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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Only 12% of Americans support the Senate health care plan.

Remember when GOPers screamed that Obamacare was shoved down their throats?  

Who's doing the shoving down people's throats now?

Twelve percent support Trumpcare? 

A YUUUUUUGE majority of Americans don't want the stinky cheese being offered by the GOP as "health care." It's a miserable plan that hurts millions and millions of men, women, and children, the elderly, the sick, the handicapped, infants, and fetuses.  Have I left anyone out? I'm sure if I have, the GOP will find some vulnerable population to throw off their insurance or to gouge them so that they cannot afford it.

And then they'll enrich the richy riches who'll laugh all the way to the bank as they screw over their fellow Americans. 

What is wrong with the Congressional GOP? Are they so full of hatred for the former Democratic President Obama that they actually will harm their fellow citizens just for spite?

The current GOP bill does NOTHING to fulfill Trump's pledge when as a candidate he promised no cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and that he would cover EVERYONE and the coverage would be less costly than Obamacare.

Every one of those promises was a con by the biggest CON in the countlry. He's treating this country the way he's treated other people he's done business with:

He gives them big promises of something beautiful, and delivers STINKY CHEESE.

Then he'll blame President Obama for another Trump failure.


Rational Nation USA said...

At least stinky cheese has nutritional value. And, once you get by the stink it tastes damn good. The AHCA, either the House or Senate version, stinks like full Sani-can in 100 degree heat.

Ducky's here said...

The irony is that it might have passed except a group of Republican trogs thought it wasn't sufficiently draconian.

skudrunner said...

I am confused by your statements because the USA poll says 44% favor repeal obamacare and only 11% say leave it alone. It does look like obamacare is not the answer either. How many of the people who will "lose" their insurance are ones forced to buy obamacare even though they don't want it and as soon as the mandate goes away so do they.

If they are going to do an accurate poll the first question would be have you read and understand both obamacare and what the gop has proposed. If people only understand what the news media tells them then they do not know the facts. That includes Fox on the conservative side and the 10 major liberal news organizations.

No plan designed by one party will be acceptable and we voted for the elected elite to work together and work for the American people tocome up with a solution that is acceptable to the majority. The republicans didn't come to the table for obamacare and looks like the dems will not join this discussion. We should demand better instead of just drawing a line and not demanding solutions.

Ducky's here said...

skud, wanting to repeal the Affordable Care Act and believing that the current Senate bill is absolute excrement are quite independent.
Yes, there are many critics of ACA and more than a handful want it changed to allow single payer. The stats on ACA are misleading. Whether there is a large portion of the general populace so mean spirited that they believe the Senate bill doesn't go far enough ... I leave that to you to dig up.

But this we know about the Senate bill. It is a massive tax cut for the upper few percent financed by cutting medical insurance for the poor. Disgraceful.
Yes, some who lose insurance will drop it by choice but the majority will be those loosing it due to the rollback of Medicaid expansion. It's the Full Ayn Rand for them and we don't want Dems joining that outrage.

Remember: This bill is an upper decile TAX CUT not a health insurance bill. Don't get suckered.

Dave Miller said...

Remember the days of the GOP saying Congress should follow the will of the people?

For some reason I'm not hearing that now...

Shaw Kenawe said...

The reason, Dave, is that Trump and his supporters have double standards; and as the meme on my blog says, without double standards, Trump and his supporters would have no standards at all.

They are immoral hypocrites.

Infidel753 said...

Skudrunner: If they are going to do an accurate poll the first question would be have you read and understand both obamacare and what the gop has proposed.

Huh? The thing was written in secret by the Gang of 13 and then pushed out for a rush vote before the public had time to figure out what it really meant. Clearly the authors didn't think that greater knowledge of it would make it look any better.

Since even some Republican Senators refused to go along, there's been time for the facts to come out and the CBO to score it, and everyone can see it's just another Republican exercise in taking away things from ordinary people to pay for more tax cuts for the rich, and they don't like it.

In any case, detailed knowledge of book-length laws has never been a prerequisite for being polled on them. By that standard every poll could cover only a few percent of the public. It's the Republican party's job to sell this thing if they want people to like it. Even with one of the greatest bullshitters in America as President, they can't do it.

Dave Miller said...

I was reading the HMS Trump today and they're arguing that people become liberal because they get indoctrinated at college.

I think in reality land, we call that educated.

skudrunner said...


Not sure how all the rhetoric about massive tax cut for the wealthy is accurate. Are there some who think obaacare should be repealed with no replacement, probably. No one is taking about cutting medicaid but they are talking about slowing it's growth and for some that is not a good thing. Maybe pushing for company provided healthcare that disappeared under obamacare should return. That way people who want to work will be covered except the 30 year old male will lose his pregnancy coverage.

