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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Some lovely election results yesterday:

Florida Democrats flip the Jacksonville mayor’s office in a major upset 

Jacksonville was the largest city in the country with a GOP mayor, and the Republican candidate Tuesday had the backing of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

BREAKING: In another MAJOR LOSS for Republicans, the Democratic-aligned independent candidate Yemi Mobolade has DEFEATED Republican Wayne Williams in the Colorado Springs mayoral runoff election. This is the second big flip away from the Republican Part.


Les Carpenter said...

Superb news. Hopefully it continues and grows in force across the land. Until.all MAGAt's are out of office.

Mike said...

At least Mobolade had a large percentage of the majority. Deegan won with 52%. Not an overwhelming win.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mike, True. But Deegan's Republican opponent had DeSantis's endorsement!

And Jacksonville is traditionally heavily Republican. So that makes Deegan's win all the more remarkable.