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Monday, May 15, 2023

More reasons to avoid DeSantis's Florida:

Especially if you get sick or in an accident: 

 Florida doctors can now deny health care coverage based on personal views


If a health care workers discovers you're gay, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, or any other minority they hate (or any minority their "faith" hates), that health care worker -- doctors included -- can refuse to provide care.

It’s Now Legal in Florida for Doctors to Deny Health Care to Anyone If They Feel Like It 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a dangerous bill that would give virtually any health care provider (including insurance companies) the right to deny care. 

Under the new law, “a health care provider or health payor has the right to opt out of participation in or payment for any health care service on the basis of a conscience-based objection,” meaning based on their moral, ethical, or religious beliefs.

Florida Law Will Allow Doctors to Deny Treatments to LGBTQ Patients 

Medical "conscience" law empowers any health professional to deny treatment or services if doing so violates their moral or ethical beliefs.

Yes, this is happening in DeSantis's "Free State of Florida." 

It's free if you're a straight, white Christian Trumpublican. 

The rest of you are at the mercy of whatever any health care worker or insurance representative holds a prejudice against.

Of course, this is insanity and will not stand.


And in DeSantis's crusade to keep Floridians in the dark (stupid) about actual historical events: 


Florida rejects Holocaust education textbooks in clampdown on ‘woke’ instruction 

One of the rejected Holocaust textbooks was “Modern Genocides.” 

The other was an online learning course, “History of the Holocaust.” 

Both were intended for high school students.


DeSantis is a non-stop anti-democracy autocrat, telling the taxpayers of Florida what HE thinks their children should learn in the "Free State of Florida."

"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill into law Monday barring the state’s colleges and universities from spending money on diversity, equity and inclusion programs, and limiting how race can be discussed in many courses. 

 The move comes amid a larger conservative attack on higher education DEI programs, which DeSantis and others say reinforce racial divisions and promote liberal orthodoxy."


Florida is a "free state" ONLY if its taxpayers agree with what the governor and his rubber stamp legislature imposes on them. 

But, please, tell me how the Democratic Party wants to shut down free speech and expression, and how intolerant of ideas and actual historical events Liberals/Democrats are .

Ron DeSantis is EVERYTHING we despise in an authoritarian figure.

How did this happen in America?


Anonymous said...

Hey, where are all those "the government's not gonna tell ME what I can and can't do" conservatives now?!?

Shaw Kenawe said...

‘Impossible to hold him accountable’: DeSantis signs laws to ease 2024 run

Measures would let him campaign while serving as Florida governor and shield travel records from public

Les Carpenter said...

So much for the Hippocratic Oath. In Floriduh anyway if DeSanitize gets his way. Which, who knows. In Floriduh he just may.

DeSanitize is the modern Rethuglican party fascist megahorn of idiocy. Right behind DJT. Not that there aren't many just like him in the party of regression.

Mike said...

We got past pharmacists refusing to dispense plan B pills a while ago. This is going to bring that all back up again.

Anonymous said...

I asked what has the DNC ever has done for Blacks. You apparently have no answer. So You can go now.!

Shaw Kenawe said...


The DNC has no legislative authority to propose or pass laws.

You don't know that?

Also, you have not asked that question here.

You seem confused and ignorant about how our government works.

The internet can be a useful tool for learning things.

You should try it.