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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Georgia Special Election

As I wrote over at RN USA's blog, it's not surprising that a red Republican won in a red, red district. What is surprising is that the Democrat, Jon Ossoff, came within 3.8 percentage points of beating the red Republican in what was once Newt Gingrich's and Tom Price's district. 


Sure, a win is a win, no matter how close, but of the 4 contests in red, red Republican districts, check out how the Democrats are gaining.  

We need to look at the long game and also understand that as long as Trump is president, these once solid, unassailable red, red Republican districts will continue to lose ground.

Again, look at the long game and look at how the red Republican support continues to fall away.

Here are some charts from Jobsanger to illustrate:

Dems Should Be Buoyed By Georgia / S. Carolina Results


S.O.H. said...

Ossoff and his minions way outspent Karen Handel. Yet, Karen Handel won.


A conservative won in a very, very conservative district! Yeah! Trump!

Handel won by 4 points! When Trump won that district by 20!!!!!


What an amazing landslide victory!

The Democratic Party is in decline. hehehehehe!

Shaw Kenawe said...


My take is that the most realistic way to see this result is that it is one of a string of special elections in which Democrats have dramatically over-performed in Republican districts...

If you take the average Democratic over-performance in these districts and apply it to the entire House, Democrats are quite likely to take the House next year. What I take from this is that Republicans are struggling under Trump and Democrats are energized...

This is a big disappointment. But remember, by any objective measure these races show a Democratic party resurgent and a GOP on the ropes. These seats came open because they were vacated by people Trump picked for cabinet appointments. They got those picks because they came from safe seats. They are by no means a cross section of House seats. The thing to do is learn what we can from coming up just short and move on to the next fight.

Libby Spencer said...

Dear doomsayers: A first time candidate, a 30 year old liberal, came within 2 points of turning a 38 year old safe red seat in the south. Forced the GOP to spend a ton of money to defend it. This is not a huge loss. Voter suppression barely kept that seat for them. We're gaining ground

Shaw Kenawe said...

PM Carpenter:

[T]he president's gutting of conscientious health-care for Georgia's 6th will be supported by Congresswoman Karen Handel, as will his unconscionable tax cuts for the superwealthy and his privatized infrastructure package in which actual infrastructure is, at best, a tertiary concern. Try as they have to find the absolute bottom of a nationally destructive political agenda, Republicans aren't there yet. But with Trump in the Oval Office, Price-replacement Handel in the House and the GOP base stupefyingly cheering them on, they'll get there.

On the flip side, the Democrat lost in a reliably Republican district, where Republican voters managed to … see above. And he lost at the hands of the traditional Republican way. That is to say, the party of inhumanity, fiscal recklessness and national suicide tethered centrist Democrat Jon Ossoff to Nancy "San Francisco Values" Pelosi. Naturally, the Republican children of Georgia's 6th went screaming into the night, for there's nothing so horrifying as the West Coast values of principled health care, fiscal responsibility, public infrastructure for the public — and national sanity.

Shaw Kenawe said...

S.O.H. not sure if you're a crazy wingnut or a parody of one.

Ray Cranston said...

The cons are celebrating but it doesn't change the fact that their con president is still underwater with his very awful approval of 30% of the American people, and the fact that Don the Con is under FBI investigation, andhe's hated around the globe. let the cons dance their little vitory dance but keep your eyes on the prize.

Donald J. Chump said...


Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, the cons have suffered so many humiliating months of Trump and all his excruciatingly embarrassing blunders. We should allow them to prance around like little bloated fops crowing about a victory that should have been a blow-out, but wasn't.

In a few days they'll have to go back to watching 60% of Americans and the rest of the civilized world mock Trump the BLOTUS.

DJC, That would have been Lord Dampnut's tweet had Ossoff won. Good one.

Anonymous said...

The real story here is that it took $20+ MILLION dollars for a republican to even have a remote chance of winning a seat that's been safe for 40 freakin years.

Ray Cranston said...

"Voter suppression barely kept that seat for them. We're gaining ground."

They play dirty.

Les Carpenter said...

All spin aside, democrats really do need to get their vision, message, implementation plan. and delivery together so Americans can see the stark differences between the rethugs and Democrat0

Anonymous said...

We almost win elections, great.

What is the democratic narrative? Its been demonstrated that "tRump is evil" wont win elections.

What's the democratic response to voter suppression?