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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Night Funnies

Trump's tantrum:

President says he WON'T go ahead with state visit to UK unless he is guaranteed a rapturous welcome from the British people 

Trump 'postponed' state visit to UK in a phone call to Theresa May, reports said

 He doesn't want to visit while British public are likely to protest against him

The remark came as a shock to May, said a source close to her who was present

But Mrs May's office says the Queen's invitation stands and 'no change' to plans

Trump has tested UK citizens' patience after heckling London Mayor Sadiq Khan

He mocked Mr Khan for telling people not to worry after London terror attack

In February, 312,000 Brits signed petition urging Trump to be barred from UK 

More here:

Trump cancels UK visit because British people don’t like him

Oh my! 

Remember when the British people threatened to humiliate President Obama, and he petulantly cancelled his trip to the UK?

Me either.

The Goopers fell all over themselves for 8 years screaming at anyone who would listen to them that President Obama was an embarrassment to the US.

President Obama was warmly welcomed in the UK and everywhere else he visited in Europe. President Obama never had to cancel a trip because people threatened to protest his visit.


He's afraid to go to London because he knows he's intensely disliked and the Brits aren't afraid of showing him how much they detest him.

Neither are the Scots.

And the Irish.

And the Welsh.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump's strong approval has fallen quickly: As Nate Silver outlines in this late May article titled "Donald Trump's base is shrinking": "There's been a considerable decline in the number of Americans who strongly approve of Trump, from a peak of around 30 percent in February to just 21 or 22 percent of the electorate now.

Well, we know where those 22 percenters hang out, don't we. LOL! Trump called Comey a leaker, but Trump is the major leaker now! He's majorly leaking support.

Ray said...

Is the widdle snowfwake pwesident afwade the Brits will call him a poopyhead? He has no problem calling Comey names, but he can't face what the Brits will call him? I guess that does make Trumpie a poopyhead. Hahahaa! Very funny, Shaw!

Rational Nation USA said...

Trump is a real piece of work without a doubt. A piece no truly dignified and ethical person would want a damn thing to do anything with.

He is a YUUUUUGE embarrassment to the USA.

Infidel753 said...

he WON'T go ahead with state visit to UK unless he is guaranteed a rapturous welcome from the British people

And that "guarantee" will become available at roughly the same time that Satan starts commuting to work on a snowmobile.

Suits me. He can make the rest of his foreign visits to countries like Saudi Arabia where people get executed for speaking their minds.

Jerry Critter said...

Trump has no balls.

anymouse said...

Everyday, this guy just makes more and more of a joke out of himself and our nation. Sad!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, RN, Infidel753, Jerry, and BlueBull,

Trump's problem is that he wants to be universally loved, but he behaves in such a way that makes him universally hated. SAD!

Kevin Robbins said...

Glad to see my distant relatives in Wales saying they despise him as much as I do.

anymouse said...

The three oldest weasel offspring of his are not faring much better with the public. Gad, what a bunch of lowlifes!