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Friday, May 19, 2023

File under "WTAF!"


We can thank Trumpublicans and Trumpublican politicians for this idiocy.

This is what happens when weak-minded bigots and chowderheads (especially the ones with firearms) buy into stupid rightwing lies about drag queens, LGBTQ+, and transgender Americans :

The Advocate:

"A Vermont father was arrested and charged with harassment in New Hampshire on Tuesday after allegedly threatening his daughter's school. The man said if his daughter were exposed to transgender students or drag queens he would commit a mass shooting, according to authorities." 

 KETTERING, Ohio (WKEF) --  "A man is behind bars on Wednesday evening after inducing panic and threatening violence at a local high school. Around 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning, 42-year-old Brandon Moore called Kettering Fairmont High School and threatened the safety of students who identify as LGBTQ+, according to Tyler Johnson, Kettering Police Department Public Information Officer. A news release from Kettering City Schools said that the threat was not directed at anyone specific, but was a broad safety threat. Following district safety protocols, Fairmont’s on-site School Resource Officer was made aware of the phone call, according to Kettering City Schools."

Nothing happened at these schools this time. And we're thankful for that. 

But this is a catastrophe, waiting to happen again, that was instigated by fearful, ignorant, and hateful people against "others" they don't know nor understand and who appeal to others who believe just like them.


For the chumps who still get their "NOOZ" from FAUX NOOZ:

Homeless Vets Story Eaten Up By Fox News Turns Out to Be Spectacularly False 

"The Mid-Hudson News — kudos to this local paper for some tremendous coverage on this story, by the way — reported on Friday morning that seven homeless men had come forward to reveal that Finch approached them at a shelter this week, offering to pay them in cash, food, and alcohol to pretend that they were veterans who had been kicked out of the hotels to make way for migrants. 

The New York Post followed up with a report on their story falling apart. An editor’s note has been affixed to the original front-page story. 

It reads: 'This non-profit CEO has since been accused of misrepresenting the veterans who have been displaced for migrants.' 

 Fox News has yet to issue any correction over the story. The network did not respond to a request for comment."

And for the biggest Chumps of all, prizes go to these idiots:

"Post columnist Miranda Devine said Biden 'should burn in hell for this.' Kevin McCarthy called it 'shameful.' Nikki Haley said the tale was 'liberal insanity at work.'"


Dave Miller said...

It's well past time we ask why these mostly deranged people feel so at home with conservatives, their beliefs and the GOP.

Whether it's racism, sexism, views on anti-abortion or immigration, the vast majority of mass killers our country has seen in our recent history have not been libs, progressives or members of the Democratic party.

Why is that?

Dave Miller said...

And don't expect any retraction from Fox... They follow the DJT mode of no retreat, no surrender and never apologize.

Mike said...

It didn't take Faux any time at all to get back to their campaign of lies. (put Tucker Carlson giggle laugh here)

possumlady said...

And then we have this asshole in Maryland walking around with a MAGA cap and his rifle around school bus stops, but oh no, he wasn't trying to frighten anyone!!

Shaw Kenawe said...


I read the article. That jerk was legally within his rights to open carry an AR-15 in a school district and frighten children, school personnel, and parents.

We are a nation swarming with idiots like him.

He can take his 2nd Amendment rights and shove them!