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Monday, May 15, 2023

Important News for All the Idiots Who Swallowed the Lies About President Biden and His Family

House Republican Report Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by President Biden 

"After months of investigation and many public accusations of corruption against Mr. Biden and his family, the first report of the premier House G.O.P. inquiry showed no proof of such misconduct. "

The House Committee hoping to find wrongdoing by President Biden and his family haz a sad.

They utterly failed!

We knew they would!


Ray Cranston said...

Are the jackals shutting up about this now?


Les Carpenter said...

I notice J. Jordan ia a member.

Rather than jump on and hoot and holler my view is , thank you republicans for finding and publishing the truth. Now, lets move on, work with democrats, and begin doing what is right for the country. For a change.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Les, you know the MAGA GOP can’t ‘move’ on. Endless cycles of accusations against their perceived enemies for things they are doing is their brand.

Back in the day I was told by a baby MAGA that if HRC would just confess they’d know how to charge her. Same energy here.

It would be for the good if those with logs in their eyes could remove them. As a former cult member I can tell you that they truly believe the log helps them see better.

When I meditate/do energy work I focus on veils lifted, of the healing light that is For the Good of All and May It Harm None to apply to each soul as to their needs.

It’s slow work but take heart for in the past no one thought marriage equality would happen. In the here/now hearts that were hardened against their LGBTQA+ kids have reconciled because in the end love (and grandkids) rules.

Grey One Talks Sass on their phone because the computer is at home and I am not

Les Carpenter said...

Of course you are right Grey One Talks Sass. However, my deepening spiritual path and allignment with buddhanature moves me to forgive the MAGA's for their ignorant positions and agenda. I accept my own ignorance and continue to work to clear away the obscuratins and delusions that can affect us all. Tibetan meditation practices have helped me a great deal.

Even the MAGA's possess buddhanature (we all do), they, like so many, just don't know or see it. It is obscured from them because as you pointed out they have very large logs that has been blocking their view for a very long time i'm sure.

Anyway forgiveness should never be taken as agreement. For it is not. Those of us that see their delusions and positions for what they are will not, and should not, cease critisism of their hateful destructive agenda. I know we won't stop advocating for understanding, compassion, love, acceptance, and peace.

Be well

Dave Miller said...

Sen Ron Johnson said we have no direct evidence, you have to infer guilt.

What the heck is that? Is this what passes today for a GOP method of determining guilt? A jury of your peers has inferred your guilt based on a preponderance of no direct evidence?

How many GOP minions want to be judged by that standard?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M., The Trumpublican Party wanted to find President Biden guilty of SOMETHING, ANYTHING, so they began digging and inferring in order to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

They failed.

I remember seeing a video clip made by MT Greene where in it she definitively said called the President's family "The Biden Crime Family," and that their "crimes" would be exposed and President Biden would pay the price (something to that effect).

I haven't heard any retraction from her since we've found out that the Republican committee failed to prove any crime by President Biden.

I imagine Biden's family members have financially benefitted through his position in government, and that is true of almost every president's family, and I don't like it one bit. But those same Trumpublicans had nothing to say about Trump's daughter and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who financially benefitted from his presidency, by millions and millions of dollars, WHILE THEY WERE WORKING IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

Because they're hypocritical scandal mongers.

And they failed miserably.

Ron Johnson is an embarrassment to this country.

Les Carpenter said...

Ron Johnson is an embarrassment to himself. Every person seeing things clearly will see it you laid it out Shaw. Which pretty much excludes most republican politicians and their supporters.