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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Interesting report from Axios


And very encouraging!

“In the 11 months since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Republicans have underperformed in federal, judicial, statewide and local elections across the country,” 

Axios reports. “Abortion isn’t the only factor driving their election woes, especially in local races. But a toxic party brand can easily trickle down-ballot, and the GOP so far hasn’t been able to navigate the voter backlash that began with a New York special election last August.” 

Aaron Blake: “Democrats have overperformed the 2020 presidential results by an average of six points across 18 state legislative races this year. (And again, that was a good election for them.) They’ve also beaten their 2016 margins by an average of 10 points.”

And this:

Driving the news: Jacksonville on Tuesday elected its second Democratic mayor in 30 years, with Donna Deegan upsetting Daniel Davis — a Republican endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis — in Florida's largest city.

  • It was the first major election in Florida since DeSantis signed a six-week abortion ban — which a March poll found 75% of Florida residents oppose — in a private ceremony close to midnight last month.
  • In Colorado Springs, Colorado, independent businessman Yemi Mobolade was elected the first non-Republican mayor since 1979 — a "political earthquake" in a conservative stronghold, according to local media.
  • In Pennsylvania, Democrats held on to their one-seat state House majority by winning a special election in the Philadelphia suburbs, allowing them to block a GOP-backed referendum on limiting abortion rights.


Les Carpenter said...

Excellent news if in fact it holds. A long needed wake up call for the rethugs.

Infidel753 said...

And they don't seem to be able to stop doubling down on the mistake. One Republican-run state after another is enacting more and more restrictions. It's further evidence that the party is now truly dominated by the religious right, not by the traditional business-centric Republicans using religious-right issues to turn out their base as in the past. For the typical Republican legislator, things like restricting abortion really are the top priority, not just a verbal smoke-screen to win votes for some other priority.

skudrunner said...

You need to be careful with the self inflicted pats on the back. As more and more illegals cross the open southern border, people in the east are getting fed up having them overrun their cities. Boston has done a great job of discouraging the illegals from roaming their streets but they will come. The republican party could not plan their way out of joey's basement and they are showing they cannot capitalize on gifts handed to them but giving away cities to the homeless, crime and illegals is not a winning idea either.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To skud,

The border is not open. You keep something that's not true. Why?

Try reading something other than "Gateway Pundit," "Breitbart," and "Newsmax."


skudrunner said...

Ms, Shaw, As you pointed out in your reference there were 2 million documented encounters at the border. The number of undocumented encounters of undocumented individuals will be close to 1/2 that so say 3 million. In 2022 the number of people crossing was 2.76 million and those figures are up 23% through February. Even the NYT, that right wing rag, stated " U.S. officials believe that the number of illegal crossings per day, which has recently hovered around 7,500, could soon rise above 12,000"

If you have an agenda to advance and are not personally affected by the illegals then there is no problem. Now we have NYC putting them up in hotels that could be used for houseless and vets living on the streets. It takes a demented politician to make their city and state a sanctuary city and then complain when the hordes arrive. No shouts for joey b to do anything as long as they remain in the south because just not in my back yard applied. You really do have to consider Boston will be the recipient some day which I am sure will make you proud.

Grey One talks sass said...

Speaking of doubling down on their mistakes in comes skud with their tired claim that the border is wide open. Where oh where could they be getting that talking point?

I would imagine it came from Speaker McCarthy who recently complained on the Tweets machine that Border Patrol caught more people in the month of February on the terrorist watch list than they did during the entire time of the former administration.

This is not the own they think it is. And I've no faith that skud will read (or believe) the carefully accrued facts. If they had the capacity to learn they'd not make the fact free comments they do.

Dave Miller said...

Grey... let's just be clear. Arriving at the border does not mean it's open any more than when someone knocks on your door. They knock because they want to come in, but the door is closed.

But some ppl have a hard time understanding that...

We deny ppl entry everyday and apprehend others in record numbers but ppl keep saying the border is open.

What the heck does that mean?

skudrunner said...

Grey, I guess open borders mean different things to different people. If you live along the southern border 3 million crosser's is an open border. If you are from ohio or the colonies that is their problem. This applies to crime ridden cities and the homeless. Not in my neighborhood so not my problem. Glad you have a grasp on what is going on in others neighborhoods because your knowledge and grasp on what matters is valuable.

Grey One talks sass said...

I left a comment to skud that did not make it through moderation. Thank you Shaw. It wasn't my best work.

To settle what I know about the border - if it works as intended, meaning whatever needs to be prevented from crossing said border is stopped by said border than that border isn't open.

What I hope would happen: worker visas for the migrants who work the fields and seasonal work get to come up to the States, do the job, and go back home when the seasons change. It would legitimize what is already happening and bring in taxes to boot. Seems like a win/win but some bigots believe to their core that these are jobs Americans will do. Ha! I lasted a day doing what my migrant co-worker did and it took me a week to recover. If Americans were going to do the job they'd already be doing it, but they're not so why not working visas?

skud, accusing me of practicing NIMBY is beneath you as I've never said not my state not my issue. I happen to believe in the United (as in all together) States of America just as our founding fathers did back in the day.

Your last statement "Glad you have a grasp on what is going on in others neighborhoods because your knowledge and grasp on what matters is valuable." is incredibly rude and deserving of whatever "finding out" comes your way. Not by me, no, but the Universe has tricksy ways about it and it will continue to teach a lesson until you get it. Trust me, I've experience in these things.

Shaw - I'm taking a break from the social media for a bit. I don't like who I turn into when attacked and usually such words are water off a ducks back only here/now? With all those I love attacked by States governments... It's fascism at its finest and I just need a moment.

I will think of you with your goats until I'm more capable of dealing with social media.

Sending love to PE commentators (aside from the trolls from elsewhere). You are in my heart. Always.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass

I checked my comment moderation and couldn't find your comment. Don't know what happened to it. I don't delete any of yours, since I find them thought provoking AND well written!

Take a well-deserved break, but not too long, please. I will miss your wisdom.

Maybe for a break, I will post photos of the kids that were born on the goat farm this spring: 6 females and 3 males. Every year their names are assigned by the owners with a letter from the alphabet. Last year, all the kids were named with with the letter "M."

This year they were given names with the letter "N."

Nora, Naomi, Nova, Nellie, Nancy, and Nina, and then Nelson, Nick, and Nigel. One more doe is still awaiting a birth.

It's chaotic at feeding time for the kids.