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Monday, May 1, 2023




April 29, 2023:  I awoke to this, and it's way beyond becoming maddening. 

A man gets scammed by the parking attendant at the local restaurant where he’s eating dinner with his girlfriend. Once he finds out he was scammed, he excuses himself, gets up, goes outside and has a discussion with the attendant.

All we know at this point is that the parking attendant ended up dead.

But we can imagine a possible defense. Your honor, my client was scammed and went outside to talk to the attendant and ask for his money back. But the guy started to threaten my client who feared for his life. When the man advanced towards him, out of fear for his life, He felt he had no other choice but to defend himself and shoot him.

Then this…

A man is sitting on his couch trying to watch TV and hoping his young son will stop crying and go to sleep. But it isn’t happening. Once again his neighbor is outside with his AR 15 shooing in his yard and the noise makes watching his favorite Friday show, Blue Bloods, impossible between the gunshots and his crying son.

He goes out and asks his neighbor to stop the shooting because his son is trying to sleep, and then goes back to his family.

Moments later the man comes over, tells the family they have no right to tell him what he can and can’t do in his own yard and he shoots the all, including the young child. Two babies miraculously survived when adults laid on top of them as shields while the neighbor shot them all in the head, execution style.

At this point, it is hard to argue that gun violence in the United States is not out of control. It’s as if we’ve entered into a sort of death spiral where even gun reluctant people begin to feel they need a gun to protect themselves from everyone else with a gun.

Or they have to move to a state where the perception of the gun culture is not as prevalent. And so the sorting of America continues.

I’ve asked everyday people who own guns for years what we can do to stop this. After the obligatory reference to gun violence in cities like Chicago, they shake their heads and offer up no solutions.

When I point out the fact that America is the only developed country in the world where this is happening regularly and ask them why they think that is, they look blankly at me, as if I’m some sort of alien inquisitor.

Because the reality is this…

It’s. The. Guns.

And to accept that truth will call for a solution no gun advocate will ever put forward.

What say you?

Since Dave wrote this, I found these gun tragedies: 

Earlier in April: 

And this: 

This disgusting human thinks it's funny:

Yuk! Yuk! The above miserable excuse for a human being thinks re-naming an AR-15 -- a weapon of war that slaughtered babies and children so badly that their parents couldn't identify them -- that AR-15 should be re-named "A Cordless Hole Puncher." 

The parents of those babies and children who had holes punched in their bodies might not think that's as funny as that soulless, stupid woman believes it is.

And, of course, Nikki  Haley has to show her Republican weapons-of-war creds, so she poses with "A Cordless Hole Puncher" to prove she can be as crassly and heartlessly stupid as Boebert:


Les Carpenter said...

Yes it's the guns. Absolutely!

While i haven't hunted in years i was always a supporter and advocate of the right to responsibly own, use, and safely secure weapon and ammo>/b>. Still am. Having said that, i also think we need uniform national firearms laws universally applicable to all 50 states. A national firearms registry. Universal background checks every 5 years. Gun ownership liability insurance. Improved mental health health monitoring. Minimum age for firearm ownership 18 years of age with restrictions on use beginning at age 13 following completion of firearm safety course. Then use only under adult trained in firearms saftey unti 18 years of age.

As Silver might say this isn't rocket science nor does it prevent anyone who is responsible and well balanced from owning firearms. Oh, anda national ban on hih capacity rapid fire firearms for private use.

Mike said...

Think about the shootings that never get mentioned because they aren't spectacular enough to be newsworthy.

ralph said...

It is the guns because the people shooting them have nothing else to do. That is the excuse for teens rioting in Chicago. Gun shooters are suppressed and misunderstood. I do think it ironic that the person who gives money to a country that allows cartels to run wild, killing hundreds of innocent people is outraged at gun owners in the US. Guns kill far fewer than drugs brought across the border but little outrage.

Anonymous said...

ralph: "Guns kill far fewer than drugs brought across the border but little outrage."

No. The outrage is the comparison you made. They're not the same and can't be compared.

You should be able to figure that out yourself.

ralph said...

Of course they are not the same because death by drugs is totally different than death by firearms. Little blood with drugs so no reason to be outraged. Are there to many guns , sure, are there to many illegal drugs, sure the biggest difference is one is a political blaming point and the other a societal issue. The political worms are doing nothing about either one except blaming each other.

Dave Miller said...

We're still stuck with the central solution facing us...

Is there a solution? It won't be found in criticisms of Trump, Biden or the next president. That's just noise. It will only be found in the hearts of members of the Republican Party, Independents and conservatives across America.

Because I'm pretty sure libs and Democrats will work to move forward with any real plan to address the issue from those other groups.

So come on Sal, Tom, Skud, Frank and the rest of you conservative guys.

Give us a realistic solution to this problem plaguing America right now. How would you solve this issue that's been killing American children since the 1999 Columbine shooting, across 5 presidencies, representing all political viewpoints.

What is your solution?

And I'm sure if you post a rational response, stay on topic and are serious, Shaw will post your contribution.

Unless you believe a few dead children is a suitable price to pay for our freedoms.

Les Carpenter said...

As usual the loud mouthed extremism existant on the NRA, the gun nutters in the general populace, and the gutless politicians in Washington get all the attention. They have a winning card as they have the 2'nd amendment as their trump card (no un intended). Misinterpreted as it is. Until the constitution is amended, altering the current perceived interpretation of the 2'nd, this blight on American humanity will likely continue unabated.

Dave Miller said...

I see we're back at everything is bolded.

Dang blogger...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes. It seems to have started at the first comment by Les.

skudrunner said...

Rev, If you believe the democrats and liberals will vote for stricter gun control then they should put it to a vote. The reason they won't is they would have to take a stance and they won't. Until that point all the discussion is just political posturing but they know a significant number of their voters won't support it.

Blame the vehicle because that is the easy part instead of coming up with a plan. Increase and support law enforcement, enforce laws including theft, put criminals in jail and leave them there, quit excusing bad behaviors and hold people accountable. Teens in chicago riot because they don't have anything to do and they are excused. A man isn't given the drug he wants so he kills people, can't blame him because he needed the anti anxiety drug. Lets not forget police are the enemy so why not reduce them or lets make their job so dangerous we get individuals who are not qualified.
Close the border not because the majority are not seeking asylum but because they are crushing law enforcement in large cities and the mayors of those cities blame everyone but the program that is not working. It is the federal government who has opened the border so why shouldn't everyone accept the results.

Yep lets take the easiest route and blame the instrument instead of the cause.