The taxes associated with obaacare serve no purpose except to shore up the failing ACA program of one size fits all. Lets lower healthcare costs by taxing them, doesn't make sense does it. We need a competitive marketplace in order to stabilize costs and neither program does that. No cross state line offering, no tort reform and no menu for different coverage. The 12 million who subscribe to ACA are the sickest and the healthy stay away from it and would rather pay a fine, well thought out plan by the you have to vote for it to see it crowd. Between the cost of obamacare and the deductible the majority of eligible people for obamacare can't afford it so where is the affordable part of ACA.

I'm still waiting to see how 20 million will lose coverage when only 12 million are enrolled in obamacare.

Grey One talks sass said...

scud says "The republicans didn't come to the table for obamacare..." So the 100+ amendments Republicans added to the ACA were imaginary? The Republican model for the ACA wasn't real either?

I knew Repubs were in another world. Thanks for providing the facts which upgrades the hypothesis into a theory.

Flying Junior said...

The numbers still make pretty good sense to me, Skud. You say 44% favor repealing the PPACA. That's a minority. Only 14% are reckless enough to say just go ahead and repeal it come hell or high water, (hell being Paul Ryan's plan, high water being the rising costs associated with this blunder.)

But by your reckoning, 53% of those polled favor keeping the PPACA or at least working with it to try and fix problems. That's pretty good for a national publication that leans conservative.

The only logical plan I have heard of to improve Obamacare without actually scrapping is to increase subsidies for the poor to get more people insured and ease the burden on those who can least afford it. Does that sound about right to anyone?

Jerry Critter said...

skud - "No one is taking about cutting medicaid but they are talking about slowing it's growth..."

They "slow the growth" primarily by cutting out the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. Removing the Obamacare Medicaid expansion is a CUT in Medicaid benefits and a reduction in Medicaid eligibility. People will lose coverage and benefits.

In other words, the growth is slowed by CUTTING money, almost EIGHT HOUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, from Medicaid.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... the 11 million you are talking about are the folks who enrolled in Obamacare on the exchanges. This does not count the Medicaid expansion. Although the argument you made is frequently cited by the GOP, it's just not accurate,

This will be a mess.

Again, all the numbers say this... if we do nothing to try and fix Obamacare, 15 million people will lose insurance in 10 years. If we switch to the GOP plan, between 22-24 million more people will lose coverage on top of the 15 million already projected.

anymouse said...

So the Republibots whine about Obamacare failing while their hands are still ink stained from removing the risk corridors and cutting off funds to the cost sharing provision of the ACA which was put in to help insurance companies in exchanges without enough customers to make it profitable. Of course, they were also suing to stop many aspects of the ACA, including medicaid expansion which the Supreme Court narrowly decided that states could opt out of participating in the expansion. Many did opt out (we can't help our poor residents if it might help Obama's healthcare act be successful, ya know.) With millions out of choice to gain medicaid expansion, the numbers of signers was greatly depressed. 50 or more times these lousy , good for nothing scumbags voted to repeal what for many was a lifesaver. And now they are whining about Democrats not supporting their horrendous, horrible tax giveaway for the uber rich.
Hmmmfff. They can go you know where!

Jerry Critter said...

In fact, the cuts, yes CUTS, to Medicaid increase with time. "By 2036 Medicaid spending will be 35% less than it will be under the current law.".

People will lose benefits, lose coverage, and some of them will die because of it. But what the hell, the rich get their tax cut, or maybe we should call it their "other people's death benefit to the rich'.

skudrunner said...


Face facts, obamacare was and is a disaster and fixing it is something that should have been done five years ago. It is all about political grandstanding, look what we did, and then on to the next grandstand. There was never a effort to fix obamacare because the push was and is for one payer system which everyone will hate. If they pattern single payer after England that might work but we cannot afford the Canadian system. We are not healthy, have a huge welfare population who have no interest or incentive in working and we have to many polluted and violent cities. All this would max out our healthcare providers.

One of the biggest issues that was not addressed was if it is more cost effective and efficient to have insurance companies or the government administer it.
The government administer Medicare and they could administer obamacare maybe for less money than insurance companies. The dems passed a program that was very complex without the knowledge, expertise and even seeing it just so they could pound themselves on the chest. Now it has come back to haunt them and what good is a insurance program if you can't afford the premiums or deductibles. Both sides need to share the blame in the disaster known as obamacare.

Grey One talks sass said...

I worked in the health insurance industry before the ACA was implemented. What was coming for consumers was triple digit rate increases combined with benefit caps and extreme deductibles. The ACA delayed that future. The Repubs are bringing it back.