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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Night Funnies


No longer a Republican said...

A wingnut's prayer: "Please God let President Trump out think the liberal media by taking the air out of their sails by saying what he thinks but with dignity and elegance."

JHC! How far gone are those people? Trump? Dignity? Elegance? Do they mean the guy who said "grab 'em by the pussy?" The guy who mocked a disabled man and POW McCain. The "liberal" media reports what the bully loud mouth pig says and they blame the media for doing it at the same praying that Trump will micraculously become dignified and elegant? What poor demented souls!

Dave Miller said...

NLAR... you forgot this one...

[Melania is] "raising a little boy she adores in a bubble of nasty criticism and hate. Let the Left stop this stuff"

I'm trying to remember a prayer like this even once calling on the right to stop racist and hateful treatment of Michelle Obama and the two kids she was trying to raise.

This group is utterly incapable of seeing the two sidedness in which they live.

Yes, don't change your hideous policies... just the language used to promote them. Take away health care, apply religious tests, remove common sense regulations and of course, continue to lie to the American people.

Just use nicer language.

Bugs Bunny used to call folks like that a "bunch of maroons."

I think it fits...

Shaw Kenawe said...

This may be the hardest thing for me to understand about Trump supporters — can’t they see that this guy is just out for himself? Trump is lacking in any core beliefs, except that if there’s a buck to be made, he wants it.

This preoccupation colored the much-discussed private dinner at the White House to which Trump invited Comey in January, a week after Inauguration Day. “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,” Trump insisted, in Comey’s retelling. The president did not say “the country,” “this democracy” or even “this administration” needed the FBI chief’s loyalty. Similarly, in their third and final meeting, Comey said the president pushed him to close down the bureau’s investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The profound consequences of a foreign government tampering with our elections did not seem to come up — only the potential ramifications for a close ally of the president.
It may seem like someone who could go through those meetings with Comey and not ask anything about the Russian hacking would have to be complicit. But it seems all too believable that Trump simply didn’t care. What he hears from other people is like that old Gary Larson cartoon about what dogs hear when we talk to them. Only his own name penetrates the fog to reach Trump
. Karen Greenberg, WaPo

No longer a Republican,

The WaPo article highlights the fact that millions of Americans are puzzled by the unwavering loyalty Trump's 34 percenters have for him. It's irrational and almost a mental condition. If Trump were a Democrat, those same people who pray for Trump to somehow develop dignity and elegance (he has no such traits at 71 years and he isn't going to develop them now) -- if he were a Democratic president under FBI criminal investigation, they'd be calling for his head on a pike. I'm pretty sure those who still support and pray for this fraud and conman are not playing (or praying) with, as they say, a full deck.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ruth Marcus:

In a swearing contest between Comey and Trump, Comey wins, hands down, against a man whose misstatements keep the fact-checkers working overtime. Every lawyer on the planet would want Comey testifying for their side over Trump. To disbelieve Comey is to imagine that he wrote a fictitious account of his interactions with the president before being fired but that his fabrication didn’t include a direct order from Trump.

And yes, Comey orchestrated the leak of his memo. If that makes you think less of him, fine, but keep a few things in mind: Comey was by then a private citizen, reporting on an unclassified conversation with the president. In any event, branding Comey a “leaker” doesn’t undermine the significance of the underlying information. Deep Throat was a leaker, too.

Trump is a liar.

Rational Nation USA said...

Nlar ... Foolish people always blame the messenger. The Trumpanzees are foolish people. My apology to chimps everywhere.

Shaw Kenawe said...

[Melania is] "raising a little boy she adores in a bubble of nasty criticism and hate. Let the Left stop this stuff"

Whoever wrote that is stating that Melania has her little boy "in a bubble of nasty criticism and hate?" Why would a mother put her little boy in that kind of a bubble? It's obvious the people who write that sort of silliness don't think very clearly. Sounds like a comment from Breitbart, or WYD?

Clearwater, Florida said...

I have a prayer: "Please Lord, save us from hypocrites who support a liar, a fraud and a conman. Amen:

Oh and a guy who mocked Christianity by saying he never needs to ask God for forgiveness. Isn't that one of the main tenets of Christianity? To ask God to forgive our trespasses? As we forgive those who trespass against us?-- instead of suing the hell out of them and stiffing them on what we owe them?

Dave Miller said...

Clearwater... since it's Sunday, I'll answer your question as best as someone who spends his life sharing what I believe to be the Good News of Jesus where I serve in Mexico.

In a nutshell, without an acknowledgement of our "sins", trespasses, shortcomings, failures, wrongdoings, etc, and a turning away from those sins, commonly known as repentance, we cannot be saved, or be Christian. Period. Full Stop. That's as plain as it gets theologically.

And then we strive to live life as Jesus did, not proud and triumphant, but as suffering servants [as Jesus, who could have come in power, did on the cross], considering others better than ourselves. That is our "road" to righteousness.

I've seen nothing in the life of Donald Trump to show he lives his life as such.

And that is my "Sunday Faith Blog."

Shaw... hope your enjoying the coast!

anymouse said...

Standing and applauding NLAR! Very well stated!