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Thursday, May 25, 2023


"Oath Keepers' founder Stewart Rhodes was just sentenced to 18 years in prison for seditious conspiracy in the January 6th attack on the Capitol building. 

 Judge Mehta said in the sentencing that "Treason has been determined to be the appropriate analogue." The Judge also said that Jan 6. was "one of the blackest stains on our country." 

 Around January 6, Rhodes, called for “civil war” and told his followers to let Trump know that they are “willing to die” to defend the country. 

 Judge Mehta ruled that Rhodes' actions amounted to domestic terrorism, noting the way in which the rioters, enticed by Rhodes, attacked the capital during the Democratic transfer of power. 

 The Seditious conspiracy conviction means that there was indeed a conspiracy to attempt to stop Biden from lawfully becoming President. This is a serious crime and that's why he received a serious sentencing."

--Ed Krassenstein

Both Trump and DeSantis have stated that they'd pardon the criminals, like Rhodes, who perpetrated the attack on the United States, should they become POTUS.

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Dave Miller said...

No word yet from the horde of Fox News personalities who said the lack of indictments for sedition and insurrection, as well as convictions, was proof nothing serious happened at the Capitol on Jan 6.

It gives us something to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend.

The group of people responsible for the most serious attempt to break up the Union since the Civil War is starting to face the consequences of their treasonous actions and attempt to topple that which generations of soldiers have died to defend.