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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

A Trumpers' knee-jerk reaction to yesterday's verdict in the E. Jean Carroll trial:

I often read a particular far-right Qanon pro-Trump blogger to see what the Trumpers are thinking and how they twist themselves into the proverbial pretzel to defend the indefensible creep they support. And I'm never disappointed to see how their minds work.

A jury found Donald J. Trump LIABLE for the sexual assault and defamation of E. Jean Carroll; but right on brand, the blogger believes Trump, a known documented *30,000*, liar, and not the witnesses nor the victim (who were all deposed and sworn in under oath). 

The blogger is clearly on the side of the perpetrator of sexual assault, and obviously knows nothing about what was revealed about Trump in the trial nor anything about Trump's disastrous deposition, where he bragged, again, about being a star, which, he implied, enables him to sexually assault any women he wants.

The blogger is infected with Trumpism and will never see her hero for what he is: A sexual predator, assaulter, and defamer, a liar, a cheat, and a fraud.

Apparently, she and her pals admire those attributes in him. 

What more can be said about the depravity of Trump and of those who continue to support him?

Read this and weep for our country. There are millions and millions who think like her and her readers, and this is why, IMO, America is doomed:


The woman didn’t yell, didn’t call the police, didn’t do anything but tell good friends she was RAPED!

Well, the jury believed he touched her but they feel she lied about being raped.   Ah, I get it;  believable enough to buy that say she was touched, NOT believable enough to buy her rape story.  Huh!  Whatta ya know?  And believable enough though she’s not sure if it was 27 years ago or not…she can’t exactly remember which year.  How the heck times has she been raped that she can’t remember so much about this one?

I guess her Leftwing lawyer who supported Biden will help her through the Appeal.  After he gets his huge percentage and pays off her girlfriends who took the stand.  (oops)

Trump was an ASS not to at least attend the trial;   People would have been thrilled to see Trump in person, particularly if he’d acted professional and beleaguered without calling anybody names, etc….just sat there looking pained and perplexed…people would have known he’s taking it seriously…….  very dumb that he did not.

BY THE WAY….when did he apparently DEFAME her?  AFTER he heard her accusations?  Would anybody NOT try to defame someone saying these things?


Dave Miller said...

The statement "The woman didn’t yell, didn’t call the police, didn’t do anything but tell good friends she was RAPED!"

E Jean Carroll was in a public place, presumedly feeling pressured by a rich, powerful person person. Her not screaming does not concern me. Nor does her not going to cops. Who would believe her?

And she did tell a few close friends then that it had happened.

Historically, police have accepted that as very strong evidence.

But... she did admit Trump is an ass!

You gotta wonder why people would vote for someone they believe is an ass...

Les Carpenter said...

Deluded fool that she obviosly is she'd not believe that tRump was raping someone if she witnessed it first hand. tRump was right when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue NY and get away wih it. You're subject blogger would no doubt be one of those.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Not knowing ANYTHING about the trial or the any of the testimony that was given during the civil trial, the blogger wrote this:

"BOCOPRO…of course it’s for fun and profit! I don’t believe this happened. If she lied about being raped (or at least the jury didn’t believe her) then why did they believe she wouldn’t lie about being touched?"

Where to begin with this? First Carroll didn't "lie" about being raped, there just wasn't enough preponderance of evidence to prove this serious crime, but the jury found that Carroll was SEXUALLY ASSAULTED and DEFAMED. Carroll's lawyer provided ample evidence for the jury to find Trump liable.

The blogger, a woman, no less, has zero understanding of how girls and women were treated when they came forward with allegations of rape -- ESPECIALLY when the purported rapist was a powerful, rich man.

Has she forgotten this disgraceful rape case?

And this one?

Has she forgotten that Harvey Weinstein, a rich, rich powerful Hollywood mogul, got away with hundreds of allegations of rape before the law finally held him accountable for his crimes?

The blogger has an opinion informed by her undying admiration for the swine, Trump, and her ignorance of the facts presented at the trial. IOW, she knows NOTHING about the facts, but she's proud of her ignorance enough to broadcast it on a public blog.

She and her readers are representative of the people who still support Trump, a sexual assaulter and defamer.

E. Jean Carroll is a hero in my book for enduring the wrath and menace of a man who isn't fit to shine her shoes.

I pity the people who still support the disgraced and disgusting Trump.

Les Carpenter said...

Shaw, it has been said, ignorance is bliss. The blogger you are speaking of probably fully accepted the male centric view of things because it was easier for her to do so than challenge the generally accepted norms of the times she grew up in.

Sad but guite possibly true. She likely hasn't the strength to challenge the conservative male dominate perspective.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Les, there's also this saying:

"There's no shame in being ignorant, only in staying that way."

Anonymous said...

Somebody please edit together a video aimed at conservative Christians. Use only Trump's own words. Tie together the 'Access Hollywood tape' and the deposition where he's asked about it.

There is no more room for 'benefit of the doubt.' Trump boasted in the Access Hollywood tape that because he is a "star," he kisses women and gropes their genitals without consent. Then in the 2016 campaign, he played it off as nothing more than crass 'locker room talk.'

Now in this deposition, under oath, he confirms that he does believe that "stars" can do that, "unfortunately or fortunately." He then confirms that he believes he is a "star."

("Unfortunately or fortunately." Trump is such a narcissist, he can't hold himself to saying that groping women without consent is bad. He has to throw in the "fortunately," because he's actually pleased with himself for being a "star" who can do that.)

It doesn't matter if Trump's acolytes still want to disbelieve E. Jean Carroll. They can just believe Trump when he tells them in his own words, under oath, that he's entitled to sexually assault women, and has done so.

That blogger who dismisses this whole sordid episode as nothing but a bunch of lies is a disgrace to her sex. We could even say she's pro-sexual assault on women. Ugh!

Dave Miller said...

Anon... the blogger who dismisses it, like a like of Trump and conservative syncophants, has never seen the depo video. They don't show it on Fox, OAN, NewsMax or RT news. So where would she see it?

They live in silos out on the range where never is heard a discouraging word. And they don't allow them on their blogs.

It's a closed loop info system.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jeff Tiedrich

congratulations to the literally zero Republicans who have stood up to denounce Donald Trump for being a sexual predator. take a victory lap, you spineless cowards

Jeff Tiedrich

for those of you keeping score at home, Barack Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize. Donald Trump has a sexual abuse judgement

Les Carpenter said...

True Shaw.

However, being ignorant must be considered a badge of honor in the trumper's mind.

Mike said...

"particularly if he’d acted professional"
Fat chance of that EVER happening.

In MY Honest Opinion said...

"for those of you keeping score at home, Barack Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize. Donald Trump has a sexual abuse judgement"

And what does Biden have??????

Shaw Kenawe said...


Biden has the Office of the President of the United States of America!

Dave Miller said...

Of course she's back at it today saying the fact that the jury decided there was not enough evidence to convict Trump for rape, that it proved Carroll lied.

What a stupid, uninformed thing to say.

But who's surprised?

She's a supporter of a man found liable for sexual assault and defamation.