having to face any consequence for his crimes.

I wonder if anyone would have asked a 6 year old girl what she was wearing when the criminal assaulted her.

Peace to you, dear Possumlady.

skudrunner said...

I just find it convenient that trump announces he is running for president and poof someone comes forward and says 35 years ago he molested me in a dressing room of an upscale store. Not saying it didn't happen but the timing is suspect. The dnc is great at finding someone to go against a republican bringing up things that happened decades ago. Not saying trump is not guilty but don't you find the timing strange.

Shaw Kenawe said...


There's no "poof" here. You obviously didn't bother to find the facts:

In mid-2019, during Trump's presidency, Carroll accused him of sexually assaulting her in early 1996; Trump denied the allegations. In November 2019 Carroll sued him in New York Supreme Court for defamation.

The #MeeToo movement gave her the courage to come forward, just as it gave the courage to the dozens of women who'd been sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.

PS. Apparently you've forgotten that 20+ women came forward WHEN TRUMP RAN FOR THE PRESIDENCY THE FIRST TIME! with allegations of sexual assault.

The idea of "poof" is only in the minds of those who don't bother to research.

Les Carpenter said...

It's a convenient "poof" methinks.

Anonymous said...

skud, you didn’t sit down or shut up, now you get educated.

Average wait time for a sexual assault kit in several FL cities is 40+ weeks. Even if the kit is processed ASAP getting police to arrest or charge one’s attacker is another hurdle and that’s assuming one’s attacker’s DNA is in the system. Then comes the questions - some of which you’ve asked yourself. What were you wearing, why did you trust them (most sexual assault occurs by someone close to you), how were you acting. The only person on placed under the grilling lights of “what did YOU do?” is the attacker.

Women know getting a rapist to trial is horrific, only those who’ve got nothing to lose go there. I certainly never pursued charges for my rapists. I had a job and all that would have been jeopardized.

So - why so long? As I said before each person responds to trauma in their own way. I would imagine had I been Ms Carroll seeing the former president skating through life without accountability and running for the highest position in the USA… I’d have to say something, tell anyone that this person is not a good human, that they will do to others what they’ve gotten away with doing to me.

You’ve never been disenfranchised or powerless and it shows skud. Also shows that you didn’t look stuff up before asking your question.

Trying not to come down on you like a ton of bricks but skud, we’ve educated you so you know better. Try your hardest to do better, ok?

Grey One on my phone again because the service dog is sleeping on my computer hand. Some things one just does not disturb. 💕

possumlady said...

And Peace to you Ms. Shaw. What an awful thing to happen to a little girl. I think if you did an anonymous poll you would see such a large percentage of women being sexually and otherwise assaulted during their lifetime. I was thinking about this last night and was remembering when twice some guy walking past me (well, one was on a bike), grabbed my breast and ran off laughing. Both times in the middle of the day, once in downtown Minneapolis, once in downtown DC. But I guess, boys will be boys, right?