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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Republican Senator Rand Paul Advocated 2nd Amendment Violence Against US Government


"Senator Paul never said those words," Sergio Gor, the communications director for the senator, told BuzzFeed News. "The tweet you reference was part of live tweeting of someone else’s speech and it was done by a staffer."

Senator Paul apparently didn't personally write the following tweet; it was published by a staffer.

AFAIK, Paul did not condemn it.  If anyone has any more information, please let me know.

  A commenter to P.E. reported that the wingnuts are blaming Progressives and Liberals for the horrific shooting today that injured and killed people. Instead of healing, comforting words of solidarity that bring us all together, many wingnuts are ramping up the blame game, placing responsibility for this tragedy on Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives.

The tweet below that's dated June 2016 is by U.S. Republican Senator Rand Paul.

My question is:  Should we hold all Republicans accountable because of the shocking suggestion Senator Paul tweeted a year ago?  Would the person who said Liberals and Progressives "own" this horrible crime be willing to put some of the blame on Republican Senator Rand Paul? After all, he does suggest that violence is a way of dealing with a government that Americans feel has become tyrannical:




Rational Nation USA said...

Damn that was a stupid tweet. The only thing one can say in defense of his statement is that if Hitler were reincarnated and grasped the reins of power in the USA few would argue with him.

anymouse said...

I expect nothing less from the massive hypocrites who remain on the right. I posted a very tiny list of a handful of the MANY right wing domestic terrorists who've killed people. It needs to stop on both sides but I won't listen to those slobbering morons rant as if all the hate is just coming from the left. It's absurd and anyone with even half a brain can see where it's coming from -- the right! How many times were the Obamas pictured in nooses or as gorillas? How many times have abortion providers been killed or maimed by these lowlife anti-choice types? How many people were beaten by Trump fanatics at rallies? Get over it, right wing kooks.

Clearwater, Florida said...

The rabid wingnuts are howling like a bunch of baboons in heat...and for them this blaming of everyone onthe left is a sort of a sexual orgy. They all geting off on it...but it'll get traction only with the rest of the baboons who've come out the trees to engage in their circle jerk. Not one of them acknowleges a country drowing in assalt weapons, automatic weapons and, every other kind of firearm they can imagine is going to experience frequent violent carnage by shootings...if anyone deserves to "own" this its the fools who allow mentally ill peple and people on the terrorists watch list to own lethal weapons -- The Rigntis. They own this.

Shaw Kenawe said...

BlueBull and Clearwater I just read this on the internet:

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) on Thursday pinned “partial” blame for the highly charged political climate in the United States on President Donald Trump.

Not all Goopers are crazy baboons like the ones blaming everyone on the Left for this traged. Remember, those who are spreading tha slander are 30% -- the Trump supporters. The ACA is more popular than they are. They're loud, but they're small ------------- minded.