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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The GOP's Trumpcare will hurt the states that voted for Trump the most!

NOTE: New Mexico voted for Clinton. But New Mexico's governor and lt. governor are Republicans.

NM has highest rate of Medicaid-covered births

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New Mexico leads the nation in the percentage of babies born into Medicaid families – which can be taken as a reflection of the state’s high poverty rate or an indication that government here takes care of its own.
medbabiesAccording to figures from 2015, 72 percent of the births reported in New Mexico were paid for by Medicaid, a jointly funded federal-state health insurance program for low-income, disabled and other people who qualify.
New Mexico’s top ranking was from a just-released survey of all 50 states and the District of Columbia conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

On average, Medicaid paid for about 47 percent of all births nationwide, the Kaiser survey concluded.
Because roughly 900,000 of New Mexico’s 2 million population are on Medicaid, “it’s not surprising that it carries over to a large proportion of Medicaid births,” said Brian Sanderoff, president of Research & Polling Inc. “First and most obvious is that New Mexico has among the highest poverty rates in the nation.”
In fact, according to the most recent Kids Count Data Book, New Mexico is worst in the nation in the percentage of children living in poverty; has among the highest percentage of kids living in families where parents lack full-time, year-round employment; and has among the highest child and teen death rates in the nation from accidents and addictions.
That New Mexico has such a high rate of Medicaid births can be seen as a positive and proactive health care measure, said James Jimenez, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, which produces the Kids Count Data Book.
“What this indicates, first and foremost, is that New Mexico has shown smart leadership in terms of ensuring healthy births,” he said. “It’s smart because, when prenatal care and healthy births are supported, it saves money in the long run, so it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do.”
On the downside, Jimenez noted, this first-in-the-nation ranking shows that “New Mexico’s economy is not providing enough good-paying jobs that include benefits like health insurance. We’ve been pursuing a failed, trickle-down, tax-cuts-for-jobs economic development plan, yet we have the highest unemployment rate in the nation.”
State Human Services Secretary Brent Earnest said, “Ensuring newborn children in New Mexico get off to a healthy start is a primary goal of New Mexico’s Medicaid program, which is why we provide health care coverage to pregnant women who don’t have other health insurance.”


John Hoehn said...

Medical review shows that approximately 30,000 people will die each year on average as a consequence of this bill if it passes. Who needs gas chambers we have Republican health care.

Nigel Ryan said...

Isn’t it strange that there have been so many of these anti Trump “Women’s marches, and protests, and riots, looting, and God only knows what, however there hasn’t been even one protest, or march, not one women marching in outrage over Muslims mutilating young women's genitals, or keeping women in actual bondage, or making them wear those black tents over their entire body, not educating them, not allowing them to drive not allowing them to work, not one of those loudmouthed Hollywood big mouthed hypocrites making speeches about blowing up the people who are keeping those women down, not one holding up a severed head of ISIS animal and not even one who has been trading them like cattle. Why not, why aren’t they protesting and making speeches at Berkley? I wonder? Liberals Have Sunk to a New Low..I think we are witnessing the very End of Free Speech right before our eyes! Seriously, where are they all? Where are all their signs? Why aren’t they teaching their Children about that?

Grey One talks sass said...

Oh Nigel, I suspect I could list enough facts to fill a book and you would respond with 'yeah, but...'

The term you are looking for is Intersectional. There are no marches, just good folk meeting together to address the injustices of the world. To the list you kindly provided I would add the subjects of Dominionism, female autonomy, and basic rights means everyone gets them or no one does

Flying Junior said...

Wow, A British guy who likes Trump! Maybe lightning will strike and we can hear from both of you. I'm not sure where you got the idea that Trump supporters are fighting for Muslim women, but I can assure you that is not the case. What good would it do to hold a protest anyway? You would have better results by praying.

There are Americans who work hard to care for and inspire Muslim women. I grant you they are few and far between. You may recall the visit to London two years ago by the First Lady. I think her name is Michelle. Here she is inspiring young Muslim girls at the Mulberry School for Girls.

I believe that the Clinton Foundation is working powerfully in Africa and the Middle East to reach out to women and the young among other projects. Projects like education, energy solutions and essential services. That's right, you already know about this, but the only part you heard was the the Clinton Foundation accepted money from Arab countries.

So take your British, aristocratic poppycock and stuff it in your Sherlock Holmes pipe you blithering twit. Who the hell are you really?

Flying Junior said...

Color me gone!


Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One and F.J., I have a sneaking suspicion that "Nigel" is an escapee troll from WYD. It's telling that "Nigel" hasn't been back to answer the comments on his comment.

Shaw Kenawe said...

John Hoehn, the GOP is postponing the vote until after the 4th holiday. We'll see then if they have enough votes to pass this monstrosity.

Flying Junior said...

Of course, there really does exist a Nigel Ryan.

He appears to be a very nice man.

Nigel Ryan said...

Yeah But!