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Thursday, May 11, 2023


Los Angeles Times on CNN’s Trump Town Hall: 

“Donald Trump is a disgraced former president, wannabe autocrat, sexual predator and unremorseful seditionist, the first ever to deny his electoral defeat and to incite an insurrection. He faces possible criminal indictment for those actions, perhaps soon, as well as for allegedly conspiring to make off with boxes of government documents, including highly classified ones, when he finally left the White House. 

In short, this is an abnormal candidate who must not be normalized on national television in some run-of-the-mill Q&A with voters. 

A rule of thumb: If his lips are moving, he’s lying.”


Mike said...

They could have added a lot more.

Les Carpenter said...

If he's breathing he's thinking up lies. Probably even when dreaming.

skudrunner said...

Can't wait for joey b to have a town hall. I didn't watch this one because it was a sham but joey b I would watch. Maybe fox will host.

Anti-Trumper said...

I watched a clip of CNN anchors discussing Trump's lies after his "town hall".

It was like watching a bunch of people trying to wipe the shit off their walls after their own network invited a rabid animal with explosive diarrhea into their home.

Shit is shit - and there is no after-the-fact analysis that can make the stench go away.

Les Carpenter said...

President Biden will do okay. Not great. But okay. And while the President will spin to support his administration's agenda and actions his appearance will have nowhere near the flat out right lies the Former Guy uttered. You cabn take that to the bank.

Dave Miller said...

Defending the Sh^*Sh#w of lies, the Capitana of the HMS Mothership of Horrors completely excused any lying by Trump stating that Anybody HAS to lie in a job like that..."

Maybe I'm wrong, thought I doubt it, but I can't seem to recall her saying it was okay for Biden, Obama or any Dem to lie. Ever.

I wonder why it's okay with Trump